What You Think


You think me shallow

You think me vain

You think I actually care

About my own pain


I have been through hell

Time and time again

I’ve shook hands with the Devil

And I’ve rested in his den


I don’t care about

What you own

The truth of you

Has already been shown


I’ve been treated bad

Probably will be again

But you’re the worst baby

You think I care about material gain



Written on

August 7, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Paul.

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Devil says...

I danced with the devil for a moment last night
When he took my hand I was filled with fright


I knew who he was as I followed his lead
But I didn't let on... it was only a dream


Why has he come to me on this plane?
What message has he from his domain?


After a while I escape from his sight
But one of his minions still stands by my side


I step back behind him and open my palm
Passing his heart my hand shudders so strong


Demons squirming kicking and screaming
I was startled awake but still remained dreaming


Again I pass by the shudder has lessened
Making me feel less and less threatened


I scoop out the demons hiding inside
Scooping and tossing I cast them aside


Soon I reach in... empty the bin
I know I have healed this man from his sin


Who might he be this man in my dream?
I did not know him yet he came to me


A healer in dreamtime is this what I do?
Devil inside says it can't be true



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