Dark Love


If all the world did just let us be,

Creation would return to learn,

A new love in our hearts to earn,

The rising seas, be my girl and me.

A new light that tells the pearl to see,

A dance of dervish’ frenzied turn,

And water’s deep could not stop the burn,

Of our heart’s embraced in our intimacy.

For lo’ our love would be pelagic,

Our consuming passion would create the magic,

To turn the depths of ocean’s wide,

Into astral streams of steaming tides,

It could not ever be reminisced,

So I’ll be content when we have kissed.

©R.H.Elliott 2002

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Floating through the thickets of smoke

Her hair swinged to and fro.

The slender fingers searched

For a strong hand to take them in.

She could not see

Nor could she breath.

Life was coming to an end

But still not a hand to behold.

She began to fall

Down into the bottomless hole of lost soals.

Where she'll be all alone

Forever till the end of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We know we came into this world searching for somthing but many of us end our lives not finding what we were searching for. Valentine is coming near and still no one to spend with, this is a poem that expresses my deepest sorrows towards the Love filled day.

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To Many Loves.

Love One:Five months and one day

         you were older then me,

         so close as best friends

         but meant much more to me.

         But now I am alone

         and you hate me.

Love Two:Already did once love a friend

         but of course did it again,

         In a fight you pushed me away

         things turned out so much the same.

         Once again i'm alone,

         you don't see me.

Love Three:My best friend at camp

           age 11 and 16,

           you said you loved me

           I pulled back.

           Another friend gone,

           you went home and moved on.

Love Four:My best friends,best friend

          my greatest love yet,

          but he loved my best friend

          before start was the end.

          More then ever a friend,

          but not more.

Love Five:He swept me away

          quickly,in three days,

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An Evilove Poem

Satanic Serenades

Can you hear the winds whisper through the trees?

The sounds of Love & Joy betoken things to come

Can you hear the beating heart in the dark?

Or a tear slowly rolling down a cheek?

Do you feel a shadow comforting your soul?

The cool rustle of beating wings?

The rush of waterfalls

The trickle of a stream

Or the dampened black soil beneath your feet?

The stars shine in your eyes

Elightening My heart

Bestowing Love & Grace unto My weary soul

Until you came near

All was hate & fear

And now with you, there is so much more to know

As the angels cry, deep into My eyes

All My substance calls forth the angel dark.....

Can anything quite compare to your beauty?

I say nay

Your hair is like the waterfall

The moon is in your eyes

Your touch is as a feather's dance

Your breath is like a breeze of hypnotizing mist

The music of your voice enchants My soul

Bewitching enchantress, you have come near

I Am enraptured in your passionate embrace.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A clairevoyant spechtre besets the mind in the twilight hours; a timeless vision surfaces once more to possess the night.

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I Feel u..............

I feel u every day &

Every night….

I know u r not come my life,

But I satisfy u come my life.


I feel u every day &

Every night….

U r my soul coz

I feel u

U r my heaven coz

I feel u

But u r not understanding my feeling

If u feel my feeling

So u lov me… &

U miss me every time coz

I feel u every day &

Every night…

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