Seeping Cry In The Night


I Know This Loneliness Will Consume Me
And The Times It Swallowed My Faith
It Was Nearly Impossible To Break Out


But Even The Times Where You've Helped Me
I Just Couldn't Figure Out What Absorbed Me
It's Like a Demon At Night Consuming My Soul
I Fight This Fight Every Day And The More I Fight
The More I Think Its Never Gonna End


I Have Prayed For This More Than I Can Imagine
I Don't Always Think I Can Handle This Alone
As A Matter Of A Fact, I Cannot Handle This Alone
I Wonder If The Lord Has Heard My Cries
I Know I Am Not To Worry Of Such Insignificant Thing
But The Days Go By And Nights Grow Longer
How Much More Am I Able To Handle This


I Shed The Driest Tear On The Side Of My Pillow
As I Cry The Dreadful Sorrowing Past Of Mine
I Know I Have Conquered Such Force
But Perhaps Its The Yearn To Be Cared For So Much
That I Seeps Into My Skin And Drains My Mental Energy


Lord I Know You're Always Looking After Me
And Even When I'm At My Lowest Point
You're Always There Hanging On With Me
Forgive Me If I Feel Like I'm Fighting This Battle Alone
I Know I Am Not Alone And You Always Reside In Me
But The Exhaust In My Chest Will Not Lie Away


For I Know The Battle For Christ Is Never Easy
But I Pray You That You Know Me Inside And Out
I'm Trusting You Through All I've Encounted
That You Have Something Better For Me
Forgive Me If I Am So Bashful Of Myself
But Thank You For Being My God, My Lord

Where Were You; When I Needed Help


It Seems Like I've Forgotten Whats Good
I've Been Praying Like Crazy
But I'm Lost In This Foggy Rain
The Mud Clogs My Feet
And My Movement Is Sluggish


My Eyes Are Tired Of Crying Tears
They're So Dry In This Light
But It Doesn't Stop The Flood
Why'd You Leave Me In The Rain
I Thought You'd Be There For Me
Where In The World Are You


I Remember That Day
Where I Could Tell You Just About Anything
But Even When The Lights Turned Off
And The Darkness Seems To Rise
Your Words Comforted Me
And It Softened My Thoughts


It's a Mystery How You Changed
But Maybe Not So Much
Though Time Has Past By
Tell Me Do Promises Break Themselves
Or Do People Change Their Heart In Their Mind
I Know I'm Not Suppose To Look Back To The Past
But I Can't Break Away The Tears Melted In Pain

Outcast In The Light

All Alone In Some Place
I Don't Even Know
This Unknown Place
Escaped The Battlefield
But The Pain Remains


I've Gotta Let Go Of My Past
It Kept In Me The Dark
Grasped Onto The Rigidness
I Can't Bend Or Break It
Every Secret That You Kept
Was A Mislead To My Desire


But I'm Waking Up In This Fog
Blinded Within My Surrounding
Couldn't Even Feel My Way Out
Maybe I Should Force The Pain Out
The Lies Made It Longer To Persevere
Here I Am I Think I've Gotten Out
But Here I Am Making Another Turn


You Think You've Got The Best Of Me
But Don't Get Me Started
You Think You Know Everything About Me
Don't Think You've Got It Right
You Think You Know What I'll Do
But You Don't Even Comprehend My Intentions


I Can't Restart
I Can't Give Up
So What If I'm Blind
I'll Break Through Your Pain
See It Through My Eyes
I Feel It In My Hands
It's Breaking Out Of My Palm
But You Don't Fool Me


It's Time To Run Out The Faith
And Sprint Towards My Dreams
Faster Than I Know
Jump Higher Than I See
Reach Farther Than I Can Imagine
Larger Steps That I Leap


But All I Know My God Is Stronger Than Yours
A Force Stronger Than My Body
Strength Unimaginable Beyond Your Fist
Fierce Courage Struck Out Of The Unknown
Where Did This Miraculous Light Come From
The Wisdom Exprienced Through Pain
You Couldn't Even Count The Possibilities
A Willing Faith Able To Respond And Endure
Patience Of A Thousand Years To The Extended

