"Dancing Shadows"

Shadows dance on granite walls,

Alloy steel, and painted halls.

I stand alone, a world away,

Ocean waves crashing, silent display.


Lanterns dim, October’s night,

Autumn winds, cold and white.

I look above, a starless sky,

A horizon left dormant, vacant, nigh.


A cobbled road, weary feet,

The rain drops fall, static, repeat.

I watch the dawn as lanterns fade,

Tracing the sky, I’m no longer afraid.

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We Dance


Lights go fade and 

It's twelve o'clock

Fairytale ends 

But not this one


When you look at me, sparks fly

When you hold my hands, I die

They tell me, "Stay away"

Part of me wants to stay


This is the night I've been wishing for

This is the part I've been dreaming for

This is no more illusion

This is a perfect vision


Don't put the lights off

Say the words I wished you'd say

With your lips so soft

Free your shoulder, there I'd lay


Lead my feet with your commands

Make them move from where I stand

What we are has no brand

We dance like there's a band


I wish this moment never ends

I pray to God you'd comprehend

What lies within my heart

That we'd have perfect start

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dance is a passion,
There's millions of dance moves,
Just like fashion,
You must know some,
Like the warm,
Or the twist,
But be careful don't break your wrist,
You can dance in heels,
or tennis shoes,
Dance to the blues,
Or country rock,
Dance down the block,
Even around town,
Dance to whatever sound you hear,
Dance in agown or t-shirt
Dance with group of four,
Never ignore the dance rhythem,
Or you'll regret that forever,
Dance whenever you please,
When your hugging a tree,
Or running from bees
Dance is an art
Dance with ur heart
Its a great gift

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Nature's Dance

The trees in this world don't just blow around in the wind with no purpose.
They dance in the music of your soul.
A bird isn't just a bird.
It's a messager from God.
Sent to advertise the treasures of the world.
Birds don't just chirp,
they sing.
They are an inspiration for me to do things that make my heart soar,
like they do when they fly.
You could look at nature with horrible thoughts in your mind
and see nothing.
When you change those thoughts into beauty you see everything.
The way you see things,
is the way they are.
Well at least in your mind.
It just depends on who you are.
Everyone sees it differently,
but when I see nature,
I see me.

A Dance With the Devil

I play my games
fluttering my eyelashes
Licking my lips
You catch your breath
When I simply move my hips
Perfumes of nervous sweat
By the time my strap slips
I know that you want me
I hear your eager yips
But patience my dearest
Take small, sweet sips
You reach to caress me
Your whole world flips
Open your eyes
See all my lies
I was never even near
Your fingertips
Beg all you please
I am but a tease

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Love Dance

Love Dance

What we have
is beautiful.
It is lovely,
the way we dance.
Waltzing through
our lives,
perfect partners
for the music.

We’ve stepped on toes,
bumped shoulders,
spun the wrong way
at times.

But each time,
whether we laughed or cried,
we’ve kept the dance

And now,
our song has ended.
We must bid each other
a sad farewell.

I will miss you,
my love.
I will miss your
way of dancing,
the way you glided along,
so peaceful,
so relaxed,
and so

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Does She Know?

My Love

She looks, just a glance
My heart does an erratic dance
Does she know how I feel?
I hope for a chance
For her to romance
But what is the deal?
Why can’t I speak?
My picture looks bleak
She speaks and my tongue’s in a knot
And what can impress her
How do I win her
When I don’t even know what I’ve got?
I love her, I care
Does she know that I’m there?
Around her finger my heart is twirled
I’ll tell her today
But how to convey?
Does she know that she is my world?
And what if she
Doesn’t want to be
What will I do then?
I’ll be free
And then my life will end.

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Love Without Words

One, two, step
one, two, step
dancing ever close.

One, two, step
one, two, step
not even a word to say.

Hands held together
and eyes interlocked
two lovers in the night.

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Dancing away with Hearts 2012

Kiss of Honey

In the soft folds of your hands
You dance away with my heart
O'keeper of my heart
I beg of you to keep life within it
It is fragile within my bossom
For the reasons I gift to you

Be soft with my heart
I shall cherish your heart
In the same manner

In the soft folds of our hands
We dance away with each other hearts

Fragile, full of life and love
Beautiful in their own grace
Strong united together in pure love

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