get away


my fucked up head

u wana knw y i refuse to sleep?
Y i rather stay up till my eyes r so exhausted tears r rolling down my face? Ok. I rather stay up n read or just lay awake listening to music instead of havin those beautiful horrifyin wonderful yet useless dreams...
Where i see wild flowers, a lake, a forest, children, clouds, rain, coffee, hospitals, cars, teddy bears, windows, doctors, screams, m&ms, laughter, smiles, roses, books, stairs, letters ...
i want to not remember about the has beens or the what ifs
i wana forget ur face and hers as well i want to close my eyes and see nothin i want a sleepless night
i want not a yesterday and not a dream of tomorrow i want a faceless dream ....
I want an I.M.O.E.T.

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Volume One






I just want to escape,

singled out, your just bait

tied, and hating you

tired, and loving it

but I just want to give up

sometimes death seems like the only answer

life is nothing but a fucking cancer



"Another victim, another sacrifice

trapped in a maze liked drugged up mice

I can hear your screams

so distant it seems"



I know my life is a big fucking mess

I'm just a pawn in your game of chess

taking out my Queen, next to go my King

and I'll be lost, at no extra cost

I dance to the strings of my puppet master

but it's okay, it will just make me faster

for when I run and escape

I'm just hoping its not to late



Another victim, another sacrifice

trapped in a maze like drugged up mice

I can hear your screams

so distant it seems..."


At least I'm not the only one

your in it now too, look what you have done.






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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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