Sad Forests

To the vast ocean with it's mysterious, dark and deep depths
To the endless seas of sand, in which heavens great stars at night illuminate the land
To jungles green and lush and vibrant with life
Into the Forests of Death shall my love, never cease to thrive.

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Quiet Thoughts on a Lonely Night

You fell asleep lying next to poetry.
I brushed the hair behind your ear
to whisper.
My presence startled you, but dreaming began.

I could feel your torpid episodes as if
they were my own.

I dared to enter your slumber and discovered beauty.
Prior, I laid myself down in curiosity
to find where the beautiful minds had withdrawn,
but understood only unremitting monotony.

Now, I delve into the deepest depths of beauty,
stumbling upon only creativity, originality.

Your mind is divine, but now I lie outside,
waiting for love of mine.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Your Misses

2012 Creations

Without you ,
The nights seem so lonely,
The days drag on.
Without you,
I’m not at home,
My bed feels so foreign.

It feels so right,
Laying in your arms,
Feeling your warmth.
It feels wrong,
To say goodbye,
To watch you drive away.

Without you,
Going on feels impossible,
Life is unbearable.
Without you,
Waking up seems pointless,
Sleep is torture.

When you’re not around
I miss your laugh, your smile,
The way you hold me close
And kiss me
You longing, loving gaze
And gentle touch.
I miss laying with you,
And knowing everything
Will be alright.
I miss being
Your misses…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still married... but barely... holding on by a thread...

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I'm alone...
I'm so alone...
I feel the loneliness,
clawing at my soul.

I don't want to be a alone.
I really don't want to be alone.
I hate the loneliness that
is pulling me apart.

I'm alone...
I'm so alone...
I don't like this feeling
of being alone.

Why can't someone
save me from this,
this horrible clawing feeling
of loneliness?

Save me from this loneliness!

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Independent and Lonely

She is out in the world, an independent
Paying her bills, getting her hair and
nails did, you know...fancy!
So irresistible, men adore' her, women
envy her-
Education established, a successful
career, a house, and cars to show it
She befriends everyone she meets, a
style so unique, critiques do not bother
Intimidating sight, knees tremble at her
side. The life of the party, pictures
capture the moment.
After a hard days work or the night life,
she goes home to the emptiness of her
A refrigerator stock with food, but no one
to share a meal with, a warm fireplace to
cuddle in the winter, but no one to cuddle
with or share a glass of Moscato.
She watches movies in bed alone, it is
in this loneliness when she cries herself
to sleep, willing to give everything for
a heart to love her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Independence with no love is prison.

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Misc Poems

The young girl stood
Alone at the bus stop,
Cold, and soaked with rain -
It would never come.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short, Imagist poem composed for English class in my junior year. I wrote it in under 5 minutes but quickly fell in love with it.

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Disperse the pain
Nothing is left in these veins.
No stress and complete loneliness.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I ever come back on any of these poems becausr people actually comment or something this one I might add some to or explain my thoughs a bit more on the familys burden caused by the pain from the asshole who offs himself

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