A Girl That Loves Jesus As Much As I Do


Her Tears Cry Faster Than The Light
Who Am I To Shed My Tears
Falling Off The Mountain Edges
Crumbling To Bits Of Dust
Crushed And Tossed Around Like The Ocean


Why Do You Still Love Me
Why Do You Still Care For Me
I Was Sure That You'd Forget About Me The Next Day
But It's A Year Later And You're Still With Me
Your Mercy And Love Covers My Weakness


When My Strength Weighs More Than My Faith
And The Feeling In The Chest Cry's For Mercy
These Hands Are Torn And Rigorously Tired
You Still Lift Up My Heart And Soul
And You Help Me Fight Through This Pain


I Can't Really Understand Why You Help Me
I Don't Really Understand Why You Love Me
But Since The Day You Saved Me
I Can't Help But Thank You For All You've Done


This Shadow Keeps Bothering Me
And Its Pushing Me Off The Ground
I Know The Only Person That Hurts Me Is Myself
From Withing And Throughout Of My Own Spirit
I Can't Fight My Life By Myself


So I'm Praying You're Fighting On My Side
When I'm Striving For You God
And All I Feel Is The Shivering Cold On My Skin
I Lose My Faith The Longer I Stay In This Battle
I Know I Need To Stay Persistent
But When My Perseverance Tires Me Down
Down To My Last Stretch Of Stamina
I Cry And I Can't Handle Life On My Own


When Will Someone Stand By My Side
When Will A Girl Step Into My Life
Another Person Another Lover
A Faithful Follower Of Christ
Follower Of God Reach Into My Life
And Say That She Too Struggles With Life
Someone Who Needs A Christian To Stand By Her


Breath Your Life On Me Lord
I Know The Wind Breathes Into Me
And You're Touching My Heart
Forgive Me If I'm Impatient As Ever
But I Know You're Working In My Life
Thank You Lord For Everything You've Done
Since The Day I Was Born
With Buddhist Influence Surrounding In My Life
Thanks For Being There Till I was Born

Dying Voices For Attention

Those Eyes In The Shadow
The Smoke In His Eyes
Despite All His Angry Stares
Raising That Vicious Glare


Forget About His Rational Reasons
Whatever It Faces And Whatever It Leads To
Forgive Me The Feelings Of How I Feel
So Tell Me Now If These Words Don't Mean Anything
Then Tell Me Before You Fall
Why I Should In The World Should I Save You
Reasons And Questions You Fake Your Desperation


Forget All That You Know
There's Always Room For You
But This Heavily Deep Breathing
Screams From Neglecting Attention
It Rages For The Breathing Grasp Of Air
His Eyes Are Heavily Dying Before You
They Said Help Was On Their Way
But Nobody Ever Showed Up


Our Knees Are Weak, Our Hands Are Shaking
My Arms Are Tearing, Shoulders Are Breaking
Our Hands Reached For You, My Arms Teared Into Pieces
But You Ignored My Call, And It CRASHED MY HOPES


I Thought You Said You Were Gonna Help Me
But Forget It All, Cause You Never Came To My Aid
I Yelled It Once, Screamed Another Thousand Twice
But Forget Me Forever, Leave It Be Lost And Gone
And Erase All Those Memories You Once Knew

Felled To - Adopted By - the Sea

The coastal shifts knocked me daft; treading blind in
depths with curious push and pull, subjected to the tide,
and beaten back to vague awareness - I braced
myself aloft in the water. Held prone by kicking legs,

I surveyed and found no sign of arrival -
no smoke from abandoned ships or flares alight in the sky.
A deep throb draws my vision into my head
and my consciousness flickers in thinning, desperate gasps.

When awoke by the salted breeze assaulting
me, I stirred and frazzled the waves that carried me away;
with every limb heavy and soaked to bone,
there wasn't much momentum left for me to generate.

I watched the patterns of the stars as I bobbed
along the curve of the ocean's tongue. From its mouth, we sail
as if we belong to this ecosystem
by choice. We don't, but we can pretend, as long as we like.

