My Soul


My soul has became black,

And as I look in to my buddies eyes b4 he dies,

I think to myself,

I’ll revenge his death,

I shall not sleep until the bastard who did this dies,

The bastard that stole his life,

The bastard that stole my soul.

My soul has became black with hate,

Hate of that bastard who took my friends life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

itz better not to ask about this one!!!

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“Sorry for this interruption

There is a tornado warning

Please go to the room

That you are assigned to go to.”

Oh my gosh.

Is this a drill or really happening?

Please say drill

I’m not ready for a real one

Oh no

Not again

Like May of 95

Please tell me

What is it?

“It’s a warning

And really happening.”


Not again

What do I do?

Help me

Please Lord

Help me

Keep me strong

I can’t do it

Those thoughts

Just ran through my head, today

It was hard to realize

That it really was happening

But just had to remember

That God was there too

I almost cried

But tried to stop from crying

It worked kind of

Thank God no one was hurt

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate them been through one before and today (3\19\02) it happened again, scary!  But i was safe, this is how i felt, showing you through a poem!

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War of Hate

The sheer terror

of my hate

my heart

I don't wana be innocent

I wana be hateful

why is this frowned upon

in our society of lies

or torture, WAR

why is my hate so wrong,

should I not be concidered the norm

I want this more than you know

I want my right

the right to hate

the raw power of hate

it flows withen me

storming my soul

burning to get out

to join our WAR

our WAR of hate

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Turning Into You


Looking at my refection, I see your eyes staring back at me

That darkest of green, an emerald shade, with spots of blue like the sea

Those aren't my eyes, yet it's all I can seem to find

All the memories of you are still fresh in my unforgetting mind

Even though we are apart, you seem to be something I can't leave behind

Our souls seem to be twisted together in some kind of agonizing conundrum

And each time I see your face you become more repulsive and loathsome

Forgiveness for you is like acid to my skin

Kind words and my love for you are nothing akin

The core of my hatred, I don't know where to begin...

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Ice Cube

Hate is like an ice cube, cold and sharp.

It fills the half glass full of optimizm, with dark clearity.

Clearity that hate thickens our planet,

and contiunes to grow as the ice cube melts.

Hate can start out so cold, and so small,

like an ice cube, but spread and rise as the ice cube melts.

It is time to fill a glass with love.

Love so warm, that an ice cube would simply evaporate into thin air.

It is time hate be only a name,

and no longer exsist.

It is time our cup runneth over with love.

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La hipocresia de la vida

Niños inosentes corretean por las calles.

Tu eres uno de ellos y no lo sabes,

lo mas problable.

No existe una vida perfecta,

y la que lo aparenta solo esta llena

de mentiras e hipocresias.

El ser humano es un ser misterioso,

solo utilizamos un poco,

por que El no nos deja,

sera porque se sabra la verdad?.

Algun dia se podra.

Vivimos en un mundo desconosido,

en el cual existen muchas teorias,

muchas maravillas, y claro muchos fracasos.

Cual es el punto si segun el libro todos somos malvados?,

pero seremos perdonados por alguien de carne y hueso.

Se dice que si nos portamos mal

iremos para el infierno,

y perdoname si me equivoco,

pero donde carajo estamos viviendo?.

Somos medio de entretenimiento para aquel que tiene el poder, Bueno ese es el unico punto que yo puedo ver.

Hoy en dia que tiene logica?,"todo es posible", Pero en realidad nada se puede!.

Que se supone que yo haga?!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know that it's not that good of a poem, but I wrote it to let it all out. I want to be treated like a human been not like a puppet.

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How It Starts

My Poems

You hear a scream down the hall

That's how it starts after all

A show of hate

Let's you know it's too late

To salvage a love gone wrong

That's held on so long

Then all is silent

As our prides rage on strong

The night holds our secrets

In its loving embrace

And let's you know

That's how it starts after all

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Event Of Hate...

we danced slowly

moving swiftly

in a rhythmic motion

to this blurry

kind of love

crossing a line of change

didnt it ever occur to you

that we might not make it back

take off your blindfold

ive proven myself right

you were left dumbfounded

dazed and confused

until you let this wheel

of our lives turn

against us

i didnt fear this

i saw it coming even

before everything came to be

i knew this time will come

for you to eventually

hate me...

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hate poem

old poems

I hate this shit from far and beyond this retched world of hate and different races. Why cant we all just get along in tha world we live in. Its fucked up enough. People need to grow up and realize that we all have to live on this plant. So get over it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

give me one

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