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*Disclaimer(Notification): Though this poem is about me and there is scientific evidence that poems, stories, music, and art are directly connected to the subconscious and conscious; all should be disregarded as nothing more than a form of entertainment to my public. All concerns and questions should be emailed, all those who still contact me directly shall be referred to this disclaimer. Thank you for your time and cooperation, enjoy.

-Revision I- It was brought to my attention that even though these are poems and are for entertainment they are still connected to me. Meaning, that these poems are connected to “real world events” that have happened or is premeditated for future use. That being said, even though everything is connected to real world events, they should be disregarded as nothing more than a real life emotional connection to improve the quality of the material being read. In conclusion, all concerns, questions, and “legal” issues should be sent by email; any other way of contact being referred to my poems will be referred to this disclaimer and revision and/or can be ignored. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy.

So look at this heart, look at it bleed
Someone to love, to hold, to care for, that’s what I need
wont happen soon, so get fucked up and proceed
fuck you too karma, stop torturing me!

So what will stop this pain? this shame?
an ember, a spark, no longer a flame
go out there, fight, gotta make this name
But this pain, this darkness, my mind is too hard to tame…

So it’s almost time, but I’ve already enlisted this **Criminal**
I told you I’d hold on, till dust, and that’s final
I have a white heart and ring, wait for your trial
Just wait till I get **‘Blood’**, wait till I walk the mile
All what you looking for is hidden, in a file

So I’m laying down crumbs hidden in **‘Blood'**
hope your good at listening, better than Elmer Fudd
Follow closely, the light, the key being the ‘Moon’
so catch me if you can, because I’m a loon

so I listed my pain and the tracks to this train
but I can’t help that your love is like sugar cane
god I miss the moments, but I still love the rain
To hurt myself yet and my plans, I must refrain…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

**= Underlined

This is my latest one so far. Hope you enjoy 'em all :)

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