Every Screw

i'm going to climb to the highest mountain and catch a ride on a shooting star.
i'm going to to ride it until it falls, until it falls.
i'll ride this high until i crash and burn.
up i go with no safety net; no hopes or dreams to catch.
i'll never accept i can't shine.

bring me a peice of the sun.
close out this darkness.
hold back your criticism.
i don't need an activist.
i won't reject you if you'll just let me go.

i lost it back there.
i keep climbing stairs to nowhere.
my heart is smoking a special blend of fears.
the devil told me God didn't want me, but yesterday an angel smiled at me.
somewhere between my destruction and my salvation has got what i need to know.

buy me a teflon soul.
let my nervous system reboot.
i didn't need a preacher.
opinions are freely given, but cost me all i hold dear.
i'm dancing across our history.
i feel like newly fallen snow my dog just shit on.
you never could let me slide.
you have to tighten every screw in my mind.

i can't forget the seeds you sow.
my mind reeks of your touch.
all your sick ideas continue to grow.
i got weed whacker in a shot glass.
i'll cure this affliction.
i'll down the poison until it kills your memory in my reflection.

i say crazy things and i mean them.
i deal in quantum madness.
mulitply me by my sadness.
the blackhole i've swallowed is turning me into you.
God forbid if there are two!

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Loneliness is a cancer
It’s chewing up inside.

The dead space
Between the distant stars
Leaves me nowhere to hide.

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With Memory, Collapse

Every single fleck of ground shook in one motion,
and then there was stillness. Then came the cold.
A vacuum of absence then came in to settle,
and prove to survivors that their hope did mean nothing.
Many would cluster, their arms forming chains
that would link them by body despite the terrain;
but with other quakes, the rumble of mortar -
this shattered their joining like the cast of their homes.
Many stood screaming, others fell curled,
still many wondered at the state of their world.
The wilting of flowers was measured by poets,
the fire of skies was captured by paints,
sounds made by shatters were devoured by song
and those without words did mouth their great longing
for the previous world, before such disasters.
As if summoned by daydream, a rip in the stratos
did show to the people what once had been real.
And as they felt fondness, an old warmth so vague,
the sky did collapse and with it, carried death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is such a return to my old style, I'm not even sure what prompted it.

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A single glimpse

Shiny blue wings

Too stunning to behold

Razor delicate talons

She came down to face me

Magnificence in full view

And had no face to see

And having no identity

I fully saw she couldn’t see

Her veil was her destruction



Written on

March 3, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about me and who I was.

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The line of bodies whirling around the hill. Each face painted with a mask of fear, each limb tied up with the rope of cruelty!

Waiting, so gently waiting…

Far ahead, the red tongue of the glowing fire licks the arch of the fatal door!
The owl of the wind carries the ashes, grey misty rain falling over their ghostly frames. Breathing before expiring the dust of their Sybil!
Every second, getting closer to the demons!

The line of bodies whirling around the hill, are cover with thick shadows.
The divine aura somehow, cannot pierce through the warm ashen clouds…
Sometime, the cry of a child stabbed the everlasting night and tears drop, brief sadness, filling their shaky being with a touch of peace…
Soon, to be murder again by terror!

Waiting ever so softly…Agnus Dei

Agnus dei, qui tollis peccata mundi,
Dona eis requiem

Libera me, domine, de morta aeterna
In die illa trementa.

Lamb of God, who takest away the world` s sins, grant them rest.
Deliver me, o lord, from eternal death in that awful day.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

part 2 of a poem about War 2 and Hilthler.

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Happy Median

Old Poems

Aboard the train of eternity
Destination unknown
Any place sound tempting
Too evil for Heaven's gates
Too angelic for Hell
The place is right in the middle
A place that's known to well
No fiery flames of torment
No holy mother of God
None of this brings satisfaction
Alone in silence and slumber

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any comments, good or bad, are welcome. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it, how it made you feel or what you didn't like about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my work. :)

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Nobody Loves Me

Ugonna Wachuku  



I live on a misty mountain top
in the heart of Uturu. On this
mountain, I walk with eagles.
My house is built of natural
stone. Streams water my
surroundings with refreshing,
live-giving scent from nature.  


I am in tune with nature.
I am a child of nature.
Nature knows me; and I know
nature within the depths of
my being. 


My hope in life does not
wane because daily, I breath
healing freshness from nature
and my mountain top environment.


I drink from springs on the
mountain. Each night, when I
bend down to drink, moonbeams
caress my longing back.


Nobody knows me; not even
my name; not even where
I come from. Could I have
been forgotten in the still
smallness of life? Could I
have lost that unchanging
love promised?


Each dusk, I stare down the
valley wondering if life has
anyone like me down there.
I wonder at my home and at
nature in all of its beauty.
I wonder at my beginning.


I rest with the hope of
finding a companion. But
nobody comes. Nobody calls.
Nothing leaves. Nothing comes.
Yet, I stay on this mountain top.


Suddenly, I wake up sweating like
a christmas goat: I have been
dreaming. Then, I realize that it's
real. My heartbeat panders to the
rhythm of a bird's voice. I listen
carefully. This reality comes into
me. I look out of my stone house


The bird's green trees and lush
landscapes have been burnt by
fires of human strife and loveless
destruction across the valley below.
Tear drops fill my sunken eyes.


"Nobody loves me, nobody loves me;
including you" the bird sings on
my mountain spring while I watch
from my weary window on the
mountain top. The bird's tears
mingle with my natural spring
on the mountain.  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bird laments humanity's destruction of its environment ... 

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