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I break from sleep, the sunshine on my head,

Rolling out of bed on the tired side, 

Still feels like every night is just a few

Seconds long. The clothes fall on me, 

Shifting fabrics in a sea of purpose. 

Moving, down, down the stairs, 

To the kitchen, to the car. 

Today is a day for lunch with her. 

The brisk cold wind is murder on my 

Nose but I don’t mind,

With her in mind.  

The sun is

Reaching through the pale grey clouds, 

Maybe today’s not so gloomy after all? 

Either way the sound of her voice warms 

My chill.

Time for lunch, lunchtime and we sit parallel 

And laugh,

We ask, Do you think that guy looks like

Jesus in the booth over there? 

I think the girl looks a little like Mary Magdalene, 

Jesus might be the same one from school. 

The one that plays the guitar? 

Yes, that’s the one!

The conversation is light and it mirrors 

In the light in her eyes, steady 

But not cold like her fingers,

Still freezing from outside. 

What have you drawn?

I’m inking this now.

Oh god! To have character like you!

Pink lips are all the reward I need.

Don’t part, stay with me.

We walk, walking outside,

The world seems quiet when you 

Only listen to one voice, 

But so loud with contentment. 

We browse books, smelling the 

Crackling new pages and wishing

We had more than a few dollars to

Our names,

If only we could be so carefree,

Oh… I never want to leave!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was the first poem I submitted to my creative writing class. 

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