Broken heart. Lost love.

is this the end

lost love

Is this the end of five years strong?

Never thought it could go wrong

The windy road that we took

Always seem to keep us hooked

Is this the end of love, as I know It

please tell me this isn't Real

Is the end of having you?

Holding you tight always having you in my sight

Telling you words like I love you

Kissing you saying til death & beyond

I felt our love was strong

Is this the end of you and me?

Wondering leaves me so cold and blue

Alone at night makes it true

However, I will fight to keep you near

Cause my world without you

Can get so severe

Is this the end I pray not

If so then I fill my plot

So no one can ever take your

Spot my heart is yours

It is meant that way

 Is this the end?

I will just have to wait and pray  




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love and hate



A day for ghouls and ghost to come about,

What a day

 My favorite of all,

 Well this Halloween blows,

It raw

My mind on what to do,

I decide

To stay home and watch

Movies with you,

Not knowing

What I was up to,

Plans of fun

 Just me and you,

My mind

Was set with you at work,

I go to get what we need

For our time,

Thanking God you

Where mine,

Little did I know?

What was up your sleeve?

A little game of trickery,

I had come home

To find you packed your things,

Leaving me wondering

Is this a joke a prank of some sort?

If it is, abort, abort

It’s not funny

Not playing anymore.

Halloween a day for fun

Yours and mine

Why did you run?

I have not a clue leaving me

Puzzled what to do,

Trick or treat

 It was neither one,

Leaving me numb,

A ghost you where in disguise

Leaving me in surprise,


 Dark and creepy just like you

Very tricky

No longer

My favorite day,

It will soon fade along with you

Into the past

All in good time

My heart will mend just fine

Ill age with

Someone until the end of my time


Author's Notes/Comments: 

what was to be a great day a slap to the face

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ice cream boy

lost love

You the ice cream boy

 Across the store

I the cashier

You never saw before

I fell in love no one knowing

But myself,

I thought you were straight,

 Feelings grew stronger

With each passing day

What to do or say

Didn’t know

So they

Grew with every sight of you

Working so hard

I watched you scoop

Customers very rude so you were too,

I didn't care

I'm in love with you.

Little did I know?

You were too,

Then you called me one day

In shock I was,

You stuttered

So cute you froze to say

Want to go out someday

I replied

With no hesitation,

I couldn't believe it,

Was this real

With everyone

Saying it wouldn't last,

You must have known

From your past,

Cause they were right.

I should have known

You would leave.

Never to forget

How happy we were,

When we first met

Rite aid

Was the place

It gave me the

Best five years with you,

And I will always

Hold them deep and true


Author's Notes/Comments: 

when i fell in love with doug my ex

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Sleepless nights

lonesome time's

I toss and turn without

you here to hold me close

So I won’t fear.

Here I lay holding,

Your bear with furry green hair,

I hold him close and very tight

Wishing you never left my sight.

I lay and stair

Out the window all night hoping

To see you in the sky

So I could kiss you good night.

My heart won’t sleep

 Until I know if you really let me go.

In my heart I do not see

 You falling out of love with me.

I hear your thoughts all the night

Saying I miss you come hold me tight.

Here I am praying to God our

Love will be strong it could never go wrong

I miss you Doug

So very much I want to feel

Your heavenly touch,

I want to hold you close

so I can snuggle

With the one I love the most,

My heart wont rest

Till you are safe,

I am sorry for my Ways,

I should have never took you

Down that road now

I’m Left sadly alone,

Sleeping will not be the same

Til are souls Are one the same,

 I’ll wait all the sleepless nights

Till we speak and make things right.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

to the man i love and miss the most

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Once again

love and hate

Once again I’m found alone,

Once again I watched you go, without care to how it felt.

Every time you packed to leave,

I saw a stair of curiosity.

Why you do this you don’t know,

That’s why I don’t blame you and let you go.

My love is not for fun and games as well with yours the same.

Twister your favorite game it always goes the same,

We bend some more from dot to dot,

With you always leaving my spot

  filled with lots doubt of how to feel inside without.

Now that I have felt the blade it will remind me how to love again.

I look back to all the time’s you said your love was mine,

You said it pure and drew it too,

So lovely you wrote it, but were it all true.

So now I wait for all the poison darts,

You throw at me when were apart,

All I have is love for you

Because it comes from one so true,

Only you can have my an eternal flame,

Hoping it stays bright keeping you

Forever by my side,

Til death & beyond 

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Better Tomorrow

It seems like Yesterday I held you in my arms,
I kissed your forehead and told you,
“I’ll be yours forever until my soul’s due”
But that’s just what it is, Yesterday.
All I have are memories of us
Joking and laughing, cuddling and smiling.
Today, I’ll stop and think about what
You’re doing and with who you’re with.
I’ll ask myself can he match my kiss?
Can he hold you like I did?
Can he love with my strength?
And can he be weakened by your touch?
If the answer is yes then once again
I’ll turn a smile; I’ll look to Tomorrow
Where I’ll find that feeling,
Where I’ll love again,
Where Yesterday stays
And Today ends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a break up a year ago, i was sad.


I've moved away from breakup and depressing poetry to other topics comings soon. 

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