From One Admirer To Another

Dear Sir,

My apologies for the overtly stark message, but I couldn’t help but notice your previous passage. I too suffer from a similar illness, one too few can understand or witness. Ridiculous, I know, and felt for a time. Before I realized the symptom was rhyme. I thought myself crazy, strange, even insane. Especially when I deduced it came without pain. Is it a virus, bacteria, or some kind of infection? Does it tickle your iris, tibia, do I need an injection?! I’m writing you with hopes for a solution. Perhaps just another sick induced delusion. Regardless, I look forward to your letter or call.

I’m here if you need me,
Anonymous Paul

Dear Paul,

I must admit, I’m quite shocked to see your message. Especially amongst this metrical rhyme wreckage. It puzzles me that you come with the proposition that our unique experience is a medical condition. Alarming it was to me as well. Harming, the thought I needed to repel. Once you start to get into the flow, your heart will most certainly start to glow. It’s hip, it’s new, all the kids are doing it! One tip, a clue, its easier to submit. Fighting against it will only make it worse. Writing dissent towards it could prolong your curse. Tell me why you think it’s affecting your ability to communicate; infecting your activity. I sincerely hope this message finds you well. Feel free to reach me on my blog or cell. I await the day for your message to come. Until then my friend.

Your pal,

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This is fun

It's time to refine this thought of mine. To underline, design, and further define. One can't help but notice the attention. Something beyond all comprehension. Little did I expect, aware I was not. Such an effect, my senses are shot. Failed to foresee, unable to compute. Now I agree, unfit to dispute.

The power of rhyme, one can plainly see. A forgotten paradigm, buried under debris. Does it please, entertain, and fill with emotion? Bring you down to you knees to attain devotion? So luring, attractive, it must cause ill health. I'm assuring, proactive, revealing its wealth. Spreading information is important to me, besetting inspiration is all I can see. Never before has my domain seen traffic. I abhor, it's insane, almost pornographic.

I think it's time to face the music. The masses demand I change the rubric. The first of many, my decision is final. My thirst for any provision of viral. So go, be free, spread amongst the net. Know I'll agree, adjust, yet still fret. A worry that gnaws, a smack I find. The flurry of applause that can hijack a mind. Can I keep it going despite the pressure? While blindly ignoring my newly found stressor? All in all, I guess it's worth a try. I'll fall, I'll stall, to Earth, goodbye.

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This is a test

To truly test a person's integrity,
To seek out and find one's hidden identity.
The careful predator watches his prey,
Through the night and every day.
Persistence is key, devotion a must,
Burrow in deep and attain their trust.
Be mindful of this sacred oath,
Be conscious of your personal growth.
Remaining unseen, the permanent mask,
The unrelenting, the arduous task.
Revealing yourself, the most dangerous game,
Comes not with love, fortune, or fame.
They watch, they listen, they think, they speak,
The notch has risen, a link in their clique.
The truth will not rise from what lies in their eyes,
The cries of their lies scream behind their disguise.

A final thought before we part,
Trusted you take this lesson to heart.
Remain true to yourself, and never lose hope,
You can always trust the lens of your scope.
Keep reeling, keep feeling, play the hands that they're dealing.
Keep talking, keep walking, the monster still stalking.
The jaded persuaded and degraded the faded.
They graded, they rated, they hated, the jaded.

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Strawberries are very red

And a little of green

But not that close

to the color of bean

When you take a bite,

Of this delightful fruit

You'll just have to

Jump for Joy

You'll be bouncing off the walls

in not ime at all

Doing Back Flips and Hand flips

And front flips too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope u love strawberries as much as me!!!

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Widely Wide Awake


Tick-tock, tick-tock, I stare at the clock,
As insomnia wins one again.
Wide, wide awake, with no zzzz's in sight.
This vicious cycle, just won't end!

Sleeping pills are funny little things,
At least my body must think so.
For every time I swallow them down,
I'm revived, and awake I go!!

Irony is sure, a lot ironic,
What with all the medications that I take.
Most warn that widely-known 'drowsyness' thing,
Yet, here I sit, quite widely awake!!!