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Cheerful Spiritual Smile


All I Want For Christmas
Is The Moments Spent With You Girl
You Got Me Thinking
Sometimes I Wonder If You're Thinking About Me
Message And Tell Me That You Miss Me
Maybe You're Wondering About Me
Perhaps I Got You Mind Pumping


I Like The Curls In Your Hair
The Twist In Your Personality
Let's Get That Smile Going
You're Making My Heart Explode
Bursts Of Erupting Joyful Sound
I Swear I'll Do Anything To Make You Happy
That Cheerful Smile
The Sparking Excitement


Tell Me That When We Get Close
And Our Skins Begin To Touch
When I Wrap My Hands Around You
That's When I Begin To Hug You
You Love The Intense Feeling
That Intimate Feeling Like No Other
The Loving Rush On Your Face


It's Like I Don't Even Need To Say Anything
Don't Need To Tell You That I Love You
You Know It By The Actions Of Me
Closer To You Within Our Spirits
The Wholeness Christ Has Given Me
The Gentleness Resides With Me
Thanks To The Lord Of So Much
A Girl I Could Love And She Loves Me Too
Beautiful Within My Sight
And Comfortness With Her Near Me

The Beauty Resides Within You


Our Faces Were Forgotten
You're Lost Inside Your Soul
So Lost And Feeling So Alone
I Was Caught In This Rain
And Forgot What I Was Chasing After
With My Hands Brushing Against My Face
I'm So Frustrated With These Trials
The Weight Of My Thoughts Hold Me Down


Every Day I Keep Trying At My Best
But I Still Fail Those Many Moments
All Those Times That Kept Me Feeling So Low
With All The Weights Lowering Me Down
It Drives Me Out Of My Direction


So Let Me Hold Your Hand Tonight
With All The Pain Trapped In Your Heart
With All The Fear Hiding Inside Your Eyes
The Scars The Made Your Skin Bleed Limitless Red
The Bruises That Made Your Body Tremble In Fear
Please Don't Give Up On Yourself


I Know You're There Hiding Inside
And You're Reaching For Any Hand Outside
But The Sights Keep You Trapped Inside Fear
The Feeling Spreads On Your Skin
The Shivering Inside Your Bones
The Demons That Trap You Inside Your Life
They Lure You Away From The Truth
They Feed You With Their Wretched Lies


Every Turn Leads You To A New Dead End
But Don't Give Up On Me
I'm Staying Close Beside Your Body
Residing Within The Depths And Widths Of Your Heart


Don't Let Their Words Get The Best Of You
I'll Keep You Safe And Secured From The Danger
Shielding You From The devil And The Temptation
Holding Your Hand Right Beside You
I Won't Ever Let You Leave My Side
And If You Ever Feel Like You're Gonna Fall Down
I Will Catch You In The Nick Of Time
If Their Cold Attempts To Freeze Your Soul Frigid Hard
I'll Breath The Flaming Warmth Spread Inside Your Heart


Holding On With Every Step You Take
You're Not Gonna Fight This Battle Alone
Break Free From The Chains, They Fling At You
They Bombard You With Their Hatred And Their Poison
Deflect Their Worthless Hate And Eliminate That Liquid Poison


We Were Made With Love And Kindness
Made Within The Fruit Inside The Spirit
May The Holy Spirit Reside With You
And The Understanding Peace Spread Among Everywhere

Dead Ship On Live Water

Rounding one corner of this century:
ship's been good about plodding on in spite
of mutiny's whip. Doubts I've been having
are nesting deep in pocket, but that's fine;
an optimist is less prepared for woe.

From rope slung by an unforeseen vessel,
men crash like waves on deck and steal away
with goods carried short, or furthest to date -
robbed from the belly of the cargo hold.
All attempts to anticipate have failed.

Twice my wits have failed me; twice I've driven
this beaten pile into treachery,
only to be shown that life favors none.
Shot full of gulping wounds and with the mast
aflame; the day's lessons were lost on me.

Still I have the cobwebs for company.
Drunk on thick dust that's gathered at the base
of the bottle and the salt that's soaking
into my skin like embalming fluid.
There never was a better way to drift.

What crew I'd had are long dead; abandoned
by hope and the desire to see home.
And now that hope leaves me, as well at sea,
absent of the needle pointing towards
north. I'll take my peace with a powder slug.

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Who i thought you were fades into the past
Like a sky i once painted
So blue.
I think about you all the time, ive gone mad
I can't stop this, I'm tainted
Its true.
All thats left in my hand is a few grains of sand,
But I am laying on the entire beach
Shoreline stretches to the endless horizon,
Endless opportunities i will never reach.
Oh, how I need you here to tell me it is possible!
I would drown swimming to the impossible,
If you would tell me it is possible.
I open up, like a flower,
be my sun, be my reason for laughter.
I dont want to be locked tight inside this bud, only seeing me,
I dont care to be safe. With this love like the ocean, you're all i can see
I want to throw my heart overboard, and surrender to this drowning,
I wont fight against the great waters, your embrace is what rescues me.
I let go of what i thought, of what i once knew, i let go
I am a flower starting to bloom, the pure essence of love
Is all i know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this has not very much consistency.... Just needed to vent through writing. Let out whatever is surfacing within the ocean of my being. Namaste.

