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I just don't understand how a depressed person could at first want to get better and eventually does start to feel better but then wants to be depressed again. Or how a person wants to be in a psychiatric hospital again, for the third time. I'm very curios as to why I feel this way. I can only come up with two explanations but I'm not sure if they make sense. Well one is I think because I only know myself when I'm depressed and that's my "comfort" zone. And two is because at hospitals I get attention and I'm around people who I feel like I belong with. Has anyone else on here been in this position before?

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Well I fall in and out of

Well I fall in and out of depression. It comes with being manic. I definitely like being happy but when I'm sad or depressed I feel like I have this heightened sense of awareness. Like I see through all the brainwashing bullshit. As for the hospital part, I've never been in one. But I could imagine how it must feel when people actually listen to your problems instead of just dismissing you as being weird.

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Uhh the depressed part.. not

Uhh the depressed part.. not the hospital part.