Pretty sky

Full of lights


What delights

Live out there...


Stuck down here

In my bubble

Best I got

Is the Hubble



Magic here

Magic there

Pondering why and where

Did it start...


Did it begin

Does it end

Who knows

Where or when

Life goes to...


We are all

Made from stars

Even dust

Even Mars

Natures way...


Science shows

Magic too

Even logic

Falters through



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Science is Magic

Science is magic.

Scenery made the people.

Magic is self-evident.

Understanding magic is another matter.

Another matter is my magic.

The People are the world.

I know what else is here and why/that you don't.

Nobody gets to disney except via me.

If you wanna goto heaven, you gotta go through wheel.

And I am the devil's magic.

Existance is proof.

The world is havingness of all the makings for a horror film plus a sessame street paint job.

I am Reality.

Hunter Reon Barnes,

Author's Notes/Comments: 
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There's a fire burning bright

In the dead of the night

And no moon to be seen


There's a boy in the light

Bathed by flames all so bright

he looks quite serene.


With a flick of his hand,

Flames leap to his command!

His mood seems to change...


As we near to this scene

Flames change orange-red to green

And this bit begins to fade...


As this mirage does fade,

The boy's hair becomes greyed,

And before us is an old man. 


Dishevelled, aged and thin

He starts to invite us in

To the magical world surrounding. 


Do we enter? No I shan't!

No, I won't! I really can't!

But the words seem to evade me. 


As I step closer still,

The vale over spills

And I'm sucked away in his vortex. 


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Merlin's Magic Wand

Just a thought!

A fanciful Merlin shall appear one day,

Prompting prism reflections, to light up your way.

Seduced by the dream, you follow at will, 

Twirling, turning, seeking a thrill.

You dance through the caverns, to the light and beyond

You bask in the warmpth of his magical wand.

Confined yet contented, in radiant bliss

You continue the journey through the great abyss.

Gifts from a touch, are majestic and wise... 

The Fascination only mirrored, by the stars in your eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little magic goin' on.Innocent

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Magic in the Air

There was magic in the air,

When with me you were,

Letting me kiss on the cheeks,

In utter bliss.


Speechless I was,

Kept singing in elation the birds,

Nature seemed fresher than before,

I did wait for the sky to roar.


Yes I was waiting for the rain,

I was waiting for the pain,

Of ours to be washed away,

With that rainy day.


 To my surprise,

When I closed my eyes,

To kiss my beloved,

The sky went mad!


Perhaps there was supernaturalism,

In my yearning for the rain to form,

Once the first of the numerous drops fell,

From the idle sky, “I love you” I did tell her.

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The Great Golden Smile

All those tiny paper-thin slices of it



Up and down and caving and expanding and coloring and clotting and 0’ing and 1’ing 

Electric-atom spinners

Asphalt spitting it out and up 

again and again and again


Fool (us or tricked)

Proof (of anything or John Nash with an infinite-ink-marker and a heaven of windows)

Pyro (in backyards across America on-a-day or chest-against-chest-heart language)

Maniac (mirrors or common-speak-for-hue undetectable as of current instruments available)

Swallow (bird or gulp-(only nervous though always))


It is pulled out.


picked at,


heated to correct temperature,












It is put in.


And so in (and also is) the circle

King of the Stick Figures

Queen of Immense-Black and Trembling-White

Valorous Posture

Of the both

In the one

Let it slowly close

Pace=sunny day building shadows from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. viewed from the same dusty bench 


Until circle becomes single point

And there is no words

And there are no sounds


And it holds the weight

And All is enveloped in The Great Golden Smile
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A Walk

Intoxicated in emotion
To ease into the lucid ocean
Quiets the mind of any commotion
The warmth hugs my core as I bask upon the shore
It's supple flavor opens the window and invites to show me more
It's the fire that relaxes me during the storm by reminding me I can be sure
The solidity dissipates softly and was once a roar 
It follows me when I walk out the door
The schism lets go and floats into a full soar 
I stood firm with my chin up high
Unafraid to look the mirror in the eye
The spark was love and grounded by a still Earth
Like a gentle wave that calmly swayed back and forth 
Beaming in the glow of awareness 

The silence whispers me the answers 
They've found me and I am kissed with bliss
Blessed the path I walk in solitude 
Lost the conditioning and was gifted something brilliant and hued with new 
To open the pain was to induce my roots into my center
The serenity let the magic come alive
It was then I realized that the present is both the light
and night
Neither wrong or right, both part of eachother
There's no need to fight 
Let it be as this existence just is 
And we just are
Open and you will become the essence of life
Smile with a tear
You're a precious child 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Melt into the ocean... 

