The Prince of darkness

My bright and shining star

The greatest Prince of them all

Watch him dance and sing


Watch him go

A sexy style

His sweet style

Melts your heart


Makes you smile

Snap your fingers

Tap your toes

My Prince


Watch him dance

The way he moves

He is enough

To drive you wild


Those bedroom eyes

Lips so sweet

Love me tender

Love me wild


.....My Prince.......




You got long brown locks

Eyes not quite like a hawk's

And you gotta have those glasses

'Cause if you didn't you'd cause crashes

Though you already crashed into my heart

Made it hard to be apart

But you weren't insured

So now my heart's interred

Buried under layers of love

When it used to be free as a dove

You always know how to make me smile

Little did you know that all the while

My brain was running, flowing like the Nile

Thinking of ideas, putting them in a pile

Of how to convince you that I'm worth your while

But I knew none of it would ever work

You'd never be convinced of my perks

So I tried to give the idea a rest

Put my feelings to the test

I tried to avert my attention

But in the end there was too much tension

My heart pulled harder than my mind

I looked in your eyes but there was nothing to find

No clues, no treasure map

To feelings that would fill this gap

To think that this all started from one mishap

We were backstage, the show was a bore

When someone yelled, “Shut and Bar the Door!”



Author's Notes/Comments: 

As I'm sure you can see, this poem's about a girl. I fell in love with her about three years ago and never stopped. As always feedback is appreciated!Smile

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The sun shone brightly today
It was beautiful 
Or so they tell me

I saw it
I know it was there
But I couldn’t feel its presence

Everything is dark in my world
As another day passes without you
Another day without warmth 
Another day without light
Another day like every other
Since you’ve been gone 

Shining sun 
Skies of azure blue 
And fluffy white clouds

But none of them exist in my world anymore 

There is no color
There is no hue 
Everywhere I turn 
I see nothing but the absence of you 

When will it shine again?
I don’t know 
My sun is gone 
And I don’t know if he will come back 

I am the moon 
Trapped in eclipse 
Invisible and silent 
Cold and dark 
The world is between us 
And your light cannot shine on me 
Now I’m just a sphere 
Void of life
I emanate nothing 

And here all I can do 
Is wait for the earth to move
For this barrier to pass
So your light will shine on me 
Then I will reflect your brilliance
Then I will radiate your light 
And finally enveloped in your love
I will be beautiful again.


Jrh ~;;~ 


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For Her

Mate Love


He could voluntarily have
asked for an exit visa
from God at any time,
but he stayed on earth,
his heart faithfully
beating on, for his beloved.

-saiom shriver-

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I have yet to meet you

But somehow you have done it

You got me completely astonished

I love your personality, your work ethic,

Your want to be with family,

Your desire to have kids

All this and more


I'm almost wanting to say

That I love you

But I’ve already said

That will wait until

We finally meet


You are in my every thought

From waking up to going to sleep

When I eat and every song I hear

You are in my head and my heart

This will be forever



Written on


May 16. 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to my current boyfriend, Michael Manno. So far he seems to be absolutely perfect, but only time will tell. 

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You know my heart is yours

But somehow I cant bring myself

to say those three words

I love you, Chad


See I said it

Its so easy

And it comes naturally

Now can you?



Written on


October 16, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And again, I felt it, he did too, but it wouldnt work

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Simply Saying


I just met you

Only a week ago

And I'm already

Starting to see it


I'm starting to feel

That my heart

Is no longer mine

Its becoming yours


I cant quite say

That I love you

But its coming

Oh so quickly


See my heart

There on the shelf?

See how its bruised?

Do you see it?


That is because

I handed it out to

Absolute morons

That abused it


But something tells me

That you wont

Break it just because

You want to


So here I am simply

Saying that you can

Have my trust, my faith

And before too long


You will have my heart

And my love and my body

And not too long after

You will have my hand



Written on


May 12, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy I dont remember. Obviously, he wasnt worth too much.

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If You Were My Everything

If you were a song, you would be the most harmonious.

If you were a flower, you would be a field of roses.

If you were an ocean, I would be a fisherman.

If you were a rock, you would be a gem.

If you were a memory, you would be unforgettable.

If you were a bird, you could soar to heights not seen.

If you were the night, I would be the dawn

If you were a flame, you would be eternal.

If you were a shoe, it would only be fit for a King.

If you were a breath, you would be the wind.

If you were a cloth, I would sow you to my heart.

If you were a gift, I could never stop praising the Sender.

And, if you were mine, I would love you forever.


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Piercing Heart


My heart is a prisoner tortured by the silence, distance.

If it weren’t mute from torching his tongue,

you would hear a scream that couldn’t be forgotten.

A touch, a glance is all it needs to crack these nightmares that cage him.

But returns, the darkness, the hole that spans eternity but felt in this instant…

Piercing me, It has consumed me.