Battered Cry

Battered cry
Tears of anger fly like the rain pelting
Down on my window payne
Splattered driven hard
Suffocating I can't breath

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No Longer In Denial

Fading quickly away right before our eyes-
Drowning in a life of pain hidden under my disguise-
This wasted life has become nothing but a blur-
Left now with only memories of who you once were-
Find yourself reminiscing back to the days that you were clean-
Now just find myself waiting for someone to intervene-
Slipping away from reality as the poison attacks-
Damaged arms hold evidence of affliction just follow the tracks-
In my painful solitude I watch my blood mix with sin-
Now fusing together as I draw back on the syringe-
My addiction pulls me further in as I pull the plunger back-
Emptiness running thru my veins, feelings are what I lack-
I used to be happy in life, always thought I'd come out on top-
Which is why I'm so confused and I question “why cant I just fucking stop?!”-
But now the drug has taken over, my life is gone, I have no control-
Nothing left to numb my pain, nothing strong enough to fill this hole-
So continue to act like my life is together but how long can we really pretend-
Have to face the truth and realize that I'm gone and this is the end-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a very hard poem to write. It's my heart and soul on paper. I exposed myself to the world.

Leaving for a while

I'm leaving for a while.
Don’t ask me why, where or when.
Not far away, right here in my head.
I'm leaving for a while.
A place like I wish things could be,
Too bad, I am the only one that could see.
I'm leaving for a while.
You are already there,
So close to touch I even know what you'll wear.
I'm leaving for a while,
Wait its slipping away,
Please don't wake up now, right here with you is where I want to stay.
Yes. I really need to leave for a little while.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Passing By


People passing by
People getting married
People getting children

I sit here watching them everyday
Feels like time stands still for me
While everyone else move on in life

Is this the right place for me?
Should I even be alive?

Everytime a woman give birth
Everytime a couple get married
I get sad

Cause I'm not a part of it

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Dreaming of a Death

Pale, distant,
Memories, all covered with frost.
They haunt the quiet moments,
And slowly creep from the shadows.

Hours spent
A past that
Did not exist.

What will become
Of a life-
Spent dreaming
Of a death?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take some time to think about this one..... You may find something you need.

I Lost You 9/27/10

Just Poems

The day I lost you

Was the day I lost myself

The day was more than I could bare

The day I lost you

Was the day I didn't

Get to say goodbye

I still remember that day

How it still plays in my head

The day I lost you forever

The shades are closed

Time to say goodbye

To the happiness we shared

The day I lost you

I lost the one thing

I loved the most

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote when someone dear to me past away we may have not been close but i still loved him, he will always be in my heart, i would like to think that he is some where better..

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Hey There, Mikey

Misc Poems

He's alone in his bedroom
Starting to wonder
How did this happen to me?
No one listens to his cry
Said to himself
"If there is a God,
Why won't he let me die?"

But believe me
It's all gonna be okay
Please don't do that
I'd like you to stay

Hey there, Mikey
Everything will be fine
I'll fix this, I promise
I won't let you cry

They think he's crazy, a mad man
But they don't know
Innocence is hidden away
Held back from the world
Dead inside
Please send me an angel
I have a friend for them to guide

And just trust me
I'll make it all okay
Please don't say that
I want you to stay

Hey there, Mikey
Everything will be fine
I'll fix this, I promise
I won't let you cry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

[I started to write lyrics but it's more just poetic than anything.]

This was written a while ago for a good friend who was going through hard times.

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The Untitled Poem

Jessica Diamond

Wanting something I can never have
Wishing I were the Queen to some elaborate hive.
Feeling things I haven't fell in a very long time
Seems for me, life will forever stop on a dime.

Nothing ever pans out
Sitting around with a pout
Why not me ? Why not this once ? I ask
Wishing right now I had a flask

Life sucks, always has, always will
This void in my life, never to fill
Days turn to weeks, then a month, next a year
Everything surrounds me in fear.

I want to make a change but I don't know where to start
Seeing as how I'm not "school smart"
A life of fast food seem to be all I'll get
A life full of stress and regret

Wanting something to call my own
Not always living in the in-laws home.
Seeing others with what I want makes me sad.
But then I look at you and only feel glad.
Because you're my rock, my all.
And without you, I would surly fall.

Jessica Diamond

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shit comes free

Suicide sounds like the best thought yet
But tests the commitment to a new life
Which I confess will have just as much stress

- Undying Hope

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah this is the first poem I'm posting instead of just burning so if you wouldn't mind taking it easy, I might just post more and actually improve.