list poem

Sleepy Head

I wake up in the morning,
and ignore the alarm buzzing.
I roll out of my cozy bed
and scratch my sleepy head.
I realize I’m almost late for math
and quickly take my morning bath.
I get dressed like a swift bastard
and run to my class – going faster and faster.
I shockingly make it to class on time
and see the word “Canceled” scrawled upon a sign.
I take out my phone to check my mail
and look for prior notice, but to no avail.
I go back to my small apartment room
and wish that it was already June.

I get back into my cozy bed
and rest my sleepy head.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem I wrote for my first Poetry writing class at VCU. I made the assignment myself: write a list poem in couplet form!

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