Black Magic

"How does that feel?" he asked, staring intensely

Slowly sliding his knowing hand down the side of my waist, and it felt bare

His long fingers barely, gently, caressing the sides of my stomach

And as he did so

I felt the most unorthodox tingling sensation, a forceful energy

Enter my entire body and spread everywhere

And my only reply

was to relish in its pleasure.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Came to me in a dream...

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The Tower of The Magic Man

The Prompt Pit

Fifty miles from any mere mortal, evil or kind,

In the Mountains' peaks and the clouds' crisp chill,

There stands a Tower of ancient stone and midnight glow,

Built by The Magic Man, who haunts there still.

A place where lakes and forests blanket the dales,

Where starlight dapples on pale faces and creatures wild, 

A man whose soul brews storms and destroys,

Poor souls flock like minnows to his arms for miles.

Yet no child of man sees the omnipotent spire,

Nor hear His cries of voyeuristic disgust,

Only those of The Strange and The Marvelous give to

The benevolent magician their hope and their trust.

In this citadel of secret dwellers' sight,

he captivates his wards with magic no-one can transcend.

In the Tower of The Magic Man, O Child, 

Watch lights and colours dance to bring your sorrows to an end.

Growth Abundant

Sounds of tribal drumming around a campfire sound,

Feelings of wonder rise as the natives dance around.

There is a comforting certainty within the shamans feathered mask,

Should you ever doubt anything, all you need do is ask.

Heads up: a storm is brewing.

Enormous black clouds above are looming.

The wind has picked up to tremendous speed.

Beautiful shapes and colors are seen.

The fires flicker as she stands watching,

Drum beats resound heartbeats thumping.

Judgement day may be upon her,

She trusts in no one until she is sure.

Poisonous thoughts run through her mind,

As the rain pours down into the pipeline.

She sighs: Will life always be this awkward?

Gathering her strength, she straightens her posture.

Why won't they just be frank?, she cries.

They've filled my head with a variety of lies.

An ocean of thoughts entered her mind,

as feelings washed over of the jealous kind.

She grasps the shovel and begins to dig,

Loving the warmth it brought to her rosie cheeks.

Tenderly she kneads the earth,

With hope in her heart as she places the seeds.

The rain continues to fall: she wonders what will grow.

Tonight's moonlight will be just right for these particular plants

Shoveling a spoonful of dirt, she fills in the hole,

as four tiny mice run across her toes... and it tickles

She giggles at the happening and begins her imagining

of a bountiful harvest just before first snowflake falls.

~~Collaboration by Healingwoman & b.n.souza~~
~~July 4, 2013~~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poetry Prompt - On a slip of paper write a list of 15 "free association" words. Use the 15 words in a poem. Variation: Create and exchange a list with another person. Then use their list of words to write a poem.

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Charms and Spells,

Misfortune tells.

Make something disappear,

No regret, no tear...


Magical inverted triangle,

Inscription do bear.

One letter dropped,

Forming a triangle.

Abracadabra it is!


Warding off the plague,

Corruption of a phrase.

Quintus Serenus Sammonicus;

Inventing the erase.


"Abhadda kedhabhra",

Disappear at once!

"Abreq ad habra",

Hurl your thunderbolt

Even unto death.


Abraxas; The Gnostic God;

Evil Eye! O, Charm of mine!

Corruption of a Demon,

Of long-forgotten history.


Hobgoblin word,

Puritan Minister Increase Mather.

Crowley believed else,

Possessing great power

In Abrahadabra itself!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the magical word "Abracadabra".

