by Jeph Johnson


We had some sort of sex last night or something to the intimate equivalent.


She let me touch her as she smiled and I believed again in bliss for I recalled it once existed.


And those smiles were accompanied by the soft and gentle closing of emerald eyes.


Her cheeks faintly kissed my fingertips as I began painting a mural of the only real glimpse I've ever had of love.


Even in my dreams my art's misunderstood, for I woke up long before I should've.

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Doom like fog combs through the Devil’s Backbone

Lengthening into strands of melancholy

Dampened by sweet…sweeter tears.

Feel the missing beats stolen by fright?

Awakening, arousing the most sound?

Night sweats and dreams,

Dreams lost to the living but for snags

Here and there.

Cross over the Devil’s Backbone

Back to earth,

Back to life.

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What Is Peace to You?

Can you see peace?

Can you taste peace?

Or can you feel peace?

Those answers are unexplainable

It is what peace is to you

Sometimes magical

But also mysterious

You never really know peace

Until you can feel it in your heart

But even then it is still unexplainable

Sometimes you can mistake peace being love

Because most of the time peace is love

But not from a person

But from God up above

So now you should be able to tell me your answers

And if you still don't understand about peace and love

Just pray to God from up above

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I hope you enjoy!!

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