Let Yourself Dance

Feel the rhythm
Match the beat
Move along
Without missing a heartbeat

Jump and

Without a care
Flow to the music
Put your soul into it

Forget the scars,
And let yourself be free

Enter another world
A world where you are in charge
Where you can be you

With no judgments,
No lies,
And no regrets

Let yourself dance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short, sweet little poem that just popped into my head while procrastinating and I thought it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself, so I posted it. :D

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What I learned

A hand on the face is a midnight ride,
feet on the ground a grass genocide.
Fallen foes, and naked toes, it's greener on both sides,
Costs and casulties for the ride.

But dad's got a record with a groove,
mom and the camera see us move.
Wooden floors and living rooms,
parents in the afternoon,
a child can't pass that up.

But grass can be a living room any day,
and dads old bands are on the stage.
If life is a book,
this is my about the author page.
A child can't pass this up.

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Outside Looking In

Little girl, sad and alone,
high up in the castle sky.

Do not fear, cry or fret,
for I am here and near.

I know you feel the world is
on your shoulders right now.

And think of yourself as unloved.
But that dark truth is only in the mind.

Sorry you have ever felt
you had to worry by yourself.

And that everyone abandoned you.
Love is here; it is just hiding.

No need to lock up the spirit.
Open up the heart and let it flow.

Dance, scream, yell out loud.
I am here and not undercover anymore.

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Love and War

Far from the Parisian Pavillon,
in the golden glory of its playwrights and poets
(love, first learned in the lady's eye)

Hemmed in on all sides is my humble, stone château,
contained by the cold blue waves of the sea.
Come, forgive the mess, and stay for a while:
Lets have dinner, what will it be?
Let me bring you cold wine, hard cheese,
and perhaps a crust of bread.

I must confess, I know more Bonaparte than La Belle Cordière,
and have spent many hours hearing the doleful, quiet sea.
(shall we dance, madame, cotillion or quadrille?)

This military man,
I met on an anonymous journey,
but parted ways thereafter,
lest he betray me to Château d'lf.

So let the the battle snares play on, love, and the battle commence.
For I've found my song, found my war, and found my prize.

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Anger Management

2010-2012 Poems

Dance over you, I dance all around you.
I shake every trace of you, every thought of you-
Every anger, spitefulness, and pain from you-
Away from me.

I ROAR at your despicability
And it dissolves in fear.
My Understanding doesn't cure your foolishness,
My Patience invites prolonged agony.

Henceforth, it is the despicable you
And not the human in me-
Whatever is in you, is not in me.
And I never want to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 22Feb11 -Self-love conquers hate.

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Injured Rhythm

Dance & Dreams

i speak aloud the words that flow within my mind
i cannot type the way the drum inside keeps time

i do not know if anything i feel is real
except the changing tides roll on along the wheel

and as it turns i feel i learn - im more confused
with age comes widsom or maybe simply solitude?

a sense of pride of knowing who we are and why
i know im nothing if i cannot empathize

i felt that daily when the teacher would hit play
the music gets me, feel the rhythm love the stage

and now these words are all i have to let you know
Who i am What i am Who you are How we grow

as injured angry hated frustration regret
i fight with hope and dreams and temporary set
need an art i need humanity and touch
turn off the music something please give me a rush
that sounds like drugs i know that world would pull me down
but like a curious child i ponder how that sounds

i try to plan my life at every moment 'off'
my resting calm life isn't calm when you are used

and yet im happier than i have been in weeks
for i can finally tell somebody who seems to seek

ART. and life and sensuality
and everything that's every reason to be free

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Tango and the Hunt

My Personal Faves

lips slightly parted
how dare you

look at me like that
i know this dance
is about intention

i'm angered
i can't play your game
my feelings are obvious

you make me feel like a woman
in a chased traditional sense
with your poise and strength
i cannot act my role
i too easily lose control

Hunt me
I want you to win

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Dance in the Moonlight

The moon hangs above the ground, leaving behind it's silver light
In the Plains I seem them dancing calling my name.
"Come Bright Spirit" They call out to me, "Join us as we remembr days long past"
I hear the cries of women and children, as they sing to The Great Spirits of the Earth.
I hesitate, not knowing if this is real or a dream.
I close my eyes and remember.

I remember of days when life was simple, as the Plains People roamed with the Buffalo.
I remember of the sounds of men and women and small children, talking and laughing.
I can see the village and I can see the people, my people, my ancestors.
They smile at me and I know I am home.
They smile and I know I belong here.

I can see the large bonfire and I can see them dancing around it.
I feel the pulse of the drums and I feel myself moving to the beat.
We move around to the natural beat of the drummers and the voices.
I lose myself in my memories, and I open my eyes.

It was nothing but a dream, but the memories stay alive
We must remember who we are and where we came from.
They will not beforgotten, for they have not been.
They live on in us, and hope for a better future.
So long as we remember, they will never die.
Their voices are echoed through our action.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a dream about my heritage though I don't remember much I do remember waking up crying. I dedicate this poem to my people, The Cherokee Indians and my ancestors, I love you all!

See Me When I Dance

When you watch me dance, don't just watch me. 

I want you to see me. 

Know that in every step I leave behind bits and pieces of myself. 

In just a few minutes, I will expose to you all of my secrets.

My joy, my fears, my laughter, my tears.

I'm bringing that all to the stage. 

Spot lights hitting me from every angle, just in case a part of me tries to hide. 

See me and pay attention as your eyes take in ever fiber of me in its truest form.

Try not to judge me as my body sweats and bleeds and my heart thrives and beats in the only way it knows how.

To music.

Know behind every hit and pointed toe there is an indescribable passion.

A passion that not only thrills me and drives me. 

But a passion that I have risked my life for just so that I can be on this stage for a brief moment and show you my true colors. 

So please, this time when you watch me dance, know that I am telling you my story.

And don't just watch me.


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