dragon's claw

Dragon’s Claw

By JFarrell


(inspired by Robin Hobb’s “Farseer Trilogy”)


As they found Prince Verity,

So you find me;

Dishevelled, exhausted,

But I can’t stop.



Covered in weeks old dust,

I take up my mallet and chisel,

And return to my stone,

My half formed dragon…


I have been here,

Chipping away,




Come closer,


A single, hooked,

Curved talon;

Thrice times as long,

As I am tall.

The edges are chipped, uneven,

My dragon,

Who I shall name Malleable,

Lives in the mountains;

The talons are chipped,

From the mountain debris, crushed,

As she lands on a ledge,

And just looks out,

At everything.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love dragons

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My Rogue

My Rogue

By JFarrell



Hurt him, hurt his

He will hunt you down and cut your throat

No poisons,

He wants you to hear him breathing behind you

As he cuts your throat

He wants you to know

This is not an accident,

Not some bad wine, or foul cheese


Revenge, atonement

Sharp, serrated, deadly


He is hot headed

Quick to anger

Quick to act,

While others might make plans


He is in and out

With everybody dead

A whirlwind of serrated steel


And he listens

And I mean, REALLY listens

To me, to you

To everyone

He hears what we all say

He hears all our secrets

He knows where you buried the bodies

He knows where the King hides his favourite rings

He knows who the bishop slept with last night


And here my rogue, my thief is born

I hope the three of them will be good friends

My rogue, mage and dragon

I hope they have wondrous, magical adventures

With lots of rainbows :)


Please show me your dragons

I bet they are majestic

I bet they would take my breath away

With their beauty

And the world needs more beauty


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i now have a dragon, a mage and a rogue. they need more work, but my story is slowly coming to life

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My Mage

My Mage

By JFarrell


My mage,

May not be a mage

(haven’t decided yet);


My story will have a dragon,

And my dragon needs a mage,

Someone who commands magic

Magician and dragon is like

Tom and Jerry

Can’t have one without the other.


So, my magician….

Has long, thin fingers,

To manipulate the elements,

Delicate fingers,

To weave his symbols of conjuring,

Setting the world around him ablaze,

Or encasing it in ice, preserving it.

Expressive fingers,

Tender fingers…

So tender, I want to be caressed by them,

To control the elements, and use those same fingers to convey their love for me,


I gotta work on them fingers more.


And I know it’s a cliche, a stereotype,

But the eyes are piercing.

Don’t know the colour, yet,


All that power,

That responsibility,

The eyes convey wisdom, truth,

Trust, loyalty

And ,

Always searching for truth

What he, or she, sees isn’t everything,

So they always look,

And I mean REALLY look

To see what you are hiding.


And, I’m so ashamed it took this long to consider,

Maybe, my mage is a she

(am I really that sexist? I so apologise, I thought I was better than that)





This is how my mage is born.

As with my dragon,

They are here now.


My dragon is sooooooooooo beautiful :)

I wanna cry

And, my mage so heroic

I would love to be my mage.


I bet your dragons (and rainbows)

Are more beautiful,

More majestic,

Than mine :)



Tell me;

I would really love to see,


Stand in awe.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

can i really write a book?

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By Jfarrell


A David Tennant episode of Dr Who called Shakespeare a “wordsmith”





I can see

A hot, sweaty man

(please forgive my sexism)

Thrusting his iron into the forge,


And placing it against the anvil

And hitting it

With a bloody big hammer

To bend it into the shape,

The angle,

So perfect

The horse,


With this



Will run leagues, continents

Without tiring




And, I just so wish I could I could bring my dragon here, my dragon would love this,



Oh… oh… oh…







What a fantastic name for a dragon!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

my dragon has a smell and a name :)

my dragon

My Dragon

By jfarrell


I’m gonna make a dragon;

I wanna write a book, maybe

(not sure I can do that)

But, I gonna make a dragon.


And my dragon stinks!!!!

The day after a fire,

Still damp,

That musky, burnt everything smell.


It’s a comforting smell,


If you just breathe in, deep,

And reach into that smell.


It feels like a tree in the very early morning,

Damp, slimey, veiny…

And it moves,

Ever so slightly.

There, again…



Press against the solid and listen.

Ba-doom. Ba-doom. Badoom.. badoom…

It’s like a heartbeat.

It is a heartbeat.



My dragon will be made of words,

And, here, it was born, it is born.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath….

What does your dragon look like?


I bet it’s beautiful :)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'd love to write a fantasy book :) honest

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Load the boats 

Valhalla awaits 

The heavens resound with thunder claps

Dragons wings

Blotting out the sun

Pray to Njourour for calm seas

Thank us….

We bring you War

Steam rises from Warriors mouths

The Gods are with us………..

As the sea turns to ice

Sharpen your axes

Eat drink well


Tomorrow we die……….



Warriors burn……..straight to Valhalla 

Unleash the spears

The dragon turns

Twisted wings spiral to earth





© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

San Carlos Bomb Alley, Falklands War.

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