I Know You Care About Me


I Know I Put Myself Down
I Know Shame Myself For Being Unique
I Know I've Discredited Myself
I Know I've Neglected My Confidence


But Thanks For Loving Me Anyways
I Know I Don't Deserve This Love
I Sometimes Ignore You
And I Don't Even Talk To You


But Even If The Odds Are Against Me
Thanks For Being There For Me
Thanks For Praying For Me
I Know When The Clouds Pass By
And The Stars Twinkle In The Sky
You're There Somewhere With Me


If We Could Close The Gap Between Us
I'd Say You Shine Brighter Than Me
But When We Clump Up All The Souls In A Group
And The Each Person Collected In A Sphere
I Know Each One Shines Bright In A Different Way


Yes I Know I Haven't Talked To You In A Long Time
I Do Quite Frequently Think About You
Though We May Not Be Connected Anymore
I Sincerely Miss You Deeply


I Know Words May Not Seem Much
It  May Not Mean Much To You
But Honestly In This Moment
I Wish I Could Directly Hug You Right Now


Maybe I've Liked You More Than A Crush
But I Don't Think That Matters Anymore
Things Have Changed And I Can't Think Clearly Anymore
I Know Love Is Fragile And Frankly In This Society
Hearts Are Broken Much More Easily Then Ever


Perhaps It Was Meant To Be
But Since This Salvation Has Saved Me
I Really Can't Claim This Salvation As My Own Achievement
I Think The Reason I Was So Clean From This World
Was Because God Planned It From The Beginning


Without A Doubt I Surely Wouldn't Know About It
To Actually Know Whats Planned Ahead For Me
And The Reasons For The Things That Has Occurred In My Life
I Can Only Know That You Care More About Me Than I Know

She's Pretty Unique


I've Always Thought It Was Cute
Whenever A Girl Blushed
But In This World
People Are So Critical Of Appearance


Sometimes It Makes Us Insecure
But Really Its Just Personal Opinions
Though We Take Other People's Harsh Judgement
Over Our Own Perspective And We Hurt Inside


But Really People Are Beautiful In Their Own Ways
It Really Is A Bother When People Critically Judge
And Point Out The Bads Of Someone's Face
If They're Not Skinny, They Aren't Attractive
But If They're Fat, They're Unhealthy


It's All A Matter Of Your Views
People Are Really Unique In Their Own Ways
Whether If It Has Pros Or Cons
We Are All The Same In Flesh And Bone Humans


I Like The Diversity Of Personal Assorted Interests
It Goes The Same With Hair Style And Clothing Preference
If Someone Has Curly Hair, It's Swirls Like A Sharp Twister
If Someone Has Straight Hair, It's Majestic Like As Flush Bridge
If Someone Has Wavy Hair, It's Smooth Like The Cool Ocean


No Matter What You Look Like
You're Always Beautiful
If Someone Doesn't Find You Attractive, That's Okay
Because We Are Pretty Unique In Our Own Ways

How Do You Keep Happiness

Various Objects

I Know That It Hurts
About What I Feel
But I Can't See It!
It Feels Like I'm Carrying Lots Of Burdens
Thousands Of Tons Weighing Over My Shoulder


I Think I Know About It
But I Really Don't Know Myself
I Know That I'm Breathing
But I Can't See Whats In Store For Me
If I Can't Feel You
I Know I Have To Trust You God


I Just Pray That You're Walking With Me
Whenever I Face A Difficulty In My Life
I Know I'm Running Away From My Problems
But In My Mind I'm Just Afraid Of The Future
Where I Can't See My Successes
The Triumphs I've Already Made
Since It's Already In The Past
All That Remains Are The Memories


Memories I'm Not Always Fond Of
Ones That Pain Me And Hurt To Think About
Stumbling Across Random Reminisces
Please Don't Remind Me Of The Hurt
It Chokes Me To Recall Such Loneliness


Don't You Dare Shove It In My Face
I Can't Control Or Contain Myself
And I Just Break Loose The Locks
Why O'why Does It Have To Be Like This


Life Didn't Come With A Manual
Never Once Did It Tell Me How To Feel Happy
How Does One Obtain Happiness
And When You Receive A Portion Of It
How Do I Keep It
Can It Be Placed In A Container
How Do You Feel The Happiness Kelt Inside


