I had accepted it myself, but would they?

Have all those years of church finally gotten to their brain?

How would I tell them?

What could I do?

I knew that the only thing I needed to do was be true.

I walked into her room, clamy, shaking.

"Have a minute mom?"

Then I said it, those two little words.

"I'm gay."

My heart was pounding, I was sweating through my shirt.

She said nothing.

She cried.

But she surprised me that day.

See, I was sure she would through that book at me and send me to be "fixed"

but instead she held me and said that to her I was still perfect.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Coming out to my ever so Christian mother.

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Strength , heart pieces - My friend

normal as usual

normal day of mine

but lose of someone

hurted every single time


long way to go

i didn't know 

known, some heart piece 

of my friend's mind


access to her path was easy

filled her broken heart was teary

bravery of other 

to show her growth 

her mom and brother

her future for them

how hard will you try??


shattered and shattered 

we were

flow of tears

cracked whole strength 


friend to friend

hold her hand ,

tried not to let the fear 

of broken down near

near the lonliness


everyone did try 

she is friend of mine

her tear , her pause

let me only looked into her eyes ...




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my friend, everyone did try to help her out from the world where she lose because we all knew that how hard we cry or try that person we lose never going to come back ...

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still your daughter.

I wish you understood that
the storm in my eyes is not meant to
strike down your branches but i just have trouble
holding the flood above my palpebral dam and
concealing the darkening and contorted surface of my planet

I wish you understood that
the aftermath was never yours to
rummage through and salvage but instead a mess you
must learn to see from your view and
still hold all the bits and pieces in your arms and call it your daughter

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Sugar Daddy




Sunday, March 24, 2013









He came in all flashy
He sat down in room with Papa
He pointed at me
I want her
cash was exchanged
I cried
Know one listened
He drove me to a Hotel
I was so scared
In the room...he took me
Took my innocence..
I wasn't alone he had more girls
Time flew by...
Daddy lent us strangers
the strangers raped us
I started to feel sick
was taken to the doctor
doctor asked if I used protection
he washed his hands
He said you have AIDS
Where did you catch it from?
Whats your daddy's name?
Sugar Daddy










Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written in memory of those lost around the world from sex trade.

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My Blood Undenied

My blood undenied;
Though a red lip;
Yet a significant figure;
We are oceans apart;
Waiting to confluence;
This caused by sources religious view apart;
Which I hear will later confluence;
No response lie in wait;
When all the wishes of the sources;
Arrive at their door step when they least expect it;
This you tell me in silence;
that the blood undenied will find it's blood;
I trust you;
The blood of my blood that must blood;
....My blood undenied

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my daughter

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His morning glory

the man lived his life, in the end, became a sad story..

wishing for her...

his morning glory.

loneliness was his plague..

walking along the concrete, his shadow amplified his defeat.. 

a pill for each sorrow.. 

doesn't care to wake for anything tomorrow..

will he ever be able to see her smile again..?


the guitar was his outlet..

& precious was his long hair, a golden crown..

like an angel to all around..

but the demons took his hand...

promised a better land, as they dragged him down...

robbed him of all his color... 

he gripped tightly to what was left..

but grace slipped through his finger tips...


pages, chapters, paper & writing..

short lived escape route.. 

books were some of his closest friends..

little did he know, how I worried about him..

wish I could of done better..

though I was just a child, it all feels the same to me..


like I watched his growing disease of depression make progression...

the darkness overwhelmed him, & choked him in his sleep...

I knew it was the day..

& after that, I myself haven't longed to awake in the morning...

every night I doze off, tossing & turning..

I feel like i'll wake up to someone dead..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just wrote this today.. 3.22.13

about my Uncle who lived with me for a few years before & after my fathers death.. 

my Uncle passed Oct. 25 2007.. 

I hope he finally has some true peace, wherever his spirit may be.. 

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle
To: Love bug
Alcona, innisfil, ontario
March 18th 2013
Today I release a message in a bottle, from the shores of Internet sea. Pass it along with hopes of finding its way to her. When she sees it she will know its for her. Will my message arrive? When? By who's hands will it be delivered? So much mystery. Thinking of you always....

I love her eyes

But it's no surprise 
My death was inevitable
They have changed
Her view is deranged
I'm no longer lovable
I could get her back
Rebuild qualities I lack
Even alone that would net a gain
If I sit tight
I could win this fight
We may be a family again
I want her to say
Before my dying day
That I am father of the year
I love our son
He is the one
Who will change the path I steer
What I thought wouldn't cease
It was just a tease
What I could have if I was a better man
I made my mistakes
Again and again for gods sake
Why can't I just stick to my plan
I tried my best
To be better than the rest
But always caused myself to bleed
Held on so tight
Tried to make it right
Wonder if ill ever succeed 
I want to tell her my thoughts
How I love and miss her lots
Hard to do what is best for me
We both made our choice
Despite all the noise
Of others opinions spoke in harmony
Chased her for years
Tried to take away her tears
I need to let her love me
Love me for me
Not what I make her believe
When I try so hard not to be
An actor who shows
Her what she already knows
Is inside my heart of stone
If I put on a play
Plan everything  I say
All fakers end up alone
Ill step back a minute
Watch her go fight and win it
I need to get her out of my head
Climb from the hole I have dug 
Free to fly my love bug
No longer tangled up in my web
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe this peom will reach her in the distant future. She is on Facebook but I am not. I could just message it to her but I cant get over my butterflies. I am too nervous to send it to her directly. 

Sweet Memories


Time flies by way too fast

And what was the present’s now the past

And I think how we were back then

The trees whisper your name again


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how great things used to be

Remind me again what went wrong

To end the time when we’d get along

Laughing and playing in the summer breeze

Jumping in the river from an old tree

I remember how great things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Twelve years later at a county fair

Our first date I was so scared

But your hand felt so right in mine

How would I know I’d forget that time?

Our wedding day, and honeymoon

Before long you’re a mother soon

I felt like I was on top then

I wish I could go back again


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how things used to be

Of how her kiss felt that night

How holding her felt so right

Knowing my son was on the way

Thanking God everyday

I remember how great things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Here I sit in a Hospital room

Doctor says it will be soon

Forgotten life for so long

And my body is not so strong

But as I’m leaving, just before I pass

I see my life through the looking glass

And I see my wife once again

I remember how it was back when


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how things used to be

Kiss my wife every night

Living, loving through my life

Now to Your Son, I’m on my way

Thank You God everyday

For letting me remember how things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Sweet memories

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song from the viewpoint of an old man with alzheimers.... I don't know, something just clicked as I wrote.  Enjoy

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My Reason For Being Me (Family Tree)

About Me

English speaks my language
Expressing emotions as our mouth speaks
My voice lingers a certain tone

Speaking high
Speaking deep
Speaking low

Walking becomes natural
My personality heralds many heritages
Dating years to many backgrounds
Giving all of us many trees

From my family sadly ignores
I desire too explore part of me

My reason for being me
Skin and blood
Nothing naive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True to yourself.

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