The One Who Helps


He speaks words to me

Never lies only truth to see

In a world where deceit runs wild

His truths are spoken tender and mild

He quiets my weeping heart

Tries to help me make a new start

Listens to my problems many

Gives me solutions ever more many

Helps me find my heart once gone

Shows me how to be reborn, a baby fawn

My friend is he, a good one at that

Pulls me up out of the dark corner where I sat

A treasure in the rough of a living hell

He tells me life will be better, all is well



Written on

May 8, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about a friend of mine, Dustin. He really did help me, through alot of the drama I created and ecountered in my life.

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everyone leaving

everyone leaving

don't know what happen to all

which there mind suddenly

and make them say that

they have to leave

this is a time when we can enjoy

this is a time when we can make memories

short time just left and

everyone saying they leaving

this is a school time

not a collage time

i know after two-three

we are much far away from eachother

hard to contact eachother

busy in our own life

in making a business partners

in making a buildings

no time to meet eachother

cause you guys start talk like that

so i can understand what happen later

now they saying that they not going to forget anyone

but what happen if they say tomorrow

' who are you'

your heart will totally break into pieces

that nobody can count

its hard to believe anyone

their words make us happy

their words enough for our heart

to make it feel its be okay

everyone leaving

don't know  why?

but i know one thing that

i don't want it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem to express my feelings and about reality. its all true what i wrote in this poem

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drops of life

shall i ask about drops

which joints life to life

the drops which make us feel the moment of life

it just not make us feel

it also degnify us

it take us back

back in those dreams which make us smile

lets swap something between drop and us


i am talking about my friends

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My True Friend..

In our lives..this we live..searching it is..
In our minds..the things we see..we think about..we let be..
Its the feelings..that we it right..or let go..
In our hearts..there we feel..if its special..then we seal..

What is right..what is wrong..who will along..
The higher powers..outside of us..we don't question..not enough..
We just travel..into time..we keep going..there to find..
Ourselves inside..we cannot hide..we keep looking..there to find..

Everyday..we push that keep going..not to stray..
Searching friends..sharing find that smile..from above..
We keep giving..hearts that last..never thinking..of the past..
Wanting come true..we fill our hearts..and minds too..

This is we do..somthing hang onto..
Always wanting..more than that..always searching..don't look back..
This is we hold..just keep sharing..letting go..
Love each the end..let me love true friend..


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The Looking Glass

Just a thought!

The Looking Glass

Peeking through The Looking Glass
To forge the distant miles
Seeking hope and sharing dreams
We trade our thoughts and smiles
Some are very dear to us
We chance to call them friend
A special voice within our heart
We put our trust in them
In search of love or just a friend
Taking stock in all their faces
Our time is spent within the glass
To fill the empty spaces
Be thoughtful, true and honest
With your daily search endeavor
And you might find, deep in the glass
A friend, who will last forever

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Simply about being honest and truthful when making a friend!"

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A Walk With a Friend

Just a thought!

A walk with a Friend

Today was a good day; I went walking with a friend.
The canyon walls, towering around us...
Arms of giants stretching up to the heavens
Grasping the passing clouds. Between them, a beam of light
Cutting a path in the earth for us to follow.
We walked, one behind the other, stepping on the light
As if it was a balance beam, All the while, sharing childhood
Memories and eventful things, going on in life.
My aphorism being, I was so focused not to step out of the
Footprints, I failed to see, just how far my friend was
Leaving me behind! Our conversation now fainting in the distance,
Words entwined, bouncing off the canyon walls, getting harder and harder to decipher whose they are...
Amidst the bright light and the dark shadows, I am anxious now,
Only to see a silhouette shrinking, as my friend rounds a bend
In the canyon. These faint impressions before me becoming
Connect the Dot lines, till alas, I see the footprints no longer...
Echoes left behind, only my own now. I am weary, and will visit tomorrow...Hoping to take another walk with my friend.

                           by Barry Anderson      


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The loss of a friend..Remembering!"