Innocence and Instinct

Light and Dark

Faceless fear
Brilliant Courage
My angel my innocence
My demon my instinct
The devil in my head
The angel in my heart
What is my face
Harder to find
Always fighting
Never resting
One would set me free
The other takes control of me
I want the angel
While I court the devil
Who will win my heart
But until we have faces
We will always wear a mask

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Just Passed Heaven

Down at the bottom where the darkness sleeps,
there's wayward souls and they're reaching for me.
Beneath the surface where the Devil reigns,
he's eying me up and he's fitting my chains.

Just passed heaven, I'll be drunk at the bar.
Tell Saint Peter I can't get in that car.
There's broken angels calling out for a tune,
Cause lord knows heaven don't got the blues.

Christ don't judge me, hell, he just understands,
he splits old wounds and I drink the blood from his hands.
Compare the broken hearts that we wear on our sleeve,
He says he'll heal me if I'll only believe.

But the devil wants me on the road that he paved,
makes a living on the souls can't be saved.
Wine is fine, and even better when free,
But Satan's a whiskey man, just like me.

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Every Screw

i'm going to climb to the highest mountain and catch a ride on a shooting star.
i'm going to to ride it until it falls, until it falls.
i'll ride this high until i crash and burn.
up i go with no safety net; no hopes or dreams to catch.
i'll never accept i can't shine.

bring me a peice of the sun.
close out this darkness.
hold back your criticism.
i don't need an activist.
i won't reject you if you'll just let me go.

i lost it back there.
i keep climbing stairs to nowhere.
my heart is smoking a special blend of fears.
the devil told me God didn't want me, but yesterday an angel smiled at me.
somewhere between my destruction and my salvation has got what i need to know.

buy me a teflon soul.
let my nervous system reboot.
i didn't need a preacher.
opinions are freely given, but cost me all i hold dear.
i'm dancing across our history.
i feel like newly fallen snow my dog just shit on.
you never could let me slide.
you have to tighten every screw in my mind.

i can't forget the seeds you sow.
my mind reeks of your touch.
all your sick ideas continue to grow.
i got weed whacker in a shot glass.
i'll cure this affliction.
i'll down the poison until it kills your memory in my reflection.

i say crazy things and i mean them.
i deal in quantum madness.
mulitply me by my sadness.
the blackhole i've swallowed is turning me into you.
God forbid if there are two!

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'Rendezvous with an Angel'

A hideous holy devil, once came my way
Threatened to take it all away
Could send a shiver down any spine
But sought to make me come down the line.

Darkness scared me to chills, until he drove me into it
Ensuring to snuff the faintest light,
I was smothered with black, no choice but to abide
Asphyxiating of white, I cried as I pried
Malicious, many would say; but did he empathize at my plight?

I had a princess to adore and love
Talk of her touch, then the softness of dove
He stole my beloved and rode and rode
Till her moans cursed me with a contemptuous ode.

Wrapped in his wrath when I suffered pain
Deep in anguish, I wondered, did I endure it all in vain?
Chained and tortured, I was fed on some pills
On the saturation, I barked “Let me be on my will!”

The pill made me sustain, appearing all eased
Deep beneath, I knew was diseased
Took it for the fact - he will leave me deceased
Powerless though, my underlying craved to get him pleased.

Stuck in the dungeon, struggling to sway
Hopeless I was, but wanted a fray
Then came a power to carve a way
With a blinding sparkle, I was put down astray.

The glimmer subdued, I got some vision
Astounded to be surrounded by my own reflection
Thus, from an ordeal I was granted an exemption
I couldn’t help feel gratified to undergo this redemption.

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Recollections and Reflections

The cold bite of a winter wind reminds me
of man’s inadequacy—
bereft of fur and thick skin,
he relies on construction of polyesters and nylons,
the use of sheep’s wool and the Earth’s cotton.
Though without claws and venom,
man has his mind to craft the tools,
extensions of himself.

I retreat into a grove of pine
where I sit upon the floor of dry needles,
like an unkempt barbershop.
My hands begin to lose feeling in the frigidity.
They shiver as a shaved animal would.
Funny the areas of hair we have, we tame.
We control it.
Control is all we’re trying to get.
Control the cold, control the weather,
control another, control the world,
control yourself!

Man has extended himself beyond
his own reaches.
Man can no longer control his constructions.
Play God he has, but is he not God?
It seems the Devil for many.
The Devil has run rampant (symbolically, naturally,)
and loving Gods are few.
All of man’s systems are plagued by him.
Watch an infant’s innocence, pure.
As it ages, it spoils—
Whole generations brainwashed!
I’m writing back from isolated islands of ignorance!
What to think? What to think?
Now I remember! I’ve been told what,
and I see this cage.
Now watch it disappear.
Must I always forget
to just watch freedom’s birth once more?

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Non Military

You had me fooled for years
I really thought your were my mate
With you I would have marched to Hell
Or even the Pearly gate
You said I was like a bother
Then stabbed me in the back
I stood up for my comrade
When your were under attack
One day the penny dropped
Like a lightening bolt from the skies
I saw beneath your skin
All those years of wasted false friendship
As you took me for a fool
I could have had a `real` friend
Been more than a useful tool
As I grew older I could see
What I was to your scheming plan
Just another pawn on your chess board
Not friend or comrade or even a man
I’ve moved on now not bitter
Just slightly more I’m wise
So thank you God for showing me

© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The realisation that your `friend` never really was.

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Almighty kIng

Yestderday's News

Jesus has come down to earth,
his presence is right here.

He walks among his children.
People proclaim Jesus
has yet to come or
the devil would not roam loose.

This is the last war
until the devil’s followers
are walking blind and captive
like a wounded wild bird in need.

Praise to Jesus,
praise to the almighty king
who has lent me his hand
in truth and justice.

Listen for the small voice.
Angels light the path.

Good is crowding out evil
for the Lord has come.

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Perception of the generations and how they differ

To the old, technology is evil; a creation of the devil and the sign of the end;
to the young, its just a way of life; just another convenience.

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Devil with the Pen


wen i wake up i see sumthin strange thats near ; like an illusive creature i make niqqaz think i invented fear ; so my nerves start to urk with in this body as my bed rumbles upon this earth ; & My skin lies here untouched but my soul is so bruised ; tormented by these demons that i had sent out to u ; cuz with all the conflicted hatred i kept embodied inside ; ur punishment deserves to be heard worldwide : dam jus call me the devil with the pen ; Writing ritual curses with my nails on niqqas who say amen ; Here again with out a heart in this body ; & u would think cause I had no soul that I fucks with illuminati ; I should burn u where u stand ; dnt compare me to that slime ; Yea they had a soul that they carelessly sold for dimes ; yea I had a soul but I happily stabbed mines ; & but to the contrary my path is more benign ; killing niqqas ina row like i gotta Deadline ; & don't worry I keep my promises when I lie ; dnt believe me ? Well then let me jus swear to god as I cry ; how bout now ? Did I conflicted ur mind ; do u understand what I'm saying ; am I as clear as a mime ? Do i gotta eat ur brain to understand if u mind ? I mean I kno I swallowed ur tongue but that's no excuse to be shy ; & well yea ikno I fractured ur spine & may have slit ur throat with this knife ; but dam .. At least have the courtesy to look devil in the eye '

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