How Can I Keep A Happy Face On
When All I'm Showing Is Fake Smiles
My Skin Shows No Cuts Or Bruises On Me
It's Because All Of The Hurt, The Cuts, And The Bruises
Are All Sitting Inside Of My Heart
All The Wounds Are Mental And Emotional
I Can't Keep Myself Occupied With Other Things
When You Can't Feel Or See Any Hint Of Pain
It's All Hiding Deep Within Me


Amidst the fertile loam of teenage angst, the battling suffragist,
Passion rages, tears cried in vain,

And budding futures bright, begin to fill the pages,
But feelings never felt in wholeness, become habit to the thorn,
A tender heart beguiled and blamed, brings bitterness and scorn.

They wander down the road where other travelers pass them by,
Without a word, no stories heard, of when or where, or why,
The fragments of what could have been are hardly ever seen,
Tied in knots, the path is charted, the soul in silence keens.

The years they pass with savage blunder, utter wrecklessness,
With hollow heart and acrid thoughts ensued, no niche to rest,
A pocket full of wonder that cannot afford to dream,
A misdirected vessel cursed with the odds it will careen.

But if by chance a passer-by is sensitive to light,
The splintered pieces of a soul like this could shine, despite,
One second of compassion can determine years to come,
One smile can start a caring flame,

Reviving some old pleasantries and bringing back

A blithesome nature to a life derailed by rejection.

Practice kindness all your life, don't underestimate,
Be not stingy with your heart, or you'll reap second rate,
You'll reap what you sow and get back as you give,
And just how much means little when you've inspired a life to live.



Copyright 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about some of what authentic kindness and compassion can do.


You always fear me

For this i don't know why

All i do is run down your cheek

When you cry

Although im small and crystal clear

I form from pain and fear


You fear that if i fall

Your weakness will be shown

And again you will feel all alone

But i am not your enemy

I am something that sets you free


For i am a tear

I may be nothing to you

But i carry you pain too

As i crash to the ground

not making a sound

All i do is look up at you

And wonder how many time we've been through this

Me and  you


So a tear can be something small

But remeber a tear is not just water that falls

Its your pain and heartache too

So sheeding a tear is in the end good for you


I Know How That Feels

I Know How You Feel
When Your Friends Ignore You
They Don't Even Respond To You
When They Have Some Free Time
But You're No Where First On Their List
They're Always Chilling With Their Other Friends


I Know How You Feel
When Your Friends Need Somebody
But They Just Don't Think Of You
They Go On And Ask A Different Friend
It Feels Like You're Not Worth Their Time


I Know How You Feel
When You Give So Much Of Your Time
But It Feels Like It Goes To Waste And Unnoticed
Overlooked The Shoulder And Ignored


I Know How You Feel
When They Don't Need You
But You Know They're Hurting Inside
Cause They're Afraid To Ask For Help
And When You Ask Them If They're Feeling Fine
They Tell You're They're Doing 'okay'
But The Misery Undeniably Shows On Your Face


I Know How You Feel
When You Feel So Worthless
But You're Worth Everything To Me
You The One Who Fixes Me When I'm Down
You Shine So Bright In The Dark
Like A Diamond Hidden In The Mines
But You Don't See That In Yourself, Do You


I Know How You Feel
When You've Feel Like You've Made No Progress
And When You Compare Yourself To Others
The Pain Deepens In Agony And So Much Distress
You Might Not Glow At All In The Day Light
But You Shine Brighter Than Anyone In The Dark
Radiating The Love Higher Than The Sun

Songs of life

so you stand there alone
Wondering how life got so old
So bland and boring
That even the sun shining has no meaning

People are often more happy than sad
But what is that happiness masking you might add
Everyone has a mask
They wake up and put on face
A face that hides their pain
Cause they dont want the world to see them cry again

I don't know why people are they way they are
Life is already a struuggle no need to make it harder
But there are those that bully and tease
Saying "grow up kid , you stupid , you useless"
Amonst others things
If a kid gets bleeds when words cut through him
Why does this have no meaning

Some people are like paper
You can crumble them up but they survive
But other they just shrivle and die

I hope that people learn to live for themselves
cause when your alone theres only your heart that sings its song
That song is your tune , your melodu of life
I hope you song is of happiness in life
and if it is not then remember you are not alone
Somewhere there is soemone sinnging along

Made To Share With Everyone


I Know We're Not Perfect
And We're Aren't Ones To Judge
Sometimes We Make Mistakes
And That's Normal For Everyone
But When We Hurt Those That Judge Us
It Makes Us No Different
Cause We're No Different From Sinners
To The Saints Who Glorify The World


Cause We Are The Ones Who Feel The Suffering

We Are The Ones Who Feel The Guilt
We Are The Ones We Feel The Hurt
We Are The Ones Who Feel The Pain


But We Were Created To Love Others
We Were Created To Be Strong
So We Could Lift Up Others As Well
Though People Will Push You To The Ground
Knock You Off Your Feet And Crush You
You're Stronger Than Burning Steel
You're Swift Like The Drifting Sea


Cause You're So Bright In The Shadow And
You Were Made Shine Like Diamond
Perfect In His View To Boast In His Glory
You May Think You're Not Good Enough
But You're Made Exactly How God Wanted You


Cause He Made Us In His Own Flesh
That We Could Share The Grace Of The Lord
It Ain't No Lie Cause Its All In Full Truth
He Made Us So We Could Share His Love
The Love That Is Unconditional And Unlimited To All


There Ain't No Limits To Who Gets Joy, Delight Or Cheerfulness
It Was So We Could Share The Joy In His Presence
And Out Of His Presence
We Are United As One Spirit
One Heart Whole As One
One Mind Fused As One
One Body Combined As One
And One Soul To Blend As One

Intangible Gift Of Acceptance And Love


I Know How You Feel
I Know That Kind Of Pain
The One You Feel
This Ain't No Mystery
There May Be No Healing
It's Not That Easy


But I'll Be Here For You
Cause I Know They've Hurt You
But I'm Here Waiting For You
Just Come Here With Wide Open Arms
And I'll Heal Your Heart


Many Tears You've Cried
Sorrow Spread All Over The Ocean
But If That Sadness Stretched Over A Horizon
I'd Clear It With The Wideness Of My Love
The Unconditional Unlimited Love
Assured And Complete Safeness Forever


There's No Strings Attatched
No Danger To The Vunerable
Cause I'll Be Your Shield
The Security In Your Heart
If You Feel The Pain
Then Let Me Heal Your Heart
With A Lovable Soft Hug


Something That May Be Low Of Value
But That Underestimated Value
Of Giving A Definate Intagible Unconditional Present
The Wholeness To Give Ones Body
And Hold It Against One Another
To Feel The Warmth And Care


To Feel The Pain And Sorrow
If You Could Feel The Emotions Of Others
Would It Feel Rough
Could You Feel The Agony
The Aches That Injuries Their Mind
The Throbbing Torturous Conscience


You Wonder If Theres Anyone In The World
If Someone, Just Somebody At All
That Would Definately Care For You
You Just Gotta Know That I'm Praying For You


Cause I Know The Words They Throw Will Hurt You
Words From Bullies, Enemies And Traitors
They Throw And Yell In Your Face
And All You Feel The Pain Thrown At You
Wondering What Can You Do To Escape It All


I Know It Ain't Easy But Its Worth It
You May Feel Worthless But You're So Important To Me
I Know Theres a Reason For You Living This Way
But Don't Give Up On Me Just Yet
CauseI'll Take You As You Are


I Don't Care How Broken You Are
Or What Has Happened In Your Past
Cause In A Way Everyones Broken
And Messed Up Somewhere In Their Life
Whatever The Weakness You Have
I Don't Need To Know


But For Sure I Love You From My Heart
Telling You Words May Mean Nothing
But From The Purity Of My Soul
I Couldn't Give Anything Else
Then This Conditional Love I Was Given
This Love Christ Has Given Me
Where In The World Could I Possibly Obtain
The Only Thing I'd Ever Want In Return
Is You To Accept The Love I Give
No Need To Worry At All
Cause I've Loved You Since The Beginning To Forever