Rose Petal

Notes on Love

She sits

Fragile as a rose petal

Softly falling towards the water

Small winds

Caress her legs and body

Blowing her up and down, left and right


If I catch her

She’ll crumble

But if I don’t

The water will take her

She makes the tiniest ripple

As she sinks beneath the surface 

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The Empire of Moon

The Moon Trilogy

We were once many

But now we are so few

It has been centuries since I left

My mother in the Sky

I am old


Like rain we fell

And where we fell we burned

We burned the night

Leaving scorched imprints where we walked

Lost and broken, we found each other

We greeted each other

Brothers and sister

Parents and Children

Wife and Husband

We found that by using our lifeblood

(The mortals call is Stardust)

We could change the anything

Into whatever shape we pleased


Recklessly, we used our lifeblood

We shaped the world around us

But too late we realized

that the more we used it

The less we burned

For many the use had taken its toll

They burned out, leaving ghostly shell where they died

The rest of us hoarded our lifeblood

We holed ourselves away from the world

Away from the mortals who tried to steal our golden life

Away from the forests and rivers and mountains

Away from our mother, Moon


We were once many

But now we are few

One night we found the body of my mate

facedown in a pond

her lifeblood drained away

Vengeful, we sought blood

We fell upon the mortals

We killed them and took their bodies

and threw them at the survivors

Hard enough to break bones

Hard enough to shatter the corpse

Just as Sky shattered as we tore through him

The night when Sun ripped us from our lofty homes


We forced the mortals to bow at our feet

to kiss the ground where we walked

And still we killed them

For when your lifetime spans a millenia

wrongs are not easily forgotten

For years we killed,

We slaughtered them like cattle

Men, women, children, newborns

They are all the same

And when we looked back at the destruction we had wrought

We were happy

And satisfied

We saw that the mortals feared us

Which is right and just

For we are not beings to be taken lightly

So we forced them to build monuments

Statues and temples and even the occasional



Soon we had an empire so large

That if you walked to the horizon three times

You would not cover half

It became apparent that

No matter how hard we tried

Our lifeblood slipped through our fingers


We arrived at the conclusion that we should pool our life blood

To just one Star

But we were selfish

We fought ourselves for the place of who would live on forever

Foolishly, we killed and murdered and stabbed each other in the back

 Mountains were thrown

Oceans were dried

As the most desperate drained their lifeblood away

So the rest of us couldn't sap it for our own use


I survived

I watched the world rip itself in two

And as I walked amongst the wreckage

It became apparent that I was the only Star left

That I was the only one not torn apart by the greed of others

Whether that's a blessing or a curse

We were once so many



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Trilogy goes The Rape Of Moon, The Children Of Moon, and then The Empire Of Moon.

So if you started with this one it's rather confusing.

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The Children of Moon

The Moon Trilogy

Softly screaming,

Ripping through the Sky,

He cries out as you tear through him.

One last glance at your mother,




Burning fire

So much fire

Its heat warms your skin

Slowly you stand up

And walk

Molten tears fall from fire-streaked cheeks

As bloody stumps of feet

Touch the ground.

They bleed yellow light

They cry red tears


No life here

No reason here

You lash out in anger

Your feet break rocks

Your hands splinter wood

Your voice echoes on the horizon as you cry out

Wreaking destruction for miles

You finally fall to your knees

And let your fire-birthed tears

Kiss the ground




No happiness

You curl up and fervently wish

Your mother was by your side

But, perhaps, if she sees you be happy

She’ll be proud

And carry you up to the sky in her arms

And whisper that it's all been a bad dream

Yes, you think,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My least favorite out of the Trilogy.

The Trilogy goes The Rape Of Moon, The Children Of Moon, and then The Empire Of Moon.

So if you started with this one it's rather confusing.

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