My Dad and Old Cars

My dad studied electronic mechanical engineering. He has always had the curiosity to how things work and their functioning; this is how his career reflects in his love of repairing old cars. For as long as I can remember my dad has had the hobby of repairing old cars, renovating them and making them work. The story of the car I’m going to talk about was 15 years ago. As usually my dad went for a ride with my mom on a Sunday evening, there was this house that he always passed when he was riding. It wasn’t a coincidence to pass in front of this house; the reason was that this house had an abandoned old car my father liked a lot. It was a Mercury Monterey of 1960. He always passed to see if someday he could see this car moving. This moment never happened because the car didn’t work. One year latter my dad decided to ask the owner if there was a chance for him to buy his car and he accepted. He started fixing it from head to toes and made it work. Since that day my dad hasn’t stop riding this amazing car and as I can remember neither do I. His music goes along with the age of the car enhancing the old ages ambient as we ride along. We feel as if we are in another time. The smell of oil characteristic of old cars clings to his skin so I know when he came along from a ride or has finished making some adjustments in his car. Buts since I always go for a ride with him I don’t need to guess. All of this factors, the wind in my hair, the sunlight, the music, and even his presence makes it a unique experience, calming and relaxing, necessary in all times. As I ride along I forget about unimportant worries and I am truly happy. My dad sometimes brings my dogs along. There is nothing they love more, as my dad likes to ride his car. There is no such thing that I consider better than having a ride with my dad. I wouldn’t change them for anything. The moments and memories that my family and me have had in this car are unforgettable. Every time I see a old car or hear someone talk about them the first thing that comes to my mind is my dad with a big smile on his face.

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You won't cry
cause you've always known
that in the end
you'd be alone

so many moments
went to waste
now someones gone
You can't replace

Pain: it drives stick
and it goes so fast
takes you where you hate
but this kind doesn't last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because some pain won't last forever.

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Gates of Heaven

Many years has passed by since you left this world.
I often think of the memories long ago.
When I feel the eyes of an angle watching over me I think of you.
I keep remembering the times we shared growing up on that small and remote island.
Memories are all I have left, and I find them fading with the years.
So I can only hope I'll see you at those pearly gates my friend.
You have passed so the cycle of life can continues.
Because you pass so young I am still trying to understand why?
They say that it’s the nature of life.
Thou you are gone I will continue to take moments on a hot summer day,
When the sun is shining warm on my cheek and the smell of fresh green grass is strong in the air,
I'll recall the moments we spent on the rocks close to the sea.
Maybe we need to remember the ones that passed so the gates of heaven shall never close.

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Melting Point



When touched



 Lost in gaze



Of golden grace



In a smile



I’m softly floating



Here with you



Written on

December 13, 2008

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Seven.

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