Leave Me Forgotten,Think of Me No More.

My Love

Life, Love, Truth
Beautiful things giv’n me in my youth
But I wasted them all away.


Your love, your eyes, your kiss
All of the things that I miss
But I never made you stay.


Glances, chances, charm
Who knew they could bring such harm?
I left your spirit to soar.


Death, time, rotten,
Please leave me forgotten,
Think of me no more.

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West Texas

West texas
Not a single cloud was in that West Texas Sky,
All the fields had run complety dry,
and yet it hurt when I said goodbye.
But I have to leave.

I've packed the truck and I'm ready to go.
Memories fly as I hit the road.
Just me and myself, got nothing to show.
But I gotta move on.

I'm sorry if me leaving hurts you,
but a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.
I swear I won't forget my country roots.
I just have to go.

Maybe one day I'll come back when it rains.
And I know things won't be the same.
Just please don't forget my name.
On day I'll come home.

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Jayde The Woman Dragon

Bright spring afternoon,
she sits in the car smiling,
she now haunts my mind,

Her smiles as she laughs,
brown eyes like coconuts,
dying for a taste,

Morning sun, warm car,
text messages blowing up,
we ride the morning,

clowns together, laughs,
uplifting infectious souls,
now cuddles in arms,

the moon in the sky,
black streets dead as its roadkill,
she has left my sight,

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Leaving for a while

I'm leaving for a while.
Don’t ask me why, where or when.
Not far away, right here in my head.
I'm leaving for a while.
A place like I wish things could be,
Too bad, I am the only one that could see.
I'm leaving for a while.
You are already there,
So close to touch I even know what you'll wear.
I'm leaving for a while,
Wait its slipping away,
Please don't wake up now, right here with you is where I want to stay.
Yes. I really need to leave for a little while.

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What Was I Thinking?


I have had all these
Naysayers telling me
That you were no good
That I should just set you free

And I have always said
To each and every one of them
That they were wrong
That they didn’t know him

But here it is a fucking week
Has passed and no word
Not from you, and now
I am starting to think how absurd

How dumb was I to think
That you would leave her
And come back to me; well the love
Is still here but beginning to wither

Now I am feeling like a dumb ass
For believing what we had was real
Its getting to a point where my feelings,
Back from you, I have to steal

I think that in a few more days
I’m gonna have to leave you
Right where you wanted to be
Yea, with her, you know its true

Now, I’m starting to think
What’s wrong with me
But I know in reality
Its what’s wrong with you, can’t you see?

You hurt me, you have been causing
This pain, ever since you started
Seeing her without asking me first
But can’t you see, that’s where we parted

No, not at first but as of now
You are going to have a lot
Of ass kissing to get me to come back
Because you have me in a hell of a spot

Written on
October 26, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This, again, was another poem about Tom ___. I hate to say it, but you were all right. I should have just droped him in the first place. I know I shouldn't give him more time, but I will. Just because he's got 'me in a hell of a spot.' So I will give him more time, but even I dont think I should, but I will.

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My Friendly Leech

My leech, my friendly leech
You stay with me when I don't want you on
I wanted you to let me live
But I kept you there
And followed your whims that controlled me

I must reach higher ground
Away from your low lands
Away from your shell for a personality
Away from your controlling and mind tricks

Gone you will be from my life
I will slip my way out before you can bat an eye
And care only in the slightest for I will be free

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Internal Peace


Waking up to the foul taste
Feels like I am storing ash
It is bile and disgusting
Yet I won’t spit it out

In the early hours, I am confused
No, this is not a tent
No, I can’t hear the water, River or Ocean

Waking up to soreness
The infected hole in my chest
Itching and burning as I am turning away
Away from your colours
From your world and love
Finally come to rest in the peace
I couldn’t find with you

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Where Are You Going?

An exit made so hectic
Leaving scattered flames behind
But where is it you're going?
Would you hate me if I followed?

My dear, I am so stationary
Like a mantis filled with doubt
But it hurts to see your beauty
On its end of your departure

Where is it you're heading to?
Is there room there for another?
Empty mind of your conclusion
And welcome me as company

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a nice song.

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Through The Tears


Looking through

Unshed tears in my eyes

I finally see the result

Of my cheating and lies


He’s walking away

On the longest walk of his life

The stretch between me

And were no longer husband and wife


The wound created by mine own hand

Runs straight through my heart

To know what I’ve done to you

It literally tears me apart


I would give my life

For true forgiveness

Yet death would be to easy an end

No, let me live with the pain of all this


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

October 6, 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written To Steve. We didn't break up at this point. The final break up wouldn't happn for a few more weeks.

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