accept my friend's way

i accept you guys

i accept you guys in your way

trying to forget the pain

trying to forget that you lied to me

trying to forget my madness

cause this is a life

i accept you guys

cause there is my place

cause this is the place where my eyes stop

not see anything

cause this is place where

where i learn so many lesson

you are my own

not a strager

teach me the lesson that

don't care if your days going mad

if your days going sad

as your friends with you

we live,we mix with eachother

like we are a one soul

like we are a mix spice

we someday hate eachother

we someday love eachother

trying to show relation with eachother

in this hateness we find the face of people

we find our true face

so why i don't accept you guys in your way

you guys love me so much

you guys give me the place in your chamber

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i accept you guys in your ways cause they make me one of them

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