Freaks Of The Heroic


You Can Call Me A Weird
You Can Call Me Irregular
We're The Ones You Call Losers
The Ones You Call Lame
The People You Call Failures
You Try To Tell Me That We're Nothing
Say We're Pretend And All Talk


Well I've Got A Power That You Never Receive
Bless Your Soul And Your Heart
I'll Pray For Those Who Persecute Me
But If You Think You've Got The Best Of Me


Try And Throw Your Words At My Ideas
If You Can't Believe These Scars Aren't Real
Then Tell Me How You're Gonna Succeed In This World
Fighting A Life Without Bruises Or Injuries


Label Me With Whatever You Want
I Know You Enjoy The Pain Of Those You Hate
The Ones You Hate; You Love To Seem Them Suffer
But If You Take Your Eyes Off Your Foe
Will You Not Be Targeted As A Freak


Say You Know What I Mean
Tell Me That You Know My Intentions
But You Bettter Think About It Once More
Don't Tell Me To Decide What To Not Believe


Show Me Once More; Don't Raise Your Fist At Me
If You Want A Fight; You Better Bring Your God
Tell Me What You're Fighting For
And I'll Bring You The Pain
That You Can Never Endure
The Blood Spilled You Can't Clean Up
Tortured With Your Tricks And Slavery


If We Fall And We're Knocked Down
Will We Not Rise Up And Fight Again
We'll Rise And Fight For The People You Hurt
All The Bruises And Pain They Receive
Shielding Those You Love To See Cringe In Fear
Healing Those You Love To See Them Get Hurt


Feeling The Smoke Caught In Out Lungs
The Pumped Adrenaline Rising In Our Blood
The Controlled Indestructible Force
We're Surrounded By The One Lord
The One Who Breathes Within Us
One Heart, One Soul, One Mind, One Body
But We'll Heal The World With Our God

Turn The Pain Of Shadowing Thoughts


Last Night Made Me Tired Like Forever
I Don't Remember Why The Pain Hurts So Much
Seems Like It Lasts Forever
To The Depths Of The Ocean Sea
Lost Beneath The Distant Ground


All Night I Can't Sleep
God I'm Calling To You
But I Feel Like I Can't Reach To You
Remind Me That You're Always With Me
But For Now Let This Mind Halt Its Thoughts


So Many Times I Think I'm Fighting This Battle Alone
So Many Ways I Can't Believe You Connect With Me
These Dreams Are So Important
But I Don't Know How To Reach To Them
It Seems Like My Dreams Are Fading Away
Sliding Farther And Farther Away


You're The Only One Who Knows My Heart
The One Who Lifts Me Through The Night
The Pain That Aches Through The Shadow
Healed Across Throughout The Long Night
I Don't Even Know How You Did It
But I'm Thanking You For Everything


The Wheels Are Still Turning
It Seems Impossible To Turn Back
Why Do I Want To Turn Back
I Know It's Been A While
Since I Received My Last Victory
Even With All The Experiences I've Faced
In The Clashes Through My Soul
In The Depths Of A Depressed Gamer


You Saw My Pain
The Hurt I Faced
Why Does It Hurt
I Don't Know Anymore
I Had No One To Trust
Nobody Would Care
And When I Still Hurt
You Still Mended My Wounds


I'm Still Trying To Figure It All Out
Why You Would Lend A Hand To Me
I Was A Nobody At Thought
He Wasn't Of Any Importance In The World
If He Died In The Depths Of The Night
Would Anything Really Change At All


I Forgot All The Scars That Made Me Hurt
But I Still Remember Them To This Day
It Made Me Stuck In The Night
Lost In This Shadowing Maze
Going In Circles Over And Over
The Same Place Again And Again
Locked In The Same Box
Trapped In The Same Sight Forever


Once And For All You Reached To Me
How Could You Make Someone
Who Feels Himself Such A Nobody
Actually Made Importance To This World
Perhaps You Saw The Depths Of His Heart
Maybe To Reach Out Other Fellow Outcasts
But For Now Let Me Rest My Mind And Soul