Want To Write A Novel?

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I am going through the lessons that I posted for anyone who wants to write prose but does not know where to begin. Most of the writers on PostPoems are poets, but a poet posted on the Message Board "Ideas For A Novel" and got an enormous number of hits - because holding your book in your hands is like the USA dream - it feels like success. To write extended fiction or non-fiction and then receive copies in the mail is th best feeling. Knowing it will be read by 50 or 500,000 or more people is equally exciting.


You have to start somewhere and the prose exposes are a sharing of several possible ways to get the creative juices flowing. I tried to be as plain spoken and candid as I could to keep interest, yes, but also to get from page into your future prose writer matrices a few guidelines to draw upon while rewriting that first chaptr for the sixteenth time. Yes, that's the way it is, but once you "get it" you never lose it. 


Write a short story, write a chapter, expand it into a novel and wait for the imagined income to materialize. Most first books do not make the big impact. Yes, Harry Potter was a fluke. The world was ready for escapism and kids ate it up and adults, wondering what the hoopla was about, read it and put it on the big screen. Not your cup of tea - perhaps a good spy novel or my favorite, a good sci-fy adventure. Whatever your taste, there is something out there to read. And, if you really want to get into the spirit of published artwork, it is definitely time to start your novel.


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