Tears Dried In The Stars

All I Want Is Someone To Hear Me
But I Can't Even Find The Words To Speak
And When I Lose My Voice
From The Screams That I've Yelled
I Don't Even Know If You Hear Me
And Desperate Attempts To Grab Your Attention
I Get Faceless Emotion Of Neglect


Why Does It Seem So Difficult
Sometimes I Try Too Hard
But It's The Dream That I'm Reaching For
The Thing That Motivates Me
To Strive Of Something I Love
But I Don't Know What To Do


This Hoplessness Seems To Vacuum Up My Happiness
The Laughs And The Joy Are Swallowed Up
Like They Were Never There In The First Place
But I Can't Give Up On My Dream
To Have Passion For Something I Love Doing


I Risk My Heart For The Loved Career
The Sacrifices I'd Make For My Opportunities
Just Watch Me Go Alone
Casted Shadows Of The Outcast
Long Gone Before The Rein Of Force


Reckless Acts Of The Naive
The Daring Risks Of A Fool
There's More Than The Blind In Their Eyes
Their Actions May Fool Your Mind
But The Eyes Tells The Readers Determination


I Don't Care What They Say To Me
Cause When The Days Over
And The Sun Is Long Gone
Look Into The Sky At Night
And See The Stars I've Leaped For Vanish

Many Sufferings Turned Into Rare Satisfaction

When That Little Bit Of You Is All Thats Left
Sometimes You Keep Wondering To Yourself
If It's Worth The Value To Keep Fighting For
Though The Triumph For Many Battles
Encounter The Long Perservance Of The Struggle


Maybe It's Not Always Clear As It Seems
Perhaps It's It Was A Blurr That Never Made Sense
But You Wonder Why It Came To Be Like That
Like It Was Destined Fate For Disaster


Though With Such Sheer Strength Inside
And A Courageous Soul Fighting Outside
To Just Find The Remains Of The Glorious Light
Evaporated And Vanished Into The Areas Unknown


But Sometimes You Overthink The Possibilities
Perhaps Just Maybe, It Was Really Meant To Be
And What Keeps You Sighing All The Time
Your Mind Never Seems To Stop Wondering
And Your Heart Slows Down Faster Than A Shooting Star
My Goodness With All Of This Exhausted Efforts


I Guess Sometimes That Effort Was Meant To Be Tested
To Measure And Evaluate What One Can Handle
And The Force It Can Withstand On The Battle Field
Frequently I Find Myself Satisified In A Way
I Don't Know How Or What
Really Makes Me Feel A Very Satisfied


Maybe Its That Time Spent And Endured So Long
That Made It Hard To Continue On
And Bear With Such Pain
To Think That I Would Last This Long?
Not A Thought Would An Experience
Compare To Such Majestic Wisdom


To Thank God For The Unbeatable Soul
That He Has Given Into My Heart
I Cannot Count All Of Those Blessings
To Record The Amount In Abundance Of Love
Certainly Would Take More Than Entire LifeTime
To Count Each And Every Blessing From His Love <3

Love By Thought


All That You've Done
Is Just Part Of Being Human
I Know That You Make Mistakes
And There's More Than Words Could Say
But All That I'm Asking For
Is That You Stay By My Side


I Don't Need Much
I Don't Ask For Alot
But Please Stay Here With Me
Cause You Make Me Smile
Your Beautiful Sunshine Aura
Radiates And Makes Me So Light


Cause If You Ever Fall,
Let Me Be The One To Catch You
I Promise I Won't Let You Fall Alone
But If I'm Ever Not There With You
I'll Send My Love In Hopeful Prayers
Cause The Distance Wouldn't Ever
In Any Day, Ever Seperate My Love For You

Darker Than Last Nights Sorrow

In The Dark They Creep In
It Makes Me Feel So Numb
And There's Nothing Left But Fear

I Know I Can't Escape This Fear

But Help Me Fly Up Up And Away
And Lets Reach The Clouds In The Sky
Cause We All Want To Save Ourselves
But We Lack The Confidence Without Our Hearts


It's Been Such A Long Time
Since I Was Out In The Light
And When The Night Fills Up My Eyes With Tears
It Seems Like It'll Never End
Cause I'm Lost In My Own Shadow


