Fury Unleashed

guilt trip

You try to use me,

my poetry.

I can't turn it on and off

but I don't think you understand.

You try to use guilt to make me work for you

it tears me up inside

I fucking hate this life,

I wish you could just leave me be

I don't want to even look at you,

I don't want you to look at me,

I would rather die than have you continue to do this

I hope you relize what your doing to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hated stuff while I wrote this

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Just sit there,so cold my friend, hanging,fooling

Yourself, from your own madness,

Tear, tear apart if you can, all the structures of

My soul,

While your own world, full of lies, dissolves

Inside and out, to clay and dust, nexto to nothing.

Collecting all the spoils, is your game, cursed from

Birth by the gods, your houses of frozen bones,

Crosses buried in the sea of your dispair,

Call, call out the winds, your angels friend, to

Help you in your quest.

Go on, and continue your destruction, your black

and macabre dance with death,appointed prince of

The undead,messenger of sin and dispair,

Dance, dance away to death, till you go back to hell!



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