Tomorrow, you will be free

Please don't stop me, my love, let me

lie down and kiss the ground, let me

taste the taste of freedom on my

tongue and remember my past no more.

Let my tears mingle with the sand and

the sun comfort my soul, for the earth

has opened up her mouth and swallowed

my past, no more pain, no more fear,

only sweet music shall ring in my ears.

Look down on her, O Lord, look down

and see your daughter weeping in the

sand, she ripped out her heart and has

cast it into the sea, she said,

"Tomorrow, I will be free."

But the ground where she laid is now

drunken with her past, afliction and

confusion. The sea has spewed out her

heart and the sun has hidden his face.

I tried to comfort her and said,

"Come my love, come, for tomorrow

is still yet to come,"

but she cannot be comforted, her

body's  covered with wounds I

cannot see and her words I do not


Night is fallen and my soul grows

weak but I will not leave her,

I will cuddle her in my arms and

whisper in her ears,

Tomorrow, you will be free,

tomorrow,     you     will     be     free."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Tomorrow, you will be free',

shows how young woman

trying to escape her horrific

past leaves her lover so baffled

and distraught that he crieds

out to God.


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Under Skin

Self Loathing

These demons inside me

Stretch this body; so worn

Wearing me like prideful skin

Comfort is never born

Damned a daughter of Darkness

It leads, whenever I stand

"Come with me" it whispers

As its slowly giving a hand

Ripples under skin

Tingling down my spine

Where is the light so needed?

Where is the divine?

It's slithering through my veins

Beating with every thought

"Rest your head" it whispers

"I'll give you everything you've sought"

Fighting within myself

Will it ever go?

Or will I be lost forever?

The Darkness loving to sow

I feel like this is the end

How can I spread this out?

Justifying my passage not clear

Still swallowed by its wrathful clout

back to black

nothing makes sense at night

even the colorful dreams are black and white lies

we sleep we sleep

no sound to take a rifle shot

we go somewhere

through something that looks like a fisherman’s net

we can’t fight

we have a hammer in our heart that beats only death sentences


tomorrow will be an even bigger nothing

from which to learn putting an arm over the other

the lifting shoulders theory


I like to believe that blood in my veins is wine

that I can erase moon like an annoying mole on the breast

I like to believe that I can be gentle

when the winter replaces my wrists

I don’t share my darkness with nobody

not even poetry.


I’m like a bird which is always building the same nest

although it’s always destroyed by a broom

in my sleep my lord forgives me for all my sins 

and I pull these eyelids like blinds

and I pull my life like my mother’s dress

and more often when i shut up

it’s a problem


I am we are

children of fear

but there’s always a bed in which our memory gets wiped

and that is good.  

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In the essence and defiance of life


A crown of thorns we wear
in the defiance of life
and the pain it brings
before heaven and the stars
and the sun and the moon
until they collapse
we blaspheme the earth
with pleasures of misery
and worship of the suffering
we place upon our souls.

Running In Alone


Don't Worry About It
I'll Make It By Myself
But I Honestly
I Can't Do This By Myself

Never Surrender
But Don't Give In
I'll Make It Out Alive
I'll Make It Out In One Piece

If I Forget
Then I'm Sorry
Because I Was Lost
I Was Walking In The Dark
And In The Darkness

I Found My Light
I Found You
And When I Found You
Love Engulfed The Darkness
And There Was Only Love Left

I Couldn't Have Done This
Without Your Help
I Would Rather Be With You
Because Honestly
There's No Place I'd Rather Be
I Would Snuggle You
With All Of My Heart

And If There Was Anything
I'd Give Else For This
There Wouldn't Be A Thing
Not a Single Thing
No Amount Of Money
No Amount Of Fame
Can Buy Me
This Peace Of Mind

Tree of Life


These bodies are shaded

As if the tree of life cast darkness

It's underneath dressed in treachery

While it's branches reach for righteousness

Your egotistic delusions of self waste

I am the shadow, fading into silence


I am the words you shoved in a box


I am blood, sex & violence

behind the symbol of peace


I am light enraptured unto the void

from a thousand years of cosmic darkness

chasing the souls of stars


I am the mirror you wish to avoid

with the tears that coiled down the drain

& the years wasted on nothing--

but what you thought was yourself...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Flow Of The Wind

  Sometimes The Wind Blows
And Sometimes It Stills The Air
I Wonder About It
If The Wind Is Silent
Are We Waiting For Something To Happen

Is There Something
To Look Forward For
Are We Looking For Him Or Her
Or Are We Simply Helpless

Sometimes You Wonder
If Its Still Worth Waiting For
And If The Wait Takes So Long
Do You Think
It Would Have
Been Worth The Wait

Because Sometimes
I'm Heavyhearted
Not Because I Don't Know
But Because Its Hard
Sometimes I Want To Give Up
But I Know I Can't Stop
And If I Fall Down
I Will Get Back Up Again

Hugs Give Love


Hugs Are Soft
Hugs Are Gentle
Hugs Make You Feel Cared For
The Softness And Gentlessness
Of Giving A Long Tight
Or A Short And Firm Hug
Makes You Feel At Home

Hugs Make You Feel Wanted
It Invites a Sense
Of Warmth Into Your Heart
And It Creates A Sense Of Caring
A Sense Of Compassion
A Sense Of Love
It Soothes Your Soul
It Calms Your Mind
Love Is Patient
And Love Is Kind

Asking Nothing More Than
Love And Caring Words
In A Simple Action
Says More Than I Love You
Feels More Than I Care About You
And Most Importantly
You Feel Loved
You Feel Cared For

Because Everyone Deserves Love
Everyone Deserves Someone
Who Loves Them Unconditionally
Everyone Deserves Someone
Who Cares About Them Whole