gone in the wind


Butterfly, are you lost?
I see you navigating through the horizon of my thoughts…
seeking comfort on my clouds—
Butterfly don’t cry! Rest your weary wings upon my palms,
as I sing you psalms and lullabies—
Butterfly with kaleidoscope wings, your true colors hide
your pain, your smile is dormant, sleep gently into my
dreams, oh butterfly—

Butterfly dreams a troubled path, alone from a distant cocoon,
chameleon in every weather, a never ending flight but
everything comes to an end including her flight, so it seems—
Butterfly awoke with gratitude, rested from my dream.
“Thank you,” she whispers. I ask, “what’s your name,”
her reply, “What month is it?” “August,” I say.
“Oh, in that case, Eurema or Phoebis, which ever you like best.”
“I like Phoema better,” I reply. “Pleasure to meet you,”
she says, adding “can I eat?”

Butterfly, vibrant and full of energy spreads her wings and
welcomes me in…in the morning; butterfly is gone on another
voyage, a distant flight, navigating through the horizons of
thoughts of fools in love—
December came, another butterfly glides my way…
butterfly are you lost? “yes,” she says with weary eyes.
“What’s your name?” I ask this butterfly, “Vanessa,” she replies.
Let me guess, “Vanessa with the honey color eyes!”,
“yes, have we met before,” she asked.
“no, but I’ve met your type before.”
Here one day gone the next—

Butterfly spreads her wings and welcomes me in…
a similar scenario, de-ja-vu!! What am I suppose to do,
a fool in love, alone in a world of butterflies, which,
happen to find comfort in my weakness—
In the morning I awake alone again, nothing new again,
only a satisfaction till’ dawn again.
Today a memory!! Tomorrow, who??
In January I met Zerene, same story, she asked, “can I…”
"yeah, yeah spread your wings,” I said…
another brood to me, another butterfly lost!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Brood is a group of females butterflies!! (This poem is about the experience or trauma of a woman being rape)

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