My bed is going to start to forget me,
Even though it's made of memory foam.
For spite, it's going to change my contours,
Because I again, left 'my side', all alone.

Why, oh why can't I just be normal,
And get even 39 of those 40 winks???
But no, for me, sleep is just too elusive.
This frickin' awake-ness frickin' stinks!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....I WISH!!!!! lmao!!


They say fairy tales aren't real.
But we don't need Peter when we've got a Neverland of our own.
Just you and me and the Patriots throw that someone tossed us
an insignificant number of minutes ago.
We sit shoulder to shoulder, arms pressed tight against each other
and feet awkwardly brushing on the chair we keep them propped up on.
But I don't mind awkward touches, because at least their touches at all.
You've stolen my phone, again,
and I play with your slender fingers as you use your bad hand
to try and decode my password, drawn in by the secrets I could have.
You use your bad hand, because your good hand and my good hand are playing.
We don't think much of it when my curled up figure gently leans onto you,
head finding its way against your shoulder.
Our hands linger together just a moment longer than an innocent accident would have allowed
and I pretend it doesn't give me butterflies to be nestled in so close to you.
Your deep voice whispers into the top of my head and I close my eyes,
longing to be here forever.
Because in these moments,
these insignificant number of minutes,
it doesn't matter that we're not in love, it doesn't matter that we could be.
In these moments we are in love,
even if only for these moments.
Even if when the bell tolls ten o'clock and your mother has come down,
offering me a ride home,
we're time warped back
from Neverland
to reality.
Just two friends,
wishing they were in love.

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My Friend

In my head
No need to dread
Because you’re near
When I have a fear
When I need you
You’re right on cue
Because you’re here
Within my ear

You talk to me
When they all flee
You are my friend
Right to the end
You are so small
So easy to haul
But you can’t hide
Because you’re inside

No, you can’t run
Me you can’t shun
I know you’re here
Behind my tear
We are together
Most likely forever
So sit back and relax
Cause these are the facts

There’s no doubt
That I would pout
If you were silent
I may get violent
Let’s not try that
Let’s just chat
You have no choice
You are my voice

You don’t care
That I don’t share
My friends with you
And they have no clue
You pay respect
When I show intellect
Yes you stay quiet
So they don’t riot

They think I am crazy
That my head is hazy
But they’re just jealous
That I am overzealous
They just cannot see
My friend inside me
They just don’t believe
So of me they misconceive

No I don’t need a jacket
I don’t cause a racket
No need for a padded room
Cause I didn’t eat a ‘shroom
My friend is really here
Right inside my ear
If you listen close
You will see I’m misdiagnosed

No I don’t have an ache
That pill I don’t want to take
Please un-strap us
I promise we won’t fuss
We’ll be quiet little mice
If you don’t use that device
Please leave us be
Just set us free

*Change of tone*

My friend is gone
From me she withdrawn
I think it’s because we got ill
When the doc gave us that pill
Now I’m all alone
In this great wide world unknown
No voices do I hear
No voices within my ear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oct. 5, 2011

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Angels And Fairies

Angels and fairies are so beautiful
Full of grace and love
Fairies like to wander and have fun
They like to get into mischief
Angels are more serious
Even though they like fun sometimes
They watch over us, keep us from evil
Keep us from harm
They have so much color, so bright
They are so much fun to watch
Think of them laughing
As they go along
In the forrest so green
So dark and gloomy
Yet they light the way
In and out of places
Where no one else can go
Angels and Fairies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Angels and Fairies are fun. The colors are so bright and beautiful

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Coulda Shoulda Woulda

I couldn’t tell you
where it came from

I’d be lying
if I tried

You could guess just
how I feel though

I don't exactly
keep it all inside

I shouldn’t tell you
what I mean yet

‘Cause it’s too fun
to keep you in the dark

You should prob’ly
search my eyes, Pet

And maybe then
You’d see the spark

I wouldn’t know
just what to do though

If you saw
right through me, Hun

But you would certainly
know for sure now

That YOU
are my only one :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I may be a lil' giddy lately........ BUT WITH GOOD REASON! XD

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