I Know I'm Strong
And I Know I've Improved
But These Scars Drag Me On The Floor
I Don't Know What To Do
I Can't Hide Away From Myself
The Cold That Hides In My Skin


I've Spent Up All Of My Energy
Can You Help Me Lift Myself Up
Cause I Don't Know Where I Am
All Of The Pieces Are Missing
And I Don't Know What To Do


You Can't Say That You Know How I Feel
Cause You Need To Have The Experience
Of The Pain And Suffering I Have Felt
I Haven't Given Up
And I'm Not Done Yet


Some Part Of Me Is Comfortable
But Yet Another Part Of Me Is Sad
I'm So Moody I Know It's True
And I'm So Lonely What Else Can I Do


Can You Hear My Screams
Oh How I Reach For You
Help Me Find Myself
Help Me Become Free
Before The Dark Consumes Me

Scars Risen Up


I Know That I've Broke Down
And I Keep Falling To The Ground
But I'm Trying To Climb Towards The Future
Forgive Me If Fail To See My Own Light


So Many Mistakes That I've Made
That I Keep Forgetting My Successes
The Accomplishments I've Made In Life
And Even When I Am Lost In The Rain
The Sorrow That Keeps Me Broken
I Keep Reaching Towards My Dreams
Cause I Know Its Gonna Be Worth It


I Witness The Glass That Breaks Me In Half
The Battle Scars That Tear Up My Skin
And The Wounds That Bleed Out From The Pain
The Pain Inside My Heart Converted Into Liquid
The Modified Hurt That Leaves My Body


So Much Pain That I Experience
The Hurt That I Feel All The Time
I Can't Pretend Its Not That There
And Forget That It Exists
Cause It Takes Me Down
And Ruins My Soul


I've Gotta Reach Out And Heal Those In Pain
Cause It's Always Been A Dream To Help Others
And When I Keep Falling Down
God You Reach Down And Pull Me Up
So That Once I'm Back Up
I'm Set To Reach Out To Others
Just Like You And Me


I'm Thankful For The Experiences That I've Felt
The Moments To Rise From Above
And Even When I Can't Figure It Out
You've Opened Up The Doors
And You've Showed Me The Way
To Keep My Head Facing Up


I Know I Make Mistakes
And I Know You Make Mistakes Too
So When Look Down On Our Faults
Let Me Remind You That You're Not Alone
Let's Celetebrate The Victories To Be Won
The Successes To Be Made
The Glory Of Perseverance
And To Thank You For Everything You've Done

Lost In The Broken Puzzle


You Could Look Into The History Of Me
Look Into Memories Of The Sorrow
I Think It Was The Nightmare From Yesterday


It's Like A Thunder That I Couldn't Understand
The Rain Pouring Through The Storm
And I Don't Know How Many Wrongs Make A Right
But All I Know That It Was For The Better


I Figured Out That You Turned Me Around
If I Could Just See All Of The Details
Look Into The Objective Reason For Everything
Maybe I Wouldn't Think Of It As Bad As It Is
And Maybe I'd Change Me View Around It


I Know That I Was A Thief Of The Past
I Know I Had The Keys
To The Days Of Tomorrow
Without A Warning
I Think I Knew The Cautions
And Though I Knew It In My Heart
I Chose To Break Across It
And So Many Things Just Changed


My Hands Are So Cold
The Fierce Rigid Of The Snow
The Grip Of The Frozen Ice
And The Dryness Of The Chill


It Blazed Like An Eruption
Spread Across The Plains
Expanded Into The Field
And Broke All Of The Ground


If I Knew The Holy Spirit Dwelled Within Me
Maybe I'd Try To Do Good
So What Now If I Told So Many Lies
And I Broke The Promises That I Made
I Know I Already Made My Choice
And I've Chosen To Break My Soul


But You Changed My Fate
You Transformed My Heart
And You Turned My Head
Now I'm Looking Into Love
To Spread The Joy Of Jesus
To Share The Happiness Among Everyone
Thanks God For Everything You've Given Me


Though I Can't Always Understand
Why I Went Through The Storm
And I Don't Always Know
Why You Planned It Out Like This
I Thank You For All That You Have Done