I wish I could see,

Life through your eyes.

For my eyes

are cold and


Never meant to hurt you.

Never meant to suffer you.

Thank you for understanding me.

Thank you for loving me.

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Painful Dreams Of Love


Why was love invented?

It makes you feel so great

Like you were made for him

As he were for you only

You say it was a matter of fate


Then it’s over all to fast

Pain lives where love once did

And you want nothing more

Of any and all males at all

You wish it were just a joke, just a kid


Yet, its over and you’re your heart is broken

For sadly it is never just a joke

You may think it will never mend

Maybe it’s just a dream; the hurt isn’t real

‘Tis a dream, one from which you never woke



Written on

May 29, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written for an ex, not Shawn, this time. It was about being in love and being hurt.

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Programmable Fix

When it's clear to you,

when you've come to be,

an auto-looping,

mechanically -

Transfixed upon

the urgency

between the next

and recently.

And you need to see

beyond your own;

feigning calm,

sound alarms.

Extending arms,

setting switch.

Instructions for

programmable fix.

Dipping veins

with any step

the moment you

submit again.

Until the lofting,

drifting,  useless

haze that muddles

fills your pretense.

Be hard-wired,

be withstanding.

Heart of steel -

No thoughts of landing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Apparently weed was the only reason I wasn't constantly feeling like shit.

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Don’t you ever wonder what happened to us?
Why things become so intolerable? A certain lack of trust?
Don’t you ever think about the cold snap corrupt?
The lack of a certain feeling? Being so abrupt?

Sometimes I can feel you recoil after a loving touch,
Sometimes I really wonder if you love me so much.
Do you ever feel, a certain shade of grey?
No loving cuddles or kisses, at the of a hard working day.

It feels to me, this curtain is falling right between us,
Both if us too stubborn to bother hanging it back up.
We deal with each other like we are always here,
But what brought us together was not so sincere.

Sometimes I think you hate me, almost as much as myself,
Sometimes I think your with me, as a convenience for yourself.
Never can you spare 5minutes, I’m always scheduled in,
When you annoy me, ignore me, it always becomes MY sin.

But then I try to pace myself, because I know I over think,
Maybe I overlook it, maybe I should see a shrink.
There is one thing I’m sure of, I love you so much and more,
No matter how angry I get, I know that you’re the cure.

So why don’t you take, just a moment to yourself,
Let the emotion out, because I can’t be in this by myself.
Our hands hardly touch, my kisses stay as lips,
Show me something, anything, before this heart rips.

Sometimes, I think you know this, and I don’t have to say word,
Most times, I know, you can’t speak words you have not heard.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

14:22 13 Jan 2011

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You and I


You say you love me
You say you care
You say you'd rather die then hurt me

You make no sense
You two timed me

You expect forgiveness
You expect nothing to change

I say I hate you
I say I want you out
I say I'd rather be alone

I make prefect sense
I need time

I expect you to be faithful
I expect you to be loyal
I expect you to be true to me

Until we can one
We must seperate
No friendship
No contact

Until we can forgive
Until we can forget
Until we can love again
Until then goodbye

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The Perfect Ass That Begged

I heard from a friend that you're off on endless benders

Chasing things with consciences dependent on the weather

But you so sloppily fell, as if by solemn breeze

And offered him your mouth and the space between your knees

Before the contents of your gut were scattered on the floor

You must've felt so ready to be sought after like a whore

The time we spent was either poison or something so much more

But I guess it amounts to even less than what you called him for

So please continue acting like I've done such wrongs to you

I'll persist on being lonely and finding my way through

I may not have belief of self to sling my gents on queue

But at least at ends, I can defend, and say my heart is true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck you and every other word you've ever said to me.

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IF I were honest

All About Me

If I were honest

I'd have to admit...

that I never stoped thinking of you

that you're not the only one I think of

 all of my hardships

all of my silent sacrafices

why my passions are what they are

why I'm so closed off to the world

that I care about you, more than you'll ever know

 that I feel the same one for everyone

 the true reason behind my confidance

the true reason for my fears

I'd have to open myself up completely...

so I'm not honest.

I'll never tell you that I remember the moment we first met

That I remember when our eyes first met, what I was wearing when you first spoke ont he phoen with me, where i was standing and how I was so sad. I'll never explain to you how you came in one of the most hardest moments in all of my life, and you helped so much simply by being there. I'll never explain how close I came to giving up on everything, and how your little glimmer turned that all around.

I'll never tell you of everything I've been through

As clearly as I remember your eyes, I remember when mines were almost shut. I'd have to tell you of the times when I wouldn't know if the walk home would be my last, how those shots I heard at night, were of my own doing. How I watched and held as love ones passed away in my arms, in my sight, across my street. I'd have to tell you how I watched as my Uncle ran away, as the street was filled with red and blue lights. I'd have to tell you how he ran because of me. I'd have to tell you how much my brothers protected me, and how I wasn't always so innocent. I'd have to admit how sometimes I caused the problems I despise so much. I'd have to tell you the reason why I never want to drive again...

I'll never tell you of all the things I do for you

You'll never know how I choose you over my friends on one fateful night when none of them would return. You'll never know of the pain I had to endure in order to be able to hold you. You'll never know the real reasons why 911 is so important to me. You'll never know how I abandoned everyone just to see you smile. You'll never know, I'll never tell you, and it's better that way... You'll never know the real reason, why I don't go out as much as i used to.

I'll never tell you anything that can hurt you

You'll never know just how precious and important you are to me. You'll never see why communication is so important to me. You'll never know how I fought, cried and suffered as i saw communication collaspse. You'll never see all the relationships... and lives, i've saw ruined over something that could have been solved with a sorry, or a little understanding. You'll never see these things, and I'll never show you.

If I were Honest, I'd tell you everything, and you'd understand, but you'd know too much, and it would hurt you... So... I'm not.

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Not Wanting You, I Just Cannot Pretend

Break Ups


Forgive me

For ever caring

But there is no one else

So good


Anything they are to you

You are so perfect it scares me

Endless Nights

Volume One



Endless Nights”



Endless Nights, losing fights

I've seen my time, living my life, is it a crime?

Does it look like I give a fuck

that I ran out of luck, and now I'm stuck

haunted by these endless nights, blinded by these bright lights

seduced by your hate, now my emotions you sedate

crawling back on my broken hands and feet

deflowering everything that is right and neat

throwing away any hopes for salvation

living in this lie of mutilation

I am forced to eat the shit you throw

but what you don't know, is that my anger will grow

in your lives that I will consume

bringing forth your fucking doom

for in my eyes, your diseased flies

your existence is nothing but lies


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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