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Faith is in ur heart ; reason is ur right fist ; doubt is in ur eyez ; & our love is all dats in ur mind -- so ima give u a reason & make u think twice -- open ur eyez wide & make u lose that sight -- cuz all i wanna do is beat faith till ur mind starts screamin -- beat her till she gets dat wierd feelin -- till she starts pumping them lies out -- so much so that u wont even remember doubt -- cuz to tell u da truth -- im tired of these ways -- always looking up -- but i could never pry -- my mind is in a rush & i stay trippin -- arthritis in my heart so i stay limping -- carring this thought on my bacc -- its a heavy load -- giving me asthma heart attacks ; i've takin my toll -- cant even think or breave -- cant remember da day -- i can bearly see -- i fall straight down rite into my heart -- der for a secound & already winter starts -- frost bite thoughts -- this storm is harsh -- jus cant wait for spring to blow me away -- but this tension is so hot its leavin me all dazed -- summer blast -- im traped in a fucckknn heat wave -- but when i cool off -- thats wen i see the lord -- walkin on water -- he unlocks da door -- cuz my mind is the outer limits -- like a limbo image -- im in dis hall fill with unlimited doors -- but i never break i jus bend -- & i never ask why -- i jus ask wen -- cuz wen i open da door -- it starts all over again ~


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