Lifes Worth

It all begins as my feet hit the floor, then its rush out the door

kids are screamin from the back set,

Thinkin to myself everything will be alright

Sometimes I wish I could hide my head, stay in my bed

then in a moment it all sinks in; I am soooo blessed I have it all in my hands,

The love of my sons and my daughters, it's a beautiful day

Not all work, I'm gonna play, and sing this day away

I'm in heaven on earth, I know my lifes worth

Trisha LoGrasso

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am inspired by my children and my life and overcoming obstacles.... Living one day at a time one smile or tear which ever it maybe doing it with grace.

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Cherries in the Snow

Breezes of ice- chilled wind -
Clenched enamel; Contrasted-
Boiling blood.
Steam oozes through pores-

A mild debate.
bond-less, loveless.
Mentally detached.
Spiritually disconnected.

Soul-less stares.
Hardened glances-
Hatred brews-upon the dew.
Danger looms-this ends soon.

Darken pupils-
Complemented the ominous platinum surroundings.
Blackened oak branches mirror their veins-
filled with burgundy DNA.

Snow- pure.
Crunches with foot steps-
led with corrupt minds.
Waiting to unleash.
Angelic crystals spread over the ground.
Cold and bare.
Cradles two feens. 
Heathens in nature-
disobeying their spiritual agenda. 

Cheek to cheek-
Consuming each others breath-
Glands function--profusely.

chords sing to the heavens.
Kinship useless-
undesired and nonexistent.

Remain unresolved.
They exhaust every solution. 
Screams transform into the physical.
Threats transform into promises
Shoves and stumbles-
disrupt the gentle blessings the Earth bear.
Radiant- geometric icicles become witnesses to the main event-

Harden blows-harder than thunder blows.
His face.
Their likely features-
sharp jawlines.
dimpled chins.
eyes of a storm wrecked sea-
becomes merely a coincidence.
The mouths that once shared mother's milk-
Warm. Salty.

flies from his pocket.
Black; deadly.
Cold revolver-
Speckled in the sea of this white heaven.
A frigid barrel- cocked.

A stare of disbelief-
A C R O S S-
A stare of emotionless- and sinister enjoyment.
What to do now?
The ending of life is...unavoidable-swift and non negotiable.
Neglected and wasted.
deadly pellets impale his soft flesh.
by the skin of a brother.
Five shots fired.
No echo- No rescue.

Numb as the bullets sprout
Kin-less blood 
Red- Burgundy
Deep droplets.
The smell of iron-
Parades the air. 
Death looms over-
A bearer- bounded and locked.
A reminder of hell.

A dispute. 
Resolved. Ended.
Muted by an instrument so loud.
Nothing left but- a story.
A beautiful setting.
Pearl-white snow.
Pitied upon.
permanently by the cherries...
in the snow. 

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Living a life im not proud of leading, yet I still remain here, never have I though about leaving. Support you I will, even though what I do doesnt show what I feel. I dont think we would make it, and I hate having to fake it. But this is what we made, what we created. There werent no mistakes, there was just some bad choices, thats why we must follow through with this, and not ignore quiet voices. We will fight together, because its what we chose, but there will be no fairy tale, there will be no prose. Decisions were made without considering, and life will be lived without ever remembering.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about lust, and pregnancy. But about commitment and hate. Take the message how you want it. It can have many meanings. Please comment with what you think.

Taken Away

When you came into this world my heart soared with love that I've never felt before.

I remember your little hands reaching out,

And your little nose and big eyes staring ahead.

I sniffle a little and think, "This is true love."

This love taught me to treat you right and help you grow up.

I've been with you for years and years with your hands wrapped around my heart.

And when our love combined we made the perfect art.

Always full of light and colors,

I never knew there was another.

And then everything screamed, "Now watch the play!"

That's when I feared they'd take my little girl away.


When we weren't together instincts told me to find you, to hold you tight and never let you go.

Then one day you came home with someone wrapped around you waist,

Holding your hand and kissing your face.

My heart shattered but I knew it was time

For someone to sweep you off your feet and carry you high.

But I was hoping it wouldn't be this soon,

That my love alone would keep you moving like a dancer's signature tune.

But I had to keep telling myself that this is your first and most likely won't be your last.

I watched as you turned around with him by your side, and I saw your back in my eyes.

As you walked away into the night, I couldn't help but think that I didn't do enough.

My world came crashing down the moment you brought him home,

I felt like I've been betrayed.

When he took my little girl away.


So now I sit here and wonder if I did the right thing,

By letting him take you from your mother's gold embrace.

And when he got to one knee and asked that marvelous question

My world spiraled downward, now here is my confession.

I pushed those thoughts aside to see you happy,

And if he ever did anything to hurt you I'd send an army.

Because, even though you left me like this I will never fall into that dark abyss.

Not when you went off to love him forever or when I felt like you disobeyed.

I still can't believe he took my little girl away.


Now old and miserable from lack of love,

You came running back and I see you throw your arms around me.

I immediately get filled with glee.

I hear you crying into my shoulder,

And when I asked you, "What has brought you here?"

You replied with, "Your going to be a grandmother!"

When I didn't move or say anything

You got up and showed me your diamond ring.

I started to cry tears of joy and say, "This world makes me truly amazed!"

