Im scared
Everytime I close my eyes
I feel you're there
I fear that even if I get to sleep
You will be there
I cant sleep
My heart is slow
But the thoughts are rushing in
I must accept them
No more regret
I am Awake.

Sharmaine Marie
Nov 21 2012 2:36 AM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Awake at 2:30 am so i decided to write this. Some times id get scared when going to sleep because id think someone was there anytime i came close.

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Awake! Arise! Act!

What is Awake?
Don’t be fake………

What is Arise?
See God’s True Love in all living eyes!

What is Act?
Works that chain oneself into a power pack!

So Awake, Arise & Act Well,
Earth will be the perfect heaven to dwell!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A way of life given in this poem!

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My mind is awake
it never sleeps
Keeps me awake at night
and in the day, weak

I can't control
where it goes
My morbid thought
only my mind knows

The messed up things
I like to do
I turn my heart off
when I go through

the things I drink
The things I take
the happiness
I try to create

My bleeding nose
My darkened eyes
Hide my apathy
Behind lies

The edge of cliff
way past the line
and no one can save me from me
this time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this last year for a friend of the family. rip.

Sleep Deprivation

Desperate for an end
Particularly for this wasted time
Sitting here with empty thoughts
Debating on my crime

I come to a conclusion
As well as I have come to many
Looking for truth or insight
Or for something of which there are not many

I bled
I looked
I cried
I wondered
I dabbled through my mind
I found that there is nothing left
For nothing gets left behind

I'm convinced I'm lying to myself
And hopefully I believe
For if not I could destroy myself
Before I even leave

This thing that feeds on me
Gnawing and preventing sleep
Is merely just a phase, a weakness,
a joke
I will survive for I believe

So goodbye dear friend
Goodbye to you too stranger
For you I no longer have use
I only have myself to trust
To hold on to
And to love

But this will not be the last of me
For soon I will return
I may appear the same
I may not
I will leave that for you to discern

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I wrote early one sleepless night, soon before I left.

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