Cinquain Poetry

Iron - Cinquain


Rusting but strong

The chains that bind we two

Fetters forged in love’s hot fire


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Paranoia - Cinquain



All in your mind, he said.

The evil doctor stalking me.

His bill!

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The Dead - Cinquain


The sunlit path

I think of other days

And those who walk now in darkness

The dead

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The Feeding Hand - Cinquain

Bite it

The feeding hand

Bone deep. Don’t let go.

For tamed men are all doomed.

Be free!

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Tick Tick Tick!

Tick, tick, tick, tick the clock on the wall ticks away,

While I laugh at the office joker, the boss, and slap his back.

Through the endless seconds, minutes and hours of each working day.

Although he is vindictive and a boring bastard. I seem to have the knack,

Of keeping him happy at work and his wife in the sack!

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Revenge - Cinquain


Old cold hatred.

Still boils under my skin.

I wait, expose your jugular.


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Revenge - Quintain

You think me weak, an office rug you walk on.

But I am strong, I have strengths that elude you.

I have time and patience and before we’re done,

I‘ll repay your visciousness and all you’re due,

Tenfold with interest and then you’ll be through!

An empty threat from a bitter fool, so say you.

But the game of your doom is out of your hand,

Check mate in three moves, and nothing to do.

Hung in your own rope, just as I planned.

"What clearing your desk? Here, I’ll give you a hand!”

Reveange is a feast that tastes best, served cold,

So unless you read minds of those who you meet.

You’d do well to console the enemies of old,

And be a friend to all and each man in the street

Or you may find yourself, one day, at their feet!

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Lip Server - Cinquain


My lip-server.

Broadband. Her full nightmare.

Let the lies flow to the words end


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In Truth - Cinquain

In truth,

Our love is dead.

We still play out our parts

And chant out our roles as lovers.

“Your cue!”

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