my ode to belief


Your beliefs create your reality

You choose4 your beliefs definately

Means you choose everything

That shapes the current you


A belief is a mirror of

The current state of your lot

You see what you believe

Beliefs create your reality


If something isn’t manifesting

Some belief or other is standing

In the way of what you want

But you model all your lot


Simply change your point of view

Your belief manifests for you

Anything you want at all

Just manifest and have a ball

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incapable of healing

Unburried roots


Who do you think you are little girl?

you imagine yourself a healer

yet you don't truly believe in it ...

not enough to actually heal yourself


You give yourself little ailments

then you don't believe you can heal them

no... these ones are too strong

you might really need a doctor


but you're too arrogant

think yourself a healer ...

but again, you don't truly believe

so you don't heal ...


you just pretend your a healer

but you're nothing

you manifest the worst

as usual ...

because you don't believe in the good

you only believe in destruction


so how do you propose to heal little girl?

you know manifestation is real

you know it can be good or bad

if you put a label on it


and you choose bad

you choose destruction

when you could've just as easily

chosen love and creation


you know of these abilities

you know if you lay it out there ...

the design ...

with love and brilliance 

and abundance and faith


it will come ...

exactly as you'd imagined ...

so why is it that you choose the opposite?

why do you choose destruction?


you think it is somehow safer?

that's it.... that's what you believe

if you destroy it before it starts

you'll never miss it when it's taken away




isn't that what it's all about?

abandonment ...

please don't come too close...

I don't want to get hurt ...


incapable of healing ...

If you get hurt

you'll be damaged for eternity


Is that not what you really believe, little girl?




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