Devil says...

I danced with the devil for a moment last night
When he took my hand I was filled with fright


I knew who he was as I followed his lead
But I didn't let on... it was only a dream


Why has he come to me on this plane?
What message has he from his domain?


After a while I escape from his sight
But one of his minions still stands by my side


I step back behind him and open my palm
Passing his heart my hand shudders so strong


Demons squirming kicking and screaming
I was startled awake but still remained dreaming


Again I pass by the shudder has lessened
Making me feel less and less threatened


I scoop out the demons hiding inside
Scooping and tossing I cast them aside


Soon I reach in... empty the bin
I know I have healed this man from his sin


Who might he be this man in my dream?
I did not know him yet he came to me


A healer in dreamtime is this what I do?
Devil inside says it can't be true



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"Dance of Desire"

by Jeph Johnson


to feel love,
I touch desire
and dance
into the night
rings around
my raging reason
into her candlelight-
where dance steps
from an unknown waltz
shuffle through my mind,
casting beyond
the doubt
a shadow
that passion
seems to blind.
I boldly lead her through
this masquerade
like I belong
only to find I'm dancing
to her seductive siren song
that pulls me down,
beneath the waves
that wash my reputation,
the ebb and flow
mocks the current
whirlpool of frustration
and mimics her enchantment
and patterns every twirl,
desire spins away
like every other dancing girl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Desire, 2001 

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