Scent of death

Who are you?

what am I?

this is life--

we're passers by.


radiance falls

& fragrance lingers

this subtle numbness

tingles through the tip of my fingers


could love fill the empty room?


this desolate space,

it consumes 

the human race,

like a black hole 

a vacuum to the light in your soul..


hazey eyes

gloomy skies

sunshine cries--

the funeral's today..


the windows shine

stained glass

colored in disarray


I prayed to God, may you stay..

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You walk in unafraid,

My heartbeat's trailing you,

Both my eyes are on ya,

My breathing can't be slowed,

I hear you in my head,

Can't wait to see you 'gain.


Your'e my miracle,

My lovely miracle,

You shine like the stars above,

Listen to me miracle,

You came from God above,

You've answered all my prayers.


You're looking my way,

My mind is always on ya,

Oh boy you drive me crazy,

I see you walking towards me,

Nodding your golden head,

Can't wait to see you 'gain.


You're my miracle,

My lovely miracle,

You shine like the stars above,

Listen to me miracle,

You came from God above,

You've answered all my prayers.


Miracle, my lovely miracle,

Miracle, my lovely miracle,

There are,

Stars in my eyes,

There are,

Words that aren't spoken,

They're are,

Notes that speak my heart.


You're my miracle,

My lovely miracle,

You shine like the stars above,

Listen to me miracle,

You came from God above,

You've answered all my prayers.


You speak my name,

Your words are always true,

Both your eyes are on me,

My heart is beat, beat, beating,

Your words heat my veins,

Can't wait to see you 'gain.


Your'e my miracle,

My lovely miracle,

Can't wait to see you 'gain.

Your'e my miracle,

My lovely miracle,

Can't wait to see you 'gain.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Supposed to be a song, it's one of my personnel favorites.

*Looking Into This Heart of Mine*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Look into this heart of mine 
Look down deep and low 
And see if you can find 
How hard it is to show 


How it feels when your around 
Tell me what you feel...What you hear 
Explain the unexplained sound 
Could it be this falling tear


Look into this heart of mine 
When you came into my world one day 
See how my eyes opened and shined 
I was speechless and nothing to say 


Because the first time i laid my eyes on you 
I wanted you from the start 
I can see in your eyes your true 
Now i know i can give you my heart 



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*To Look Through A Birds Eyes*

Trisha M Barrek  Hopkins

To look through a birds eye 
A glorious sight it has to be 
All the people it sees as it flies by
I'' always wonder what they see

I try to be in a birds webbed feet 
To meet the people and animals they met
I think it would be awesome and neat
It's like they already have their life planned...all set

They get to travel all over the world 
Without paying a fee
Meet new faces
Sometimes when I see them up there I wish it were me 
To see a great distance...new places


To look through a birds eyes
The freedom they have I can never get 
I just want to learn how to fly
It would be wonderful I bet
To look through a birds eyes
Would be a blessing in disguise


To look through a birds eyes
Would be definitely a blessing come true 
I want to experience the feeling....just one try
I want to be surrounded by the skies crystal blue



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Glycerin Eyes

Just a thought!

Exploding from a darkened sky, the universe danced in your eyes.

Cascading in nuclear fusion, Solar flares burning bright,
Their intense beauty, eclipsing the moment.

A consensual stare draws me into portal depth.

Suspended in time, immersed in glistening splendor,

My heart  forever captured, in a seduction... behind glycerin prisms.


                     by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Guess I been reading too many fantasies!Tongue Out

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Eyes Of Venus


Eyes Of Venus 

user img

Shakespeare gives

Venus eyes of gray

but Love has

myriad hues

of black, brown, hazel,

green, violet, blue

-saiom shriver-



Footnote: e.g. blackeyed susan


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-saiom shriver-

Stars outpour
from his eye doors
Sparkling rainbows
from his feet
A calming voice
from his lips
From his fingers
healing heat


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Your Eyes

As I look into those sweet innocent eyes

I can’t help but crack a smile.

Pure beauty.

Rare beauty.

Please don’t blow me away with it.

I don’t think you look at yourself the way I look at you.

I see an angel.

I look at you with sincerity.

No sense of selfishness in my eyes.

Your long flowing hair just adds a flare.

With a look of sweetness I see a side of sassiness.

A look of independence.

You don’t need a man.

You could do it all on your own.

But I would love

To help you do it all.

Can you allow me that?




Can I call you all of those?


My future love.

Okay maybe that’s too far.

But I like the idea of it.

Your eyes tell me whatever I tell you is safe with you.

You won’t use it against me.

You’ll analyze me.

Your eyes tell me you’re listening closely.

You really care.

It just amazes me what those pretty eyes tell me.

They’re green for the most part,

But they change colors.

Waking up to those eyes is like heaven.

After I see the eyes then the smile comes.

After the smile it’s the laugh.

The cutest laugh I’ve ever heard.

It’s the perfect instrumental for our song.

The song we make every day.

We make it together.

It’s far from complete.

It’s just began to be written.

Every word carefully crafted.

The first thing to initiate this creation were your eyes. 

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My Own Eyes are Not Mine

Falling through the repeated days
In a set trance in the dark eternal craze

To a tired struggle I kill another dove
and forget what I made a promise to be free of

Because it's simply easy, and rather too fun
But when I gained another side, I lost sight of the sun

I feel not to go around and walk a set path that fits my shoes
Looking at myself, these are not my own hands, nor my own views

I'm trying to find a person who I can call me
To be familiar with and call my own what I can see


But in the end it all tears apart sooner or later
The person I thought I knew inside is my only traitor


I change another face to fit another set day
To think it matters, but it somehow never did anyway


Everything can change from a single teardrop from the eye
But then again, who am I?

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