The Magic in the Stars Dying

The Magic in the Stars is Dying

Flickers of Colored Boxed Light at Dead-End Avenue

Legs Streched, Crossed

Steady Hum-Drum-Hum


Pictures Hanging Off the Wall

Explore In-Out-In-Out

Beautiful Countryless Flag Blowing in the Wind

Stars All Up-Above You Anyway


One Star

Births Us All Maniacs

Births Us All Paranoids

Births Us All Lovers

Births Us All Simple-Circuits


The Dim-Lit-Bright Ones Make Connect-the-Dot Pictures

All Us All Dying In 

All Us All Dying Out

We Stare at Them But Answer Only In Questions


On Night Sky Play Pythagorean Theorem

On Piano

On Rain-Dust

On Kitchen Spoons

On Cloud-Morning-Coffeee Cups


On Night Sky Lay Backs Wet-Painted-Grass-Staines

Of Fourth of July Explosions that Tickle-Backs and Trickle Down to Earth

Of the Stars That are Wispered and Hush Buddah Dolls Sold in Stores for Printed Paper-Making-Money-Class

Good for Old

Bad for New


Something to Reach For

Something Miracle-Cure-is-ness

Something of Every Godt to Exizt

Something of Nothing


Do a Rain Dance

Kill Like the Sun

Pantomime All Winter 

Using Only Thumb and Forefinger


Things of Wonder

Caught in Nets of Rational Brain

A Few Break Free

Begin to Ponder


Like We All Did Younger

Underneath Blankets and Covers

With Flashlights Lit Like Dampened Diamond Signals to the Sky

Like We All Died Older


Finished Caught in Painted This

An Endingless Kiss

They are All Our Eyes

We are Everyone


The Magic in ther Stars is Crying

Not Far From Us




























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Dark Angels Dark Light

I am the last of my kind, the last wizard on earth, the last of the guardians of the old world who were sent protect God's newest creation from the fallen angels in the days after the war. Having powers over the very elements of earth and of life itself, my people waged war for thousands of years against the fallen children of heaven, and against Lucifer himself; fighting back the evil until the day of the dark angel's demise. Now I stand alone against the forces of chaos, as I pray for the return of my brother who will stand by side in the second war that has awakened the dragon. I await the day of his return.




Spoken muse at evening's edge,
given its voice from long ago.
A view in place - outside the reach,
forever spawned by twinkle's glow.

Awing wonder-- presented by night,
a voyage beyond dream filled eyes.
Threshold leading past the moon;
through the door, to endless skies.

Ride along on a falling star;
whisking by the facets of light.
Chase the flow of stellar winds;
a wish upon - taken to flight.

Shining pebbles within the grasp,
worlds displaying a sun in rise.
a will-o-wisp taken in hand,
an elusive lure becomes the prize.

To lands in lights of pondered glints,
oceans awash on new-found shores.
Horizons discovered in leap of night,
abreast with heaven--the dreamer soars.

To boarders of the clustered field,
sees a height of sparkling showers.
Crossing depths without moment's loss,
a witness to paused sweeping hours.

Come touch the face of father time,
for journey--his stance so still.
Far in distance he patiently waits,
once again--a venture so real.

© C.E.Vance




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The first time I kissed a girl
I was ten feet off the ground
Stars swarming around my head
Like fireflies all around
Like little lights in the grass
The magic in the air
How I often after that I wished
That I could go back there


The next time I kissed a girl
Was marred by circumstance
I loved her; she wasn’t sure
She said I never had a chance
But I still hope to this day
To melt her heart of ice
I’ve never met someone who I care for more
And so I sacrifice


But the next time I kiss a girl
Will actually mean something
It will be my truest sign
Of all that I’m giving
That I will be there for her
That she will be my world
And nothing on this earth can stop me
From having her to hold

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes world and hold don't rhyme..... but I liked how it ended so I left it there. This poem does not mean that my first two "relationships" didn't mean anything, but will mean nothing next to my last one. Anyway, a fun write that took about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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The Illusionist


Come to me, watch my eyes
Come catch a glimpse of paradise
Watch my smile while I cry
Show my life as I die
See my light! Is truly dark
See my magic, only farce
The door which leads you to my heart
Is really a wall, protect my heart
Yes I smile, but you can't see
The pain and tears inside of me
The magic I show you to make you smile
With a broken heart all the while
I live and love to make you glad
All the while to miss what I had
This my job, I won't let you see
So that you won't cry for me
Magic I claim, magic I know
All an illusion, only a show
But soon you will leave, a smile on your face
And that smile will be my redeeming grace.