Broken heart. Lost love.

To my Adam

My Own

It has been years since I let you go
It has been years since I felt your touch
I had no choice I had no voice

I'll give my soul to be held by you for just one more time
I grant you never-ending serenity
But my heart cries for you some times

You where my anchor
You where my love
And now you are but a memory

My love for you will never die
Your melody sings on in my heart
My respect for you I will always treasure

You made me the woman that I am
I wish you love
I wish you bliss
I wish you eternal happiness

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I remember

My Own

Your eyesBrown pools of smouldering emotions
I remember your eyes
I remember them illuminating when I entered a room
I remember the proudness they reflected
The unspoken words

All I had to do is to look into your eyes for approval
All I had to do is to look into your eyes to get my answer
All I had to do is to look into your eyes to see my soul
Remember how your eyes told me how you longed for meI Remember how your eyes told me how much you cared for me
I remember how your eyes told me how much you needed me I remember your eyes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Soul mates need no spoken words

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Freedom Will Follow

This is my designated time on planet earth,
And for you, my love, I felt inclined to entitle you to share every last second.

I wiped the slate clean, and fell into your secure hold.
I let myself forget past heartache, and I gave my heart to you

But you never gave me yours. To this day it is trapped within a cage, not even you hold the key to.

I followed like a faithful dog, swallowing my pride and delivering to you a figure of absolute bliss.
My only wish was your happiness, because you gave me mine.

Never have i relied on a relationship to structure me as a person, but you pulled me up from the darkness and didn't even know it.
You took my hand and lead me away from the pain and stench of death, so I gave you my all.

But you, a boy never taught to love, you shied away from my devotement.

And now I'm brought crashing back down into that dark shadow
I'm left to bear the pain, while you stride free.

It's punishment you see, for sharing my time on earth.

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Your breath was shed
Invisible to make
About the soiled undead
Night for my sake,

A raining trail
Intangible to them
With biter's tooth and tail
And cobweb drum,

A dark as deep
My love as a round wave
To hide the wolves of sleep
And mask the grave.
By Dylan Thomas

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dylan Thomas was a well known poet who lived in Wales. This poem has been a favourite of mine through the years.

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to dream is to escape.
lets go to neverland.
the lost boys and peter pan.
he's never going to be a man.
while wendy waits for him
tinkerbell's light grows dim.
everyone needs to shout
and have no doubt.
i do believe in fairies.
i do believe in fairies.
i do believe in fairies.
but not fairy tales.
sorry tink.
but is there a link
between love and true?
between me and you?
it all ends sadly
or it all ends badly.
wendy grows up.
peter stays away.
while taking it day by day
they wish, they dream
always of neverland.

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Dangerous Dance


True beauty is so dark and deep.
Even the angels know and weep.
I stand here in this endless rain,
and all i feel is this deep dark pain.

I dream of demons that has me in snares,
Their claws grab deep but never tears.
Each one has captured me in their stare,
forcing my emotions out and so bare.

As i remember your warmth and touch,
makes being so far almost to much.
The wrongs i did, the problems i caused,
nothing i do can make it solved.

I know you want to be friends,
and maybe it would be a good cleanse.
I know I do this dangerous dance,
but all i ask is for another chance.

A chance to show ones true love,
as it flies from me like a dove.
In the end i'm not that smart,
But one thing i know, is you still have my heart.

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For every rain drop that has fallen

There is a heart being broken

Torn into pieces by the pain

Pain from the heartless

When you look into the eyes

You see hate and defeat

For every tear drop that has fallen

You see the love within her heart

Her smile you torn apart

And the life she has to live without you

Only because you let her tears drop


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This is my nightmare

Into the darkness you stare

And then you realize

You are the culprit of your own demise

You can change your name your mask

You can hide your sorrows in a flask

Gulp them down

Let the liquid drown

The hatred that comes up

There never seems to be enough

The escape that isn’t there

The fact you can’t help but care

The pain that swallows you whole

A burden weighing down your soul

Never ending need for more

What could life have in store?

For me, myself, and I

Other than tears to cry

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Cupid’s arrow

heart broken

Cupid’s arrow like a piercing dart

Shot right through my loving heart

Supposed to feel loved

Is what I thought after cupid shoots?

His arrow

 It has been shot , now dripping

With blood  a hole is all that left

Your arrow hit the wrong One,

 Leaving me in pain.

I find this all just a game

You fly around playing matchmaker,

Not really thinking will they forsake it.

I have seen you work before,

 Through my friends and family,

Your arrow

More like a bullet,

Shot with such intents never making sense.

Once again broken and burnt

Your arrow didn't work

Just pain is all I seem to have gained

Leaving me thinking what will remain  

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