I always fall too hard.

And here I am sitting in a crater

wondering if I’ll ever be able to climb out.

Not that I want to.


Falling can be scary,

but landing is worse.

The impact,

the realization that it’s too late to turn back.


This fall will bruise me,

like so many before it.

This time I brought a parachute

To soften the landing.


The parachute was her smile,

her hair, her lips.

I find my parachute in the way she loves,

laughs, and lives.


Leaving the crater will hurt more than the landing did.

I’ll leave when I’m forced out by someone better.

Outside of my crater are her tears

Drowning anything that tries to leave.


I don’t want to leave the crater.

I’m in too deep anyways.

Someone might bring a rope to take me out,

only to drop me off another cliff.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/19/17 This is my first poem I've put on here and I appreciate feedback! :)



I always thought I would run from this,

I would only chase down things I know won’t leave a mark

Now the best my hands have held is you

but I won’t always grip this tight

because I don’t know if you have it wrong.

I want to believe you have it wrong.


This is not always what you want to hear

but it is what you deserve,

it is what I need to say.

This is not always what I should believe

but I am thinking the best I can.


I am thinking I don’t mind falling through this breathtaking sunset skyline.

I am thinking we sometimes don’t need to breathe.

I am thinking there is something beautiful

crawling out of the mess we made

and as you pull away

I am even more at home

I don’t know if you have it right.



Maybe something will break.

Maybe someone will be left shivering under the stars.

Maybe someone will be left shattered.

Maybe it will be worth it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/31/17

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I thought you would always protect my heart

but instead you damaged it beyond repair

I thought you would love me for eternity 

but instead it lasted for a second

I thought you would never hurt

but instead the scars you inflicted are a painful reminder 

I thought you would always laugh with me

but instead you laugh at me

I thought you would never leave me

but instead you left me smiling 

I thought you were my one and only

but instead I was all alone

You once were my superhero 

the braviest of them all

Until you became a supervillain 

and destroyed everything we had






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"And Once I Knew, it Was Too Late"

by Jeph Johnson

And once I knew, it was too late

All the signs I had misread
Became the binds that sealed my fate
And the mem'ries I'd retread
O'er the mountains of my joy
'Neath the valleys of despair
All the hope I held, destroyed
With no promise for repair
In an instant love is hate
Giggling carefree through my tears
Apologies I made too late
Must have fallen on deaf ears
How to love her was my aim
Though not accurate or straight
I've only myself to blame
And once I knew, it was too late

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Canyon (day 163)

sirens can’t see us here

our legs our lives

dangling off the canyon rim


we sit here at the summit

not knowing where the bruises will bloom when we skydive…

must have left my parachute in your arms for safekeeping

we sit here at the summit

not knowing what colors the pain will paint us this time


we sing from the same song but once it’s over

we have nowhere to run

we get lost in the aftermath

it’s a maze with no beginning


it is not your jokes that make me laugh

but the way they pound my head

even when you’re not here 


it is not your tears that make me cry

but the whisper of their memory


this love has never crashed with no comeback

or longed to be something else

this love has never roared

or broken on us like a wave


this love sings like a canyon

and we don’t fall until the beat comes back

this love sings like a canyon

and it’s the echo that drives us mad

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/6/17

The summit

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Her little head has a lot of imaginations,

From all the experiences she went through.

All the ups and downs,

She remained strong and happy.


No matter how hard he broke her,

She kept her head high

And focused at what matters most.

She’s like a soldier,

Brave, strong and resourceful.


Even if she has her friends and family,

She wants to be

That strong independent woman


No man will ever make her weak.

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Have you ever…


Thought someone cared,
And then they didn’t?
Thought you cared,
And you didn’t?


Would you ever…


Trust someone,
If you knew they didn’t care?
Be entrusted,
When you know you don’t care?


Why do we…


Lead each other on?
Break each other’s hearts?
Crush each other’s hopes?
Leave each other broken in the dust?


Why do we pretend
To care at all.

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Moving on, Falling back


You do all you can,
You forget the past.
A familiar song plays,
Pulls you from first to last.


You move on,
You find a new joy.
You fall back into it,
Like an overused toy.


At last it is over,
You know this time for sure.
Breaking at the seams,
One last time for a love so pure?


It is the endless cycle we face,
And can never leave.
We try again and again,
Because we always believe.


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Goodbye, old friend.


They say every goodbye leads to a new hello,


But I would rather have another one with you,


One more smile, one more hug, one more memory,


But now I must let you go,


Goodbye, old friend.




Goodbye, old friend.


I will never forget that out of control laugh,


The music we shared and the love that we had,


What I wouldn’t do to sing and laugh with you again,


Perhaps one day we can, but for now,


Goodbye, old friend.




Goodbye, old friend.


Remember those late night car rides?


Remember getting in and out of trouble?


Remember the fun that we had?


Because I will never forget…


Goodbye, old friend.




Goodbye, old friend.


I suppose this is the last goodbye,


The time has come, and I have moved on,


I hope one day we can change this,


And we can say hello once more, but until that day,


Goodbye, old friend.

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