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Dinosaurs doom

Dinosaurs doom.

A long time ago, there was an age… an age where dinosaurs ruled the entire world, they lived happily in a great community all around the world. They habituated every place; they lived in nests, caves, trees, oceans, depending of its size. They had everything they wanted, they lived with luxuries, they could eat everything they wanted at every hour of the day, they lived with a great tranquility, but they had a big problem. They hated the night and the darkness of it, for them to rest in peace they needed to light up great amount of wood for they could create an enormous bonfire that could protected from the night.
That world seemed perfect to the dinosaurs, they lived in harmony between each other until the night, but with the help of the bonfires they could pass it. One day, they noticed that the bonfires they created every night used tons of wood, trees and plants. But dinosaurs ignored their problem and kept consuming wood in the way they did. The consumption of forests kept going so on, as the time passed the consumption of forests grew and the forests started to disappear.
One day the forests finished, there was nothing else to burn. The dinosaurs realized that they had destroyed their entire environment; they had no more wood and in consequence no more fire. So, they decided to make a big reunion where the older dinosaurs of each group will meet. Everyone went to the reunion, the leader of the T-Rex, the leader of the Triceratops, and so on. They started to discuss the problem without getting to any solution, until the leader of the T-Rex got very mad and said “This problem is thanks to the Raptors, they don’t moderate their consumption of wood.” The leader of Raptors response in the same way by telling that it wasn’t their fault that it was of the Dino-Birds”. Each leader started to blame each other and a great battle between all them started.
Since the battle started, all groups started to divide and protect the wood they had to survive in the night, but this didn’t resolve their problem and in consequence created a great hate among them. The wood became every day more difficult to get, so desperate groups that didn’t achieve any wood, needed to attack other groups in the night searching for their survival. Know the dinosaurs were worried about to things the lack of wood and the war that they had between everyone. The war between the dinosaurs grew so quickly that in a few months they had finished with almost every type of dinosaurs, letting only the T-Rex alive. The oldest and most intelligent T-Rex said “We’ve finished with our entire race and we don’t live with the happiness that we used to live, thanks that we’ve been inconsiderate with our environment and with our own people”. This message was ignored by every T-Rex because they had gone crazy because of the war and they remained with the feeling of keep fighting, so they started to finish with themselves until every dinosaur in the entire world disappeared.

Alejandro Aldave Ordoñez
Víctor Téllez García

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This masterpiece was written by Alejandro Aldave and me.

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The Four Knights

My school

The Four Knights
Long time ago, there was a legend about four mighty warriors that had stopped the end of the world with the power of the water, earth, wind and fire, then were a time of peace and prosperity but as everything it had to come to an end. So it’s time again to four brave young adventurers to rise together and save the world once and for all.
So let’s start. There was a wise monkey that could tell the future and the feelings of his fellow peers. This monkey see in their dream a clock, that clock represent the future of their solemn society and the future of the world, and that’s why he go to the Elders of the 4 communities to tell them what have he, the monkey, dream about. The Elders heard him and they became concerned about his wise words so they called their most faithful knights so they could stop this catastrophe; they send the horse, the most honest and strong of them, the fox, the most clever and tricky, the dog, the most faithful and leader of them, and the raccoon, the elusive but very good at tactics.
So there they go, to their adventure, traveling from air, water, ice, mountains, plains and desserts to find the 4 basic elements, water, earth, wind and fire, and one unknown to all but powerful enough to stop all this madness but at the same time, it could bring the destruction faster.
During their adventure, the dog become concerned that maybe one of his team mates is going to betray them, but he wasn’t sure about that, so he was always checking on them. When they got the 4 elements, they were thinking in a way of getting the last one of the elements that acted as a “key” to join together the other 4. Then instantly the raccoon raise his hand, so he could be noticed, and told them “Maybe I should go, this is the most dangerous place from all, and I don’t want you to be injured”. Hearing this, the dog began to suspect more of his partner, so he says, “I don’t think so, I will be going with you”, and so, they go together.
The dog, always in their way watching the raccoon, didn’t know that someone was following them, but the raccoon did knew it and then started to walk in the same speed as the dog and told him, “I think that someone is following us” and the dog responded, “I think that you are lying, like all this time, I think that you must be the traitor of the group, because you are the most elusive of all and you are almost perfect at making tactics, and with this, you could betray us and get in your hands the elements and the key to destroy the communities.” The raccoon, couldn’t believe it, he was shocked by the arguments that his leader told him, but then an arrow hit him on the back and one arrow landed on the shoulder of his leader. When the dog opened his eyes and he was faced with the fox, which was smirking from ear to ear and say “thank you for not doubting on me, now I can continue with the plan” and then he killed the dog and the raccoon. After this, the fox took the key from the place, kill the horse that had all the elements and take them from him. After that, he continued with his plan to control the world, but it got wrong in managing the elements, and all life in the earth was gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This fable was made with my partner José Ramón (kang930) for our English class ;)

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