Ondine: A Tale of the Sea

Narrative Poems

Deep oceans dwelt in her soft cadenced
breathing, and the song of the seagull
strained in her hair, and her eyes had the hues
of the sunset as they sank in the distance
in hazel-brown skies.

She came unexpected, entangled in weeds,
caught in the net of a sad-eyed fisherman,
and her song had the call of the ocean,
and the call of the wave, and was heard

by all creatures that live in the deep:
the fisherman's nets now are crowded galore!
Bass, salmon, and lobster, bewitched by the song
of the girl who came from the sea!

They made love in his cabin, off the west coast
of Ire, the girl from the ocean and the sad-eyed
fisherman. And her sighs were like magic,
like the surf on the beach, and her moans were
like breakers that broke on the cliffs of his heart.

He was caught in the foam of her spell-binding
songs, caught in the strands of her sand-colored
hair, caught in the breeze of her lips, and the fish

in her mouth, as they loved in his cabin off the west
coast of Ire, and the tide of the ocean, and the wind
of the sea, and the sighs of the girl stole right
into his heart.

Now the cabin lies empty, struck by the wind,
and the waves of the ocean, and the tides
of the sea, and a song that bewitches

can be heard in the distance, in hazel-brown
skies, which glow like the eyes of the girl
who came from the sea.

(c) Copyright Jim Valero, 2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is written in ballad style. It employs cadence, rather than strict meter, to create evocative rhythms. As you read it aloud, you will notice the cadences and the textures built by sound effects like assonance, alliteration, and so on. Repetition works to create a longing, melancholy feeling in this ballad about a mysterious love by the shores of lovely Ireland.

Waves, Take me Away

Foamy waters, wave at me

Smiling from across the sea

Glistening with joyous glee

Oceans, hear my calling plea

Bring me to your harmony

I’ll breathe the air that sets me free

And spend my days with just thee

Me and my best friend, the sea

We’re as alike as two can be.

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Beach me with the monster whales,
their chassis born through globular entrails
and digested by the sand beneath
with crabs a-scurry on sidewinder feet.
The sun a beacon of peeling skin,
with wretched mention of cancers within,
and a fevered shake, blistered too
with bubbles that burst by light of full moon.
Hermits grow in shade of shells,
content and confined until next they may dwell.
Seagulls bend and fall from the blue
with talons outstretched with beads on sinew.
The caws and the clacks surround, abound
and leave me entrenched by sounds of wet ground.
So happy, rotting; stenches be damned ---
I'll burrow like urchin to be away from the land.

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Along the Oceanic Shoreline




I sit at ease


along the oceanic shoreline


and let it all soak in-


the waves that roll like quiet thunder


the endless sea horizon


the seagulls crying as they fly


the clouds that mark a sunlit sky


the warm hot summer wind.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Drawn from my childhood recollections of time alone in the morning, sitting on a hot beach in Florida as I read my Bible.

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Ocean of Sorrow

Everyday I feel the pressure of the lies... Because I have no answer to life's whys.
Drifting through a troubled sea... Consisting of my many faults, it seems.
Ships sail by, and never stop to see... If I might need some help, but only laugh with glee.
Trying to reach the closest vessel... But this ocean of sorrow requires all of my strength to wrestle.
I want to reach out, to call for a savior... But I can't deviate from my constructed behavior.
And I hope for peace, but to my fate I'm resigned... Because I know in my heart...it's something I'll never find.
So I wait, and hope for a sign... From someone...anyone...benign.
Everyday I feel the pressure of the lies... Because I stopped looking for answers to life's whys.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem I wrote a while ago. Feedback would be appreciated, hope you like it!

Life's Nature

Breathe with the world
Be intentionally guided 
O'er land and sea and wind

When deepest of calms
Your soul overtakes
Peace does grow within

A light in the eye
Exotic in nature
A thirst for the ways of the world

Foundation provided
Cannot be derided
Your life awaits your whim

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The Fisherman and Her Bones

Last night
I wished you were a mermaid.
I wished my arms were oceans
you would swim in.

I would spend my days
on boats named after you,
throwing hooks shaped after you in the water
while the sun
hangs over head
yawning like a weary traveler,
prayinghopingwishing you would bite
so I could take you home with me.

At night
I'll watch the sky spark,
struggling to keep up with you
while I fight off the fishermen
that want you for themselves.

I'll scatter parts of me
across anything resembling water
so you can find me wherever you go
and wherever you go
I hope your heart beats loud enough
for me to hear
across continents.

I'll fill a tub with the sea
and things to make you feel at home
even though
they won't be good enough.

When I say your name out loud
I'll wish that I could breathe under water
because I know that someday
when our bones no longer
fit into each other

I'll have to throw you back.

© 2011 Patrick Szajner

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Bred of the Water

Liken me to a wayward vessel;
traversing tide, drenched in rain,
entranced by moths atop the lanterns,
destroying coasts in drunken fits.

"Shall we banter, foolish maids?
Say you'll stay your tongue for me!
I've journeyed long and I dare say,
I see no means to bar my siege!"

We'd decorate and set about
our entrance gained by falling cannon,
and dip our hands beneath the veil
that hid such sweet and clear blue eyes.

Our passage through gives rise to flames
that line the paths from beach to foyer.
Sat against the inner linens,
our minds would tend to stew and tarry.

And tales would bubble from our lips
of better times on better days -
amidst the crowd of gull and wave,
that fought against us; fought to save us.

"Skies and seas begin their blur
and soon you're sure the course you've set
is not your Earth nor something near,
but on Heaven's own grand-wide ascent!

And if you've stones and guts to grant
your life be kept beneath your breast,
you'll find true love upon the mist,
and the sun above that's sinking west."

Our hearts did long and weep for sails
to rise to meet the tropic winds;
for freedom that is rung from those
who dare not fault the governed land.

So we filled our gullets full,
and made our pockets sag and bound,
and chose to stay beneath the flag
made of black and cross bones.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not sure where this came from.

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Oceanic Life

Unique Poems

Yea everyday I'm on my new beginning // racing in this ocean of life but never finning // Just call me dat lone shark knight dats always grinning // & don't follow my past path cuz it be ginning // you'll become one of my fans that'll stay spinning // & I only be racing myself so I stay winning // yea I'm on my cash cab driving from my fast past // thinking it could bypass but my future is my steadfast // so I can only surpass feeling so enthusiast // u becoming so close I swear u can kiss my ass but as i begin to leave ur sight I leave u all flabbergast // & yea u can be my hater bee knowing u ain't flee as me // but u might get a waiting fee // jus saying it ain't guaranteed // I cud be dat argon & baby u could be my mulan // I just need my paragon to help me run this marathon // yea I kno da odds are on but lets become that phenomenon // that one unique liaison // dat nobody will ever break upon // & even tho I can't see da finish line I know that you'll be mine // so all ima do is enjoy dis shine // and reminisce on all da false guidelines // who try to get me going straight on my lifeline // but life got my back so I'm on her spine knowing that I'll always be on her mind // cuz even tho she be throwing tidal waves // it never knocks me off my successful way ~


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