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Another place, another soul,

Night planning a feast,

Waiting for a little help from the sunrise,

To finish in beauty, what cannot be…


Dropping a couple of shooting stars,

in silver plate, spice up with crystal pearls,

The moon was kind to let them scrounge,

and the sea to let me drowned,

To hunt the mermaid & borrow her black pearls.


The rain let me used her prized crystal glasses,

Fills with her tears of happiness,

Morning’s dews dress on fallen leaves,

For starter, with a pinch of dreams.


Just a tiny bit to let children’s fantasia,

Is not the quantity but the quality?

Whisper in my ears the first ray of light,

Reflecting on spiritual recipes.


I run all night in the garden of Sodom,

To pick the best truffles,

The mighty look with envy,

My loving hands at works.

Main course, which need cutlery,

When the poet can use his pen,

Gently opening his lips,

Foods for the thoughts…


To make your smile,

In the morning dews.

Do you like the place?

In the middle of the wood,


The smell of the firewood,

Invigorate the senses.

Sacrifice of the tree felt,

Perfect high, to seat above…


discussing the holiness of such tastes,

Or lied down in the grass,

“Did you used to watch at the clouds?

And see them; smiling at you, it was so easy then…


The last days of summer,

“Quick makes a wish”

So you known everything is possible,

Because if you still lying down, fluffy clouds will fills
your head.

Time to serve the dessert,

I look up to my lost friend,

And the blizzard falls like no tomorrow,

But I won’t loose those magic beliefs,


“Do you like cloudberry sorbets cloud?”

You might be surprise and be lucky,

And find a broken blue angel,

Tender on the palette…


Look they reflect in your eyes,

Was it a smile or a tear I saw running along your face?

Or maybe still the glitter of the nights before?

Who care when the hope and the romance,

Crack the stones under our feet’s!


Thank for letting me believe one more time,

I blame god to have give me grey eyes

So let pretend for a while,

And let the crow pick your blue eyes,


So I may wake up to the cruel reality,

Or the beauty around who know?

Have you notice the angels,

Spying and blessings it all.


The clouds and the wind,

Caressing gently our faces,

It would be so beautiful indeed,

If sometimes the world was real as such.


Until then, I am afraid,

Oyster would do nicely,

Champagne, were I push my first scream,

Shall intoxicate us a while longer…


We were lucky to have breakfast,

And if the broken trunk was a bed,

There was nothing wrong to keep the dreams alive,

Before the light blind us to reality and coffee.


And all disappears, magic!

The moon is waiting to vanish,

The rain ready to crash her crystal tears,

Maybe we should get back home and take our pen,

Instead to use them to eat, the food of the gods….



Author's Notes/Comments: 


A God Girl

I remember the first rain, 

It's warmth and mist and the Autumn-claimed highlands that it fell upon. 

I remember the school of tiny black fish kissing the ripples on the lake's cool surface.

The auburn pines and fallen logs over pathways, dampening stumps and the wind, the wind,

The wind that whispered all around me: "You Are A God, And Peace Is Expensive."


I remember the first men, 

Gazing around at their small and perfect world, new thoughts rushing so fast though their minds-

They were breathless. I remember their hot beating hearts as they strove for purpose and comfort.

They found a name for that warm earthy feeling that wraps around two people like warm blankets,

I waited patiently for them to greet me as they did each other, drink with me, laugh with me, 

Yet all they did was pray. 


Cement and plastic kill my pure loves.

This hell's imperfections spitting up at me like hot fat in a searing pan.

The sun is too bright for most, so noses are on the grindstone, 

On a project claimed to be far more powerful and prosperous than anything from my feeble craft,

My precious pretty people work too hard, too driven, far too fast. Yet-


I can see eyes in flowers, tongues in waterfalls and bony fingers in dark forests. 

I see every being, its lies and truths, its dreams and torments, every beautiful detail, 

As exact as a botanical diagram penned with a flourishing quill. 

I see connections- person to person- like veins knotted in a body,

Synapses and junctions snapping and jumping with all that delicious energy,

All that mystery and awe that I thought propelled all things, 

I give out frugally, yet freely to those who deserve it. My beautiful chosen ones, 

I will show you misty lakes in snowy mountain ranges, streams flooded with river reeds,

Deep valleys- cracks in the earth- stretches of tall exotic wonders stringed with vines,

I will show you that craved feeling of being home that people kill for. I will hand it to you. 

I will cherish you, as your eyes are my eyes and each new sight is my new wonder, 

I will happily give you those dreamlike moments of exhilarating bliss,

And shower you with them from above.

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