Now glad he took my little girl away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about a mother's daughter who fell in love and the mother couldn't let her daughter go. She didn't want to see her grow up, she wanted the daughter to stay her baby girl forever, but when the daughter brought home a boy one day the mother's heart broke because she knew that the time for her baby girl to grow up was coming fast and the mother couldn't take it. When the daughter got married and moved away the mother felt alone and abandoned, she wanted her baby girl back, and when the daughter came back crying the mother thought that her wish would come true. But she was wrong, the daughter is pregnent and, there for, the mother will be a grandmother. This opened up the mother's eyes to see life and how it is, and now that she'll be having a grandchild she's happy again because she knows the daughter will soon be like her.

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Family Portraits Only Capture Lies.


Lately Mom's been drinking

while laid up in her bed.

And dad looks overwhelmed

Like this is all over his head.

My brother keeps on stealing

and the little one is starting to follow.

Am I the only sane one?

With the chance of reaching tomorrow.


Sometimes I want to abandon them,

even though I know thats wrong.

But I can't keep dealing with this,

Its already been too long.

It doesn't even seem like we love each other

More like a resentful toleration.

And now I'm dipping into Momma's liqour supply

but only in moderation.


We used to seem pretty happy and normal

as we posed for a family photo.

Taken back before we started hitting rock bottom

that's back where I want to go.

Now Daddy's talking about he's leaving

and momma doesn't seem to care.

I wish I knew were he was going and so does he,

he'll figure it out when he gets there.


Sometimes I feel as though I can't hold them together

as if they're slipping between my fingertips.

Not caring that they are making us all cry

and ignoring the pleas from my lips.

Sometimes I wish I was so much stronger

So I could force them to stay.

But even I'm starting to realize that

This isn't where they want to be at the end of the day.


They're always fight about money

Constantly saying that we never have enough.

But even then family should stick together

When the road and life get tough.

People are always complimenting how we look happy

in pictures, imagine my surprise.

But I guess that they don't know

That Family Portraits Only Capture Lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Poem Inspired by a song.

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Daddy Dearest please don't go


 Daddy Dearest please don't go,

I need you here with me.

Though you don't seem to think so.

Without you it's worse, can't you see?

We may not be the perfect kids,

or even the happiest family.

But as long as you stay with us,

the happier we can be.


We need you to keep us together

because you are like our glue

This family will keep on falling apart

If we don't have you.

You may think you aren't important.

But you are, believe me I know.

And we need you to keep us sane.

So Daddy Dearest please don't go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal crap -_-

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The Diminished Rat King

Whatever good you've cradled,

I can't be bothered to find.

You've been blind to mine at times.


Such ends we have enabled

speak dire of your confines:

internal irons that bind.


As the rat I am labeled;

I am nothing, and resign:

a scourge that burns in daylight.


From gutters I am fabled
to return one day to find

what ruin is left behind,


in the wake of your "insights".

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"Living" Homeless

D. E. A. F.

It's funny how attitudes change,

when people find out you are alone.

That you have no pillow to rest your head,

nor a bed to call your own.

Sometimes even family will turn their back,

and slowly look the other way.

But still somehow manage to ask you favors,

or for a cut of your pay.

But they don't care if at night,

you're frreezing before you lay on the ground.

Then when your hungry they don't care,

or hear when your starving stomach makes a sound.

But yet when all is okay,

and you have a place to live and food to eat.

They want to be the first ones to know,

and congradulate you getting on your feet.

The government doesn't seem to care either.

If they did I wouldn't be here in the first place?

And what of all these starving children,

give them a bagel and watch them stuff their face.

I know what it feels like to be "Living" Homeless,

except you can't really say you're lving, right?

When everyone gones inside and locks their doors,

and your forced to battle the weather for the night?

When no one cares what happens to you,

not the government, or family, and that's about it.

So if you ever end up "Living" Homeless,

be prepared for excuses and bullsh*t.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I won't divulge whether this is personal or not but it is meaningful. Give Feedback.

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Same Love

Ever since I was small,

my parents say I was the world.

They couldn't wait for me to grow up,

and marry some special girl.

But lately this have gotten weird,

and I don't know what to do.

How do you tell your parents

That the one you love is the same sex as you?

I dated girls all my life,

kissed them and touched them just the same,

but I felt I was playing a character,

or a board piece in a game.

I'd found a girl I thought I loved,

and tried to change the way I felt.

But everytime he would walk by

my frozen heart would melt.

So we moved around in secret,

trying to hide the way we are

We moved from stolen kisses in the dark,

to holding hands beneath the stars.

Until one day she caught us.

We both froze mid-embrace.

I couldn't bear to look her way

and see all the hurt in her face.

She stamped away without a word,

I thought It was over and done.

But then I got a call from home,

telling me to come home Mr. daughter/son.

I admit that hurt a little bit,

why couldn't they understand.

That I was the same kid I always was,

I was just in love with a man.

My father was angry and indignant,

he said that I was a disgust.

That if i continued to act this way,

My moving out was a must.

My mother was much worse,

all she did was stare and cry.

She said she wished I would

have just kept up with the lie

She asked me why would I do this,

weren't girls good enough?

I said it didn't matter man or woman

it was the same love.

Author's Notes/Comments:

I listened to that song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and it made me feel "some type of way" so I wrote this because it was inspiring.


From birth we're taught that Girls love boys and vice versa, and society made us believe it was "wrong" to feel any other way. So I wrote this about a boy who starts to realize that he is gay and the reactions of those around him. NOT MY BEST BUT I LOVE IT :)

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