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We came together from pieces,
life was slipping away.
I thought that whatever life teaches,
we could learn from each day.
Mistaking anger for passion,
chaos colored the skies.
Thunder and lightening was crashing,
and all I saw were wild eyes.

Are we part of a vision,
that sees deeper than we can?
Are we the start of a mission,
should you be holding my hand?
Can we arrive there the first time,
to save each others' screams?
Are we the reason love is blind,
or must we sigh, in dreams?

I stand alone here now,
though you remain so close.
Flesh and bone; I fear somehow,
that we are becoming....ghosts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a fractured relationship.....

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My Work

Time and its essence was birthed by your wisdom.
the stars, they are numbered,
as they play at Your Feet.
Your Holy Presence gives light to the sun,
night becomes day, only to repeat.
You bathe my life in the sweet glow of Mercy,
no human hands could incite such a touch.
So, I will close my eyes, and like the stars that rest above me,
Sleep in the rapture of this cradle I call Love…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can you rest?

Eyes of a dead man

I gazed into the eyes of a man.
They were deep and dark, an empty and cold place.
There was no fear nor hate.
I looked into the eyes of a man and they were as empty as the cold night sky.
His freedom drained long ago.
Today I looked into the eyes of a dead man and seen that immortality is a dream.
Death is nothing more than the end so it is time for you to begin.

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Pretty Eyes

Pretty Pretty eye,
they all most hypnotize.
the prettiest color,
like no other,
I might just be obsessed,
but they are the best.
When i say they are my fave
and that i love them.
Please believe this true,
I only like them on you

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Your eyes do tease me

playing games full of mischief.

haunt me in my dreams.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Lhre augen werden mich zu necken

spielen volle unfug

spuken sie mich in meinen traumen.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Sus ojos lease one

jue jos lleno de travesuras

me persiguen en mio suenos.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Gli occhi si prendono in giro me

giochi pieno do malizia

ritorcersi contro di me miei sogni.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Mi Jefito's Ojos

I watch you mi jefito
I watch as the sparkle fades
from once passion filled eyes...


I glance as your step slows
as you gasp for breath
and you stop to rest...


Fire and passion
once filled your eyes
your steps...


Strong proud Mexican man
you lived hard
you played harder...


I watch you mi jefito
I see your mood soften
the fire and passion not gone...


Pain and straining to breath
stiffness and age
taking their toll...


Your mind not as sharp
your step not as quick
your voice not as strong...


I watch you mi jefito
burning your withered face
into my memory...


What pain and honor
sorrow and joy
this time together...


Jefito y eja
Father and daughter
I watch you mi jefito...


Your eyes growing dimmer
that sparkle slowly fading
and I want to bow my head and cry...


You taught me a valuable lesson
"give flowers to the living"
I am your flower mi jefito...


Each day I bloom for you
every evening I bow for you
and every dawn I weep for you...


Mi jefito's ojos
brown and proud
filled with passion and fire...


I watch you mi jefito
mi jefito's ojos
looking far off...


Turning every so surely
towards the dance of death
the lovers ice cold grip...


I see you mi jefito
I will never forgot
mi jefito's ojos...


Copyrights 4/2011-2016 Chicahuacnecahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my father, (mi jefito) Jesus J. Gonzalez a strong and proud Mexican man. {Rest In Power}

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