Where can be she be?

Through the old looming mirror, he walked, stepping lightly
as he transferred to the realm of the forgotten melancholy;
hoping he'd find the thing that haunted his dreams;
the ghost he kept seeing in every reflection.
In his mind the delicate, soft voice of confused innocence echoed
with every cry for help;
the faint image of pale, fragile hands reaching out from behind
the glass played on in his mind like a dream set to repeat for eternity.

The Mirage of Her

The guests are all dressed in there blackest best
I separate myself from all the rest
Lost in my sorrow, I fill another glass of wine
The room starts turning as
My stream of wine slowly fades away
I’m feeling lost without her
All alone with my thoughts and my spinning mind
The room is full and loud, yet I hear just one
Coming between all the talk and tears
I hear a voice, which rings to my ears
The familiar voice that I thought was lost
Now echoes in the air
Haunting chills run down my spine
As it sounds like her
I follow the sweet voice but it seems to disappear
The night now getting late, the room slowly thins out
When I catch a whiff of her scent
For now tis is more than a coincidence
As the scent now lingers across the room
Following it between the few remaining guests
I pause as “for a second I think I get a glimpse of the real her behind”
I look at the four by me to assure myself I was not the only one seeing this
However, they had no change in composure, as there she stands
Facing the wall, Looking lost, I see her set her glass down and begin to cry
This cannot be true, as I know it is not her; this recession was for her passing
I miss her so; but I just want this trembling moment to pass me by
Therefore, I take another sip of wine
I think I am going crazy, only to realize I am crazy without her
As the last guest leaves, I walk my way up to her
I touch her shoulder, as she turns we shared a look so deep
“I had an impulse; I almost touch her face before I pulled back my hand”
It cannot be my wife, for she is gone,
Maybe it was the want of her I saw in those eyes
But I had to kiss the mirage of her just this one time
I kiss her softly, and I feel her warmth
Feeling her here with me, were alone in the room
It cannot be true, but it felt so good
Feeling so real, I take her hand and head out
Looking to rekindle what we missed on
I take her home to share the warmth that has been missing
In our hearts and in our bed
We lay each other down
For we each felt the love
I awake the next morning expecting her ghost to be gone
But her presence is still there
Thinking maybe, I dreamt her passing
I lean over to kiss, her lips so near
Her eyes open and I notice it is not her
Shocked at what I saw
I fall to the floor
She sounds like you and she smells like you
She even kisses like you
But she’s not all you
I pick myself up off the floor
I close my eyes; I just want this trembling moment to pass me by
Now I cannot look at my sister in law the same forevermore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem I created in hopes to turn it into a short film, so im looking for any feedback i can get. good or bad im looking for anything. I know it long but I wanted to tell a story. It's about a guy who sees his wifes ghost while at her funeral recession

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The Ghost of Serinity


While I sat at my piano
playing a melancholy tune
I felt a soft breeze sweep through my room

The sweet scent of bergamot
filled the night
while I saw visions of dark delight

And close to me she came
and sat by my side
the ghost of my darling bride

Through the hours we played
and forgot about time
and the sorrow seemed to leave my mind

As if she were always here
as if things were as they use to be
I could touch her I could feel her I could see

Her angelic voice brought calm
and her soft kiss felt as in days past
for all of eternity I prayed it would last

As morning soon came
I awoke alone in my bed
was it a dream was it real was it in my head

The ghost of Serinity
came to be by my side
my darling my angel my lonely bride

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