broken wings

I Wish I Could Help

My Love

I catch your eye
Across the room;
I see you want to cry.
I cannot help
But feel that I
Have caused this deep inside.

It never was
my intent
to make you want to die.
Who knew
that all of this
could come from one small lie?

There was a time
so long ago
when you thought that you could fly.
But now my lie
has broke your wings
and made you want to cry.

Your freedom's gone
so is your song
but malice ne'er had I.
So I'll break my wings
to give to you
so once more you can fly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem I wrote in about 2 minutes.... just practicing rhyming at first, but it led to so much more. Enjoy

Wishes Of A Jaded Girl


I opened my eyes today

And welcomed the warm sunlight

Put a smile on my face

Just in case today doesn’t go right


I thought of some good times

And pushed out some bad

Put some thought into

Things I’ve never had


I don’t want what I can’t have

I don’t wish for more than I do

I have always known

Good things will come to you


But I asked today

For one simple thing

Let me lay down my demons

So I can open my broken wings


I need to fly, to be free

I need the wind in my hair

So I can believe for one moment

That life really is fair


Can you help me my friend

Can you help me move on

Even though I can’t really say

I can be that strong



Written on

August 1, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is ohh so true. Hince the screen name, CrimsonAngel, crimson is the color of blood and angel is what I have always wanted to be. Bloody angel, just because I have been hurt so many times in the past.

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