Lemon Lime

You stood there screamin' at me

Across the room like a coward

As I sat there on the bed

Motionless 'n' bold as could be

Word by word I proved you wrong

Everything you said was twisted

Nothing you said held a fact

Nothing held much truth at all

[pre solo] (Like in "A 1000 Times Goodbye")

"Don't ever touch my shit again"

"Don't worry, I'll never see you again"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song = 1000 Times Goodbye
Artist = Megadeth

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[verse x-1]

I'll be here when you need me

Said the Hammer to the Man

I'll be here when you need me

Said I to all my "friends"

[verse x-2]

They picked me up and used me

Like a tool at their command

But now they will feel sorry

Without me anymore


[pre chorus x-1]

I'm the fire on your wick

That kept you from burning out


But now (Like "I had" in Skin O My Teeth)

I'm sick of (Say it like "Sicka") bein' warmhearted

When life starts getting cold


Don't get pissed when I fight back

When you know that I'm right

Don't get distraught with me

When you know you're wrong

(Higher vocals/guitar start here)

I will fight til you back away

Like I always do



[verse xx-1]

I was your backbone so long

It felt so right for us both

Through thick and thin I was there

Never letting you down

[verse xx-2]

I'm done being the pillars

That held you up when you slumped

I crumble right beneath you

And watch as you tumble

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song = Skin O' My Teeth
Band = Megadeth

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You use me when your feelin' glum

Then later on you treat me as scum

To you I'm just another bum

Sorry for dreamin' of what should've become

I wasted my time on waiting for you

Chances after chances that you blew

Farther and farther apart we grew

Our next rendezvous so long overdue

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Life goes on

Down in flame's is were you went,
you did it to you're self,
with all the time's you left.

the last being the last it hurt me most,
leaving me sick and blaming it on a
dose !!!

down in flame's is now you
i thought it was me and
now see you're the one,
with an issue.

scared from what you did,
i find my self waking up with
my new love wondering if he left
too just to realize he's not you,

down in flame's is were you went
leaving free of all you're disappointment.

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And liars with honest eyes


Proclaiming love til they die


The fool has been deceived


That I, the fool, believed


And I'm alone again


Took from me my love, again


Broke my heart, smaller still


Won't stop. I fear they never will

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in July 2007 about my ex-husband... 